Thursday, August 31, 2017

High quality items from Black Hairspray

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  Have you ever heard of Black Hairspray? I was just introduced to them myself and I was blown away by the amount of products on their website. I was most interested in their Lace Fronts Wigs. I love the different styles and the ability to temporarily change up your look.

Versatility is important so the amount of different choices on the site as well as the affordable price. If you go the route of choosing a wig, having it look authentic and like your real hair is really an important piece. Black Hairspray offers synthetic, human and remy hair choices. These wigs are high quality with real texture and a great look.  Short hair, long hair, medium hair and hair with a splash of color? It is all on the website.

Going out, need a different look or are you tired of your same old hair? You can go straight, you can go curly, you can take your long hair and see what you look like with short hair. There are so many things you can do with the Lace Front Wigs. 

The best part is you can shop at home, have it shipped directly to you, afford the great prices and if you check out the whole site, you will see how much they really have to offer. Beauty products and much more. They even has stuff for kids! Is it time to change it up? If so, check out Black hairspray to see what is right for you! 

A Home Designer or An Architect ‒ Which to go for?

Diana Smith is one of my favorite guests on Happily Ever Rushed. here are some great ideas on the type of designer you should choose! Great article on the topic.

Are you about to start remodelling your home, but you have no idea which professional to hire to help you out with the major issues? If so, the dilemma can be quite big, since you can go for either an architect or a home designer. While you may already know about the two, it’s most likely you can’t really decide whether you need a help from the former or the latter. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with what the line of expertise is for designers and architects, so you can make the right choice.
Home designers
Interior designers do much more than just fashion a pretty place. They are professionally trained in space planning for homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office spaces, and all other types of buildings. Once they consult with the client, home designers create drawings of designs providing both aesthetic and functional features of the interior. While sometimes all the client wants is for the designer to change the fabrics or paint in the desired space, other times it can go all the way to intensive remodelling that will include hiring a construction contractor as well. Interior designers should always be knowledgeable about the latest trends, so that they could fashion a modern and unique living space. Thanks to their strong spatial skills and a plethora of aesthetic design skills, they’ll give the space a perfect makeover.  

Architects are specialized in building designs. From houses, through hospitals, churches, hotels, to commuter stations, architects in Sydney can design all the constructions you might need. They draw up plans for the wanted design and provide you with the first capture of your future home, or other construction. Additionally, they are very familiar with the construction laws, specifications and codes that interior designers don’t tend to keep up with. An architect will also supervise as a construction firm starts with the work, since the designs they’ve provided incorporate safety, form and function of the future building. Thanks to the strong mathematical and logical thinking, you can be sure that the structure architects have designed will be stable and sound.

The difference between the two
After you’ve become familiar with the job description of an architect and a home designer, another question arises ‒ what is the difference, considering both professions in terms of beautifying and building of the space.  Namely, architects design the interior and exterior spaces while also taking care of the way spatial relationships are laid out within a building. Home designers, on the other hand, do their best to add an aesthetic value and transform an already built place into a more pleasant interior. Another difference is that a home designer costs less than an architect does, given the amount of education and expertise the latter owns. What’s more, the big difference between the two is schooling and licensing. An architect owns a higher education degree as well as professional license and practical experience. A home designer doesn’t have to be licensed if they want to do their job. Even though they can become certified, it is not a mandatory condition.

An architect or a home designer - that is the question. Going through all the previously mentioned facts, brings us down to only one conclusion ‒ it’s a matter of opinion. If you believe the remodelling of your home will involve construction works, by all means, hire an architect. However, if all your home needs is a decor makeover, then it’s clear that an interior designer will be perfectly suitable for the job. No matter which one you need, just make sure to hire professionals and ask for their portfolio before making the final choice.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Easy to Follow Tips for a Successful House Painting Job

