Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Things to Consider Before Extending your Home

Jack Louis is here to share some ideas on things to think about for doing an extension on your home. This can be a big decision with pros and some cons. Read some great tips from Jack!

Due to an increase in the price of the property, most of the people prefer to renovate or extend their home instead of moving. There are various proven advantages of extending the home. Everybody is aware of the additional cost that will come their way when selling or buying property. These related costs include stamp duty, fees of the agent, tension of packing and moving things from old home to new home.
Thus, to get rid of all such problems or worries, we recommend hiring a professional and experienced home extension builder.

Few Tips for Creating a Successful House Extension:

  1. Check out for Perfect Builder: If you want your house to be unique in your locality, then consulting an experienced professional builder for your home extensions is a good idea. The perfect review of such home extensions builders can easily be accessible over the internet.

  1. Shortlist the Right Builder: Extending a home can either be a nightmare or a dream come true as it totally depends upon the home extension builder. Thus, choosing the right builder is very important. Research well; check out their previous works by personally visiting the site and or you can also ask your friends or relatives for recommendations.

  1. Landscaping: A great architect not only designs a great interior or a structure but also considers the environment and incorporates it into the plan before proposing.
    When any relatives, guests or friends arrive, you will feel proud to have them gather in the garden for gossip and show-off the new effective extension of your house.

  1. Think in an Extraordinary Way: The extensions to the home can be anywhere, such as in the basement, above the roof, outwards or any way possible. Thus, the home extension of each house is unique. May be the new plan can be different from the common designs and make your guests say WOW!

  1. Study about the Different Materials which are Available: Choosing appropriate material is essential for designing the extension. This is because the material which is used to make an extension will help to bring the structure into life. Depending on one's requirements such as improving the existing structure or use crowd, there are various options available from manufacturers to suppliers.
  2. Recently, timber cladding is widely used because of its rustic look.

  1. Consider the Setting and Location: The design of your new extension should have the plan of your existing structure. The well-known extensions which are sympathetic with their environment or the contrast of the spectrum with the environment. The way from rural village to suburb city, nobody’s extensions are same. Thus surroundings can be used as boundaries.

  1. Find out the Purpose of Extension: It is expected that the owner of the home should reply quickly when asked the reason for the extension of the home. The answers to this question will help to ensure effective use of space and help to stick to an affordable budget.

  1. Set the Amount to Spend for the Extension: It seems a simple tip to make the dream plan into reality but after actual completion of the project, the amount spent is higher than the estimated one. Also, while budgeting for a home extension, the owner also needs to ensure the fees of the designer, government VAT, application fees and authorities’ fees.

  1. Interact with Neighbors: At times, asking neighbors what they really want to see can help to make your plan better.

Get Approved to Start the Work: The requirement of an expert is essential in this stage. Depending on the plan, size, and shape, the planning permit needs to be submitted.

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