Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Most amazing Tattoos of 2017 - The Latest Trends

Samantha Olivier is here today to discuss the latest trends for Tattoos.. check out these great tips before you get your next 'ink'.

The uninitiated often think that tattoos are entirely a matter of personal preference. That is true only to a certain extent. Just like fashion, hair, and makeup, body art also has its own trends. That doesn’t necessarily mean that thousands of people will have the same tattoo as you, but new styles and ideas emerge all the time, and they are more or less successful. Here are the best trends coming up right now.

Tiny ink

Lately, more and more people have been going for minimalism. Popularized by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, tiny tattoos have been in the spotlight. These are usually very simple line designs of common symbols, like hearts and stars. Script is also a popular choice – mostly short personal messages with a symbolic meaning, or the name of a significant person in your life.

    1. Japanese art

Tattooing in Japanese culture goes back literally thousands of years. The rich tradition is winning fans all over the world and extending far beyond this Asian country. From single motives, like pretty cherry blossoms and colorful koi fish to intricate designs covering the entire back, legs or full sleeves and chest – anything goes. Australia, in particular, has been going crazy over this trend. Some of the best quality ink work we have seen lately are the custom Japanese tattoos in Sydney at the Tattoo Movement.

    1. Hide and seek

When it comes to tattoo locations, a lot of people have been opting for places where you can pick and choose when to show the ink. The inner arm is one of those – in a normal standing position, the ink goes unnoticed. But when you raise your arm, or lean and extend the arm, a glimpse of it can be visible – often partially hidden by the sleeve. This sparks interest and curiosity in the observer. The hip is another similar location – invisible in most situations, but it shines in a bikini or low-riding jeans.
    1. Clean lines

Clean lines have been on the rise, as opposed to overly complicated ink. They can be thin and delicate, or bold and strong. One of the most common iterations at the moment is elegant, cursive script, but geometric shapes and designs are popping up more and more. Stylish, simplified one-line iterations of objects are also very trendy. These look like a scribble or a stylized sketch, giving them a look of simplicity, elegance, and authenticity.

    1. Beautification ink

Tattooing eyeliner instead of applying it every day has become quite common, due to its convenience. The latest trend is actually opting for tattoos of freckles. Not many people are born with this charming asset, and if you haven’t got them, why not get them done? Jewelry tattoos, like necklaces and bracelets are gaining steam too, some of them discreet, and some chunkier. That way you are always accessorized to perfection.
    1. Flower power

Flowers are back in the game. But we’re not talking corny the 80s rose tattoos. No, these florals are, simply put, works of art. Usually done in a delicate and beautiful watercolor style, they look more like a gorgeous painting on your body. They are sometimes done by using real flowers and other botanicals like ferns and leaves as stencils. It doesn’t get any more genuine than that.

Some tattoos are done because they mean something to you and are the deepest form of self-expression that anchors you to who you are at your core. Others you do just because they look cool. Whatever the reason, when you see or dream up the right design, it’s like falling in love. You become obsessed and can’t stop staring at it. Perhaps our suggestions will be the inspiration for your new obsession.

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  1. I have two tattoos. One is a red guitar with the word "Dad" written atop in memorial of my father. The other I just got a couple months ago and my daughter got the same one. It's a ying/yang cat symbol. I like the idea of eyeliner tattoo so I don't have to apply it all the time but I don't really want a needle near my eyes.