Mary Mathis is guest hosting today and how to complete a successful painting job. I am not a painter by nature so having a helpful hint is always great.
A house painting job appears to be extremely fun when shown in the commercials. But, in reality, it is not all fun and frolic. Well, I do not deny that a house painting job can be fun, but if proper instructions are not kept in mind, you may end up with a poorly painted home and may suffer a loss while getting the whole house painting job re-done. Instead, you should be well aware of all the tips that are essential for any house painting job. You need to consider each of those as a guideline and follow each diligently. This will help you get a beautifully painted wall surface.
#1. Choosing the paint type
House Painting
Basically, there are two types of paint - water based latex and oil-based. You need to choose the paint according to the location of the wall. Latex paint can easily be cleaned with soap and water, and it dries quickly. On the other hand, oil-based paint is flexible and is less likely to crack and can last longer. Oil-based paints need mineral spirits to clean it up. But most people prefer oil-based alkyd paints as it is durable, stain-resistant, dries quickly, and flows smoothly. You should consider priming the surface to make the house painting job even more flawless.

#2. Read the label on the paint tub

Very few people bother to read the label on the paint tub before getting down the painting job. But there are many valuable tips of how to prep the wall surface and make it ideal for painting. Take enough time to read the paint label before the label gets completely smeared with paint. Also, for the new paint coating to adhere to the surface, it is necessary to clean the wall surface and remove any chalky residue and dirt. Unless the old paint is in a good condition, you should never paint over the old paint. It is always advisable to scrap off the old paint before starting to apply the new paint.

#3. Painting method

The first question when you start painting is whether you should use a brush or a roller for the house painting job. The effective method for this is to use a brush for narrow surfaces, borders, and to give finishing touches and a roller for wide and long even surfaces. You can use a long-handled roller to paint higher locations easily. While painting with a custom colour that you have made by mixing several paints, it is recommended that you mix several paint cans in a large tub to have a uniform shade everywhere. If you have to make the same shade twice, you may create a lighter or a darker shade due to improper paint proportions.

#4. Finishing instructions
House Painting
While applying the final coat of paint, avoid creating lap marks. In case you are painting in the outdoors, ensure that you paint under a shade as a sun-baked surface can make a fresh paint coat dirty. Start painting on the shady side of the house and wait for the sun to move on the other side of the house and keep painting following the shade. To reduce your after-paint work, you can use newspapers and tapes to cover all the other surfaces to avoid spilling paint on them. Always start painting from the higher surfaces. Painting job is best done when done from higher spaces to lower.

Easy home painting hack

Wrap a rubber band over the paint can and wipe off excess paint on the paintbrush over the rubber band instead of the can rims to avoid dripping and staining the can.

All these tips are easy and extremely helpful. These make your house painting job a lot simpler.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

How to find the right fit and the right car

                                   *this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*

   How do you decide what type of car is the right kind of car? The type of car you choose can make an actual difference to your day to day comfort. Is it just yourself? Is it for your family. Is it safe enough? These decisions can be overwhelming and maybe a little intimidating.

How do you figure out what is best for you. Your correct price point and payment per month. 
First you have to find a resource for the information. I found that was a great place to look.
What I found when looking at is that they give honest reviews of the cars. This to me is an important part because I like to read reviews from actual users. I want to know if a car is going to break down or perform poorly.  Research is one of the most important parts of your purchase, being an informed buyer is a smart buyer.

Make sure you aren't stuck on just one brand. Check out different dealers. Compare and contrast the same types of cars to check on the features. One dealer can have different prices or different finance options so don't get stuck with one dealer. Also different dealers can have drastically different inventory on their used cars. Make sure that you check out mileage on each car you are looking at, make sure you don't overpay for a used car that won't last long. Check out recalls, accidents and any information that is available. 

Don't rush into it, do your research first. Check multiple places, multiple dealers and go into your decision with knowledge. An informed buyer can get more bang for the buck. I believe that knowledge is also comfort. If you can walk onto any lot with the confidence to choose the right car plus the comfort of knowing what you are looking at, what you need and the best choice for you, then you are the best kind of car buyer.

