Thursday, August 3, 2017

Transforming Clumsy Small Kitchens into Spacious Ones

Joel Borthwick has some really great ideas on making your small kitchen seem a bit more spacious. Check out some great tips on transforming your kitchen space.

Kitchen is often the place in your home where family gathers for cooking, chats, discussions, etc. This means kitchen with challenging space issues can restrict not only your cooking and kitchen activities but family interactive sessions as well. However, many apartments, houses have small kitchens with no space to extend. Therefore, you need to put in some smart kitchen designing planning in order to make such small kitchens a better working area. There are some simple tips how you can increase your workspace in a small kitchen.

  • If there is provision for extending, reconstruct the kitchen to extend the space of it. Break an adjacent wall to accommodate more space within.

  • Install smart and small accommodating appliances instead of bulky ones.

  • Instead of extending the kitchen premises, you can join it with the adjacent room just by removing a wall.

  • Install a kitchen island instead of a wall, it will improve working area; offer extra storage, and much more benefits.

  • Utilize those corner spaces, pillars and counter tops to manage more storage space. With more storage, you can actually avoid the cluttering appearance of your kitchen.

  • Use light colored paints of tiles or laminates for the wardrobes. Light color offers better light reflection offering a more roomy appearance even for a small space.

  • Insufficient lighting often offers a clumsy look to small spaces. Make sure to use abundant lights within wardrobes, above counter tops, hanging light fixtures above the kitchen island, above cook tops can effectively enhance a spacious look.

Smart Arrangement and Selection of Drawers and Cupboards

Where space is limited it becomes a challenge to cope up with the storage requirements in kitchen. However, specialty hardware is an innovative designing concept these days where you can effectively use spaces to assemble storage solutions. Installing pull out contraptions or pantries, lazy Susan, big drawers up and down the counter top. Moreover, you may be surprised to know that sometimes a bigger drawer of 900mm comes cheaper than a 450mm small drawer.


Small and Needful Appliances only

There is no need to junk your kitchen with unwanted appliances. Instead of installing a massive cook oven go for a two-burner gas stove, which would essentially minimize the occupied space. Moreover, installing small drawer-style freezers and microwaves down the counter can save a lot of counter and upper cabinet space in the kitchen. You can find a lot of options in integrated appliances like microware, dishwashers, etc.

Color it Light

Light colors reflect light which helps to make a small room look bigger. Effective use of light shades of white color can offer a spacious appearance. Moreover, you can effectively use white for walls, wardrobes, even appliances like kitchen chimney instead of bold colors which give a more clumsy appearance.

Increase Scope for Natural Light

Many kitchens have small windows which fail to provide sufficient natural light. However, taking a bold step and reconstructing that window into a large one can bring in sufficient natural light to your kitchen. Natural light not only makes a kitchen look bigger but also it enhances workspace in the kitchen. Besides, more sunlight means less germs and better sanitation.

Kitchen Renovation

Installing a Kitchen Island

If you can manage to knock down the wall with the entrance into the kitchen you can make it an open kitchen which in itself looks and feels spacious. Besides installing a kitchen island in that space can improve the workability of the space. You can also use the island as a storage unit, cutting and preparation area, even an eating area as well.

Therefore, with smart space management tips and ideas you can transform a small, clumsy kitchen into a spacious, work efficient space.

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