Thursday, October 19, 2017

Learn About Awnings and All the Benefits

Zac Ferry is here to chat about the correct kind of awning to choose and all the benefits. If your outdoor space is your "place" to be, read for some helpful hints.


An awning or overhang is an additional covering, which is attached to the exterior of the wall. It is typically composed of canvas, cotton or polyesters, or vinyl laminated that is stretched over aluminum or iron rods. Awnings have a lot of benefits ranging from aesthetics to weather protection. Here is a list of some of the benefits of awnings:

Provides Us with Weather Protection

Awnings are generally placed on top of our doors or windows hence they make sure that our door or windows are not spoiled by the rain water. They also help in preventing the rainwater to seep in. During winters, also awnings come in very handy. They make sure that snow is not accumulated in our patio or back yard hence making the cleaning process easier. While in summers they provide us protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Increases Energy Savings

Awnings not only protect us from bad weather conditions but is also massive in energy savings. In a typical home, most energy is transferred through doors and windows. In fact, on a hot day most energy comes through glass doors and windows. The awnings also make sure that minimum heat enters our house therefore reducing costs on cooling or heating. Benefits of awnings include providing a great deal of shade to protect us from UV rays.

Increased Living Space

Awnings have a lot of benefits one of which includes creating more living space. Having several awnings allows to put more furniture in the back yard or patio thereby creating a suitable sitting place outside the house and protecting us from the elements of nature. We can also add several more furniture to the house in this process. The awnings make sure that the furniture is intact and no harm is caused to it due to weather conditions. By putting up a large awning in the backyard we create a large sitting for our guests and for our enjoyment on family days to enjoy the weather. Awnings are also extremely affordable making them budget friendly for home d├ęcor.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Adds Value to The House

Apart from weather protection and energy savings, awnings also add to the architectural maneuver of the house. The awnings make our house look aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, approachable, beautiful etc. Since awnings come in different shapes, sizes and designs finding the right awning for our house is never a difficult job. We could also have our awning custom made, which again adds to the uniqueness of our house.
Apart from being aesthetically pleasing the awnings also add value to the house. The benefits of awnings for the estate price of our house as they provide immense protection against bad weather and create a safe environment for the kids in the house there by increasing the chances of the house to brought when put out for sale.

Protects the Environment

As we know, awnings help in reducing energy costs by keeping out the UV rays of the sun from the house. They also help in reducing the usage of heaters by keeping the house warm. With these benefits, comes the benefit of reduced global warming. With low usage of heaters and Air-conditioners the greenhouse effect is reduced in the environment, which thereby helps in protecting the environment from the harmful effects of global warming.

Therefore, it can be said that benefits of awnings give a great deal at a very low cost. The benefit of awnings cannot be lost on us. In a nut shell, awnings for homes are a great solution for enjoying the outdoors and very reasonable to enjoy.

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