In the end, you have to buy the right vehicle for you. A car is a commitment for at least 5 years unless you can buy for cash. There are so many cars out there and buying a car can be tricky and car dealers can be even more tricky. They will throw lots of information at you and it could seem overwhelmed. You are the buyer so take your time, rushing your purchase can leave you with buyers remorse. Go slow but go informed and get the most of out your money. Good Luck!

*this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*

A Complete Guide About Buying New Homes

Lara Buck is here to share some ideas so you are prepared before buying a new home! Check out these great tips.

Buying a new home is definitely a prized possession for most of the people. It is not only a dream come true but an investment that will lead to a secure life. Everyone wishes to have his or her own home but when it comes to making a decision it becomes really tough. Apart from the numerous options that are open, one needs to look into other aspects too. Only then one can end up making the right choice and invest in the best place. Buying new homes is an experience that you will always remember. This is the reason that you need to be careful and satisfy yourself completely before reaching the final decision.

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New Home
The problems increase more if you are a first-time buyer as you do not have much idea about the market. This piece of write up has some useful tips and tricks which can make a difference to your decision.

Type of home you are looking for

The very first thing that you need to understand is the kind of home you are looking for. It can be 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK, townhouse, 2 or 3 units etc. depending on your needs as well as the budget. Thus, it is important to get familiar with your requirements and accordingly start your search so that you end up finding the right home for yourself. Even condos make a great choice and are quite popular among the people. So, it will be better if you get familiar with your needs and then take the best decision.

Your budget:

Once you are familiar with your requirements you need to decide how much you can spend keeping in mind your financial conditions. This is crucial because based on your finances only you need to arrange for the mortgage so that you are able to afford your new home. Initially, you need to make the down payment and then pay rest of the amount in installments. So, one must have complete knowledge about the same, so that it is easier to set the budget.

Is it right to hire an agent?

Most of the people feel that hiring any agent for buying new homes can be costly, but in reality, the brokers prove to be very helpful. They not only connect you with the best-suited options but ensure that the buying process is smooth. They will arrange meetings with the vendors and help you in making your experience a better one. In return, you just have to pay a small amount of money for the services provided by them. This results in less stress as most of the things are managed by the agents only. Thus, it is a good decision to seek help from the trusted agents or the brokers.

Facilities you are looking for

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New Home

When you are buying your home, the location is the most important aspect and then check for amenities available there. The surroundings of the place can make a lot of difference to your decision as you want everything to be perfect. Apart from the location, surroundings and the amenities, you need to consider other things like the connectivity options too. All these factors when put together can result in the right decision. So, it will be good if you focus on all the aspects before reaching to any final decision.

So, if you ponder over the above factors, buying your new house will be really simpler and a seamless experience. This buying guide will surely be helpful and you will find the tips to be worth using. Why not adhere to the tips and utilize them for the right decision?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cost Effective Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Zac Ferry is sharing some ideas on renovating your Kitchen and bathroom. Check out these fun tips.

You have already invested a lot of money buying a house. The already furnished kitchen and bathroom models are good but not up to the mark. So, if you might be thinking of revamping the old look to something new. However, after all the investments made you are left with few cash only. That’s when you need proper kitchen and bathroom renovations designed as per your choice, but without investing more than few pennies from your pocket. Starting from simple DIY paints to some easily procurable kitchen remodeling changes, loads of options are there. So, without wasting time, search online and start researching about the cost effective norms around.

Cost Effective Options to Harp On:

Internet is flooded with so many incredible kitchen and bathroom renovations ideas. It is important to go through all the options and start comparing. This method might help you to procure the best bathroom renovation ideas and kitchen modules, as well. These designs are cost effective but without compromising on quality or structure of it.

