Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beautiful Custom Shade Sails Giving Homes a New Look

Adam Wilson is here to share alternates to casting shade in your outdoor space. I love this idea and look forward to trying something a little different.

Shade sails can now be used to enhance the look of home. Yes, that’s true as the sail shades that you once used to see on ships are now a part of the home decors or interiors. No one had ever thought that these sails will once be a part of the interiors as well as exteriors of homes. You must have gone to a hotel and noticed something very different and unique all over the place, something that looks like a sail hanging from one corner of the place to the another corner.

Well, they are actually custom shade sails which have been custom designed to suit the length of the space and the surroundings. The same thing is now being used in homes worldwide to improve the appearance of the space in a modern style.


Know the Uses of The Custom Shade Sails

There are basically two parts in home where customized sails are installed, namely interior part where you live and the exteriors where you have a swimming pool or a backyard.

  • Interiors – These custom shade sails are fixed on to the roofs of the house especially in the living room. The whole thing is designed as per the size of the room and expert carpenters come and fix the whole thing onto the walls. The frame is made up of wood or galvanised steel and then wrapped with cloth to give it a sail like look. It is important to have proper lighting in the room so that the whole sail is clearly visible to all. At the most 3 - 4 sails are more than enough to cover a big living hall and give it the desired look.

  • Exteriors – When it comes to the custom shade sails in the exteriors there are more than 10 different ways that you can use not only to decorate the house but also use for various practical reasons. It helps to protect the people underneath from the changing weather conditions.
The sun can easily warm the water inside the swimming pool so what people install these sails adjacent to the pool so that the sun’s rays cannot reach the water and increase the temperature. In addition to this, one can also cover the whole backyard with different colored sails and give it a new and unique look.


Are these Shades Expensive in Nature?

This is one question that a lot of people ask when they think of installing custom shade sails at homes. There is no need to worry as these sails are sold at an affordable price which can fit into the budget of any person easily. The actual price of the sails depends on the length and the breadth of the sail and the cloth that you wish to use. In addition, the aspects like material, quality and from where you are buying also counts to determine the final price.

You can also get things printed on the shades as explained above but make sure that whatever you print on them is light and not too heavy which can ruin the beauty of the place. It is always advised that the shades are kept plain and simple as the main aim is to give protection and provide beauty to the room where they are installed. One has to make choices after analyzing all the factors and comparing the products and quotes from one provider to the other. So, get the best awnings for your place and let the guests be impressed with your choices.

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