  • Put A Quote of Paint: Well, for saving money on cabinets, you can choose to paint cabinets and not replace them. As you are not replacing. Therefore, you do not have to invest money on new cupboard, screws, nuts, and bolts. On the other hand, you just have to invest on the paint you want to implement. Painting can easily change the entire look of your place and give it an all-new vibe.
  • Go for Minimal Move: Another way to save money on kitchen and bathroom renovations is by going for minimal move and try to keep everything in their initial positions. It helps in minimizing the plumbing costs in both bathroom and kitchen. Just keep everything on their initial positions and you can change the model if you want. In case, you have to reposition any object then get that to minimal move only.
  • Organizing Trades Properly: For maximizing the efficiency level, you have to take complete care of your trades. It means you are likely to have everything the trade needs for completing your job and on site. The reputed experts are going to work in a step-by-step procedure when it comes to kitchens and bathroom renovations options. That helps in keeping your trades organized and you don’t have to worry about the additional unwanted costs for fixing.
  • Paint on Wall Stripes: Even when you have less space to work on, still some spaces might cry out for prompt design. So, trying painting on the walls in colorful strips for that vibrant color options is open to you. As a complete redo is not within your budget. Therefore, you can make the space live up to your expectations by painting the wall. You can try refinishing plywood subfloor and even the sink’s original fixtures with colors. In addition, the best part is that you don’t need expert help always.

Compare Before Deciding:

The market is flooded with so many options when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations experts and professionals. It is important to check out and compare between multiple renovation experts before you happen to choose the right one over the lot. This method takes time but can always present you with thoughtful approaches. You can try working on some of the above-mentioned DIY paint tricks to make your place look all good and chic. However, if you need experts for some fixtures and other plumbing duties, then researching is the best way to help you out in figuring the best plumber in your locality. The result will act in your favor, and ensure that you get the chance to save some pennies too.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to Design a Home Gym

Samantha Olivier is here to share her ideas on setting up your own home gym. If this is something you have been thinking about, these are some great ideas.

Yes, you can just buy several pieces of equipment and stuff them in a room, but would you really want to work out in such an environment? Designing your home gym isn’t only about buying the appropriate equipment, but also about creating a stimulating and inspiring space that will make you give your best. So, after choosing a room for your gym, here’s how you can make it both functional and stylish.

Choosing a colour scheme

One of the advantages of having your own gym is the ability to design it completely according to your taste. Start by adding a fresh coat of paint, to give your soon-to-be gym a new look. Since colours can affect your mood, you should opt for energising hues, such as bright green, red, orange, etc. For example, you can choose a white backdrop and then introduce pops of bright colours with the mats, balls, racks and the like.

Adding mirrors

You’ve probably noticed how every gym features a lot of mirrors and there’s a reason for that. By looking in the mirror while working out, you can see whether your form or pose is correct. In addition, you can follow your progress, which can be quite motivating. However, there’s also a practical side: mirrors will make your home gym seem bigger. This way, you won’t feel cramped and constrained if you have a small gym. You can introduce a large, wall-to-wall mirror or hang several smaller ones – just place them so that you can see your entire body.

Installing appropriate lighting

By having plenty of light, you’ll feel more motivated to work out; after all, no one feels like moving in a dark room. First, try to use natural light as much as possible – place your equipment facing the window and don’t cover them with curtains. When it comes to artificial lighting, you should consider going with LEDs, because they are more energy-efficient and emit a bright, white glow.

Playing the right tunes

No gym is complete without some energising tunes, which means that the installation of a sound system is an essential part of designing your home gym. Depending on your budget, there’s plenty of options, ranging from state-of-the-art surround systems, to more affordable stereos. However, choosing a portable sound system will offer flexibility – you can easily move it when you decide to rearrange your equipment.

Personalisation for inspiration

Giving your home gym a unique character will make it more authentic and stylish. In addition, by personalising your space, you’ll be more inspired and motivated to work out, because you’ll create a positive environment. You can hang your favourite artwork (who says there’s no place for art in a gym) and surround yourself with your personal memorabilia.
One of the most stylish ideas is introducing an accent wall that will be one of the focal points of your home gym. Whether you opt for a different colour or introduce interesting wallpapers, you’ll definitely create an ambience of authenticity. To capture the true spirit of fitness, you can cover your accent wall with inspirational quotes that will motivate you to give your best and achieve your fitness goals.

Buying the right equipment

Depending on your budget and your fitness goals, you need to equip your gym in a way that will meet your needs. For example, if you’re planning to practice yoga or tai chi, you don’t need to spend a fortune on dumbbells, barbells and so on. However, if you’re planning to build muscles, lose weight and improve your endurance, you should focus on essential equipment that includes a barbell and plate set, a bench, rack, kettlebells and possibly a treadmill. Of course, comfortable and stylish bodybuilding shoes are an equally important part of your equipment – just because you work out at home, it doesn’t mean you have to wear old torn sneakers.
In just a few easy steps, you can design a stylish and functional gym where you’ll simply feel inspired to work out.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beautiful Custom Shade Sails Giving Homes a New Look

Adam Wilson is here to share alternates to casting shade in your outdoor space. I love this idea and look forward to trying something a little different.

Shade sails can now be used to enhance the look of home. Yes, that’s true as the sail shades that you once used to see on ships are now a part of the home decors or interiors. No one had ever thought that these sails will once be a part of the interiors as well as exteriors of homes. You must have gone to a hotel and noticed something very different and unique all over the place, something that looks like a sail hanging from one corner of the place to the another corner.

Well, they are actually custom shade sails which have been custom designed to suit the length of the space and the surroundings. The same thing is now being used in homes worldwide to improve the appearance of the space in a modern style.


Know the Uses of The Custom Shade Sails

There are basically two parts in home where customized sails are installed, namely interior part where you live and the exteriors where you have a swimming pool or a backyard.

  • Interiors – These custom shade sails are fixed on to the roofs of the house especially in the living room. The whole thing is designed as per the size of the room and expert carpenters come and fix the whole thing onto the walls. The frame is made up of wood or galvanised steel and then wrapped with cloth to give it a sail like look. It is important to have proper lighting in the room so that the whole sail is clearly visible to all. At the most 3 - 4 sails are more than enough to cover a big living hall and give it the desired look.

  • Exteriors – When it comes to the custom shade sails in the exteriors there are more than 10 different ways that you can use not only to decorate the house but also use for various practical reasons. It helps to protect the people underneath from the changing weather conditions.
The sun can easily warm the water inside the swimming pool so what people install these sails adjacent to the pool so that the sun’s rays cannot reach the water and increase the temperature. In addition to this, one can also cover the whole backyard with different colored sails and give it a new and unique look.


Are these Shades Expensive in Nature?

This is one question that a lot of people ask when they think of installing custom shade sails at homes. There is no need to worry as these sails are sold at an affordable price which can fit into the budget of any person easily. The actual price of the sails depends on the length and the breadth of the sail and the cloth that you wish to use. In addition, the aspects like material, quality and from where you are buying also counts to determine the final price.

You can also get things printed on the shades as explained above but make sure that whatever you print on them is light and not too heavy which can ruin the beauty of the place. It is always advised that the shades are kept plain and simple as the main aim is to give protection and provide beauty to the room where they are installed. One has to make choices after analyzing all the factors and comparing the products and quotes from one provider to the other. So, get the best awnings for your place and let the guests be impressed with your choices.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

5 Ways to Bring Your Garage into the Future

5 Ways to Bring Your Garage into the Future

Garages have always been designed to keep cars, thats the primary purpose and the reason they were first added to our homes. In the days of your father and/or grandfather, they were used for that purpose and that purpose only. That steadily changed though and they became junk rooms, places to store Christmas decorations and other clutter that we dont really use.

Thankfully, thats no longer the case. Garages are still rarely used to store cars, but rather than being superfluous junk rooms, they are now thought of as additional rooms in our homes. A good garage can raise your property value significantly and it can also offer you a wealth of opportunities for turning your house into the home youve always wanted.

In this article well help you with that process, showing you how you can turn this space from a boring junk room into a modern garage.

Garages are often neglected. The average US garage is full of rust, mold, malfunctioning openers and other signs of neglect and misuse. So, your first step should be to make sure everything is up to scratch. Clean away the cobwebs, scrub away the oil and other detritus of neglect, oil the hinges, replace the springs and give everything a good dust and clean.

Depending on how much you have neglected it and for how long, this might be sizable task. But its best just to get stuck in and not give it too much thought. Procrastination is your enemy and the only thing stopping you from getting the garage that you want.

Most homes have old, rickety garage doors. They do their job and most homeowners will not change them unless they are hanging off by the hinges. But older garage doors dont just pose security problems and accessibility issues. They also let in the cold and the wet; they let out the air conditioning and the central heating.

So, invest in a new garage door that leaves fewer gaps, is thicker and stronger, and doesnt damage the integrity of your garage and the rest of your home. You can also insulate your garage door to increase its effectiveness. This can be done cheaply and without much trouble, and it can save you a fortune in utility bills.

You can also add central heating and air conditioning to your garage to make it just another part of your house, bringing some of that relieving cool in the summer and that comforting heat in the winter. Ventilation is key as well, especially if you air seal your garage. Air sealing is an essential aspect of insulation and will help to reduce energy bills, while ventilation will minimize the risk of carbon monoxide building-up from that air-sealing.

Once you follow all of these steps then your garage will be just like another room in your house. You can then turn it into a spare room, a games room, an office, a den or whatever else you want. So many homeowners waste thousands of dollars moving up on the housing ladder just to get an additional bedroom, when they could simply convert their garage and get that bedroom for less.

So, before you think about sinking an extra $20,000 to $50,000 just to get a house with an extra bedroom for your new child or an extra office for your new business, focus on your garage first.

Automatic door openers were once the must-have thing for all homeowners. They were everyones favorite gadget before the age of smartphonesnothing looked cooler than driving up to your home, flicking a switch on your remote and then watching as the door automatically swung open.

This simple tech was a huge breakthrough back then, but its now commonplace and much more advanced. You can now get a garage door opener that connects to your smartphone and allows you to open and close with a press of the touchscreen or a voice-activated command. Not only will these devices open and close at your command, but the app can also be used to discover if your garage door is open or closed at any given time.

This may sound like a redundant feature on the face of it, but its actually a very useful security feature. It will tell you if someone, you included, has returned home and has forgotten to close to garage door.

You dont need to spend a fortune buying new fangled plastic and veneer shelving units and tools just to have a fully functional, working garage. You can turn this space into an eco-friendly one without sacrificing effectiveness. You can even save yourself a lot of money doing it.

You can buy paints that are not as toxic and are more or less completely safe; shelving units that are made from recycled plastics or renewable wood; furniture that has been up-cycled; and power tools that are energy conscious. Here are a few other key areas that can help you to make your garage completely eco-friendly:

  • Lighting: Many US homeowners use energy efficient light bulbs in the main rooms, but completely neglect the garage. It may not be the most lived-in room, but it can still benefit you and your annual budget to install a LED or CFL bulb in your garage.
  • Storage: You should avoid storing dangerous tools and machinery in your garage. You wouldnt store things like lawn mowers and cans of gasoline in your living room or bedroom and because they are as much a part of your home as your garage you shouldnt store them there either. Keep them in a shed instead.
  • Get Rid of Unused Appliances: Many Americans have an extra refrigerator or freezer in their garage, even though they actually use it. This appliances consume a lot of energy and are far from environmentally friendly. So, if you dont use it then get rid of it. And storing a few bags of vegetables or boxes of processed meals dont count as using it. Youre paying a lot of money to run that appliance and to keep those minimal productsits just not worth it.

Finally, your new, modern garage needs to be secure. Whether youre using it as a bedroom, an office or even just a place to store your car (the retro method) then youll want to make sure everything is safe. The garage door will play a big role in this. The better it is and the more attention you pay to maintain it, the more secure it will likely be.

You may also want a fire-door from your garage to your house, as well as an alarm, a smoke alarm and even a carbon monoxide alarm if youre worried about a buildup of this toxic gas. These are all commonplace in the rest of the home but are often overlooked where the garage is concerned. If its an empty junk room then this is fine, but if youre filling it full of electronics, if people are going to be spending more time there and if there is more things of value in there, then youll need to make sure it is safe and secure on all fronts.