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Prominent Concept For Fit Out Construction Of Any Building

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When the contractors construct a building, the interior designing of that building is as much important as the exterior of that construction. It is the job of the architects to prepare the sketch of the fit out construction in a building carefully, keeping in mind the nature of that construction and its future occupants. It consists of the flooring, ceiling, internal pillars, and other decorative fittings at the interior of any residential and commercial building, including the perfect finish of the total architecture.

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Fit Out Construction for Residential

Main features of the fit out construction of a residential building interior

  • The flooring of the rooms may be raised by placing marble or ceramic tiles, which will match the chosen interior decor of the house. The colours of the flooring tiles may differ according to the nature of the rooms.

  • The suspended ceilings of the rooms are often decorated as per the desire of the house owner or the functional nature of the building. These ceilings are made with sufficient strength to provide cover to the whole interior spaces, apart from the decorative features or colours. Rather many people want the ceilings to remain simpler than the other walls of the rooms.

  • The installation of the electrical services is an important part of fit out construction, which includes the placement of special power points for switching on the computer, refrigerator, geyser, microwave oven, air conditioner, and room heater in different rooms of the house. There should be arrangement for emergency electricity, in case of power failure in the house.

  • Ascertain the total layout of the furniture and other room d├ęcor as per the requirement of the house owner and the exact nature of heavy or light furniture pieces that are supposed to be kept in these rooms.

  • The bathrooms and toilets are given special treatment to maintain the proper hygiene of the residents, by installing all the necessary fixtures, like the sink, faucets, shower, and the lavatory, along with the required drainage system. The bathrooms are also provided with adequate storage space for keeping all bathroom accessories and the decorative pieces, if any chosen.

  • Incorporate the kitchens with all the essential amenities, among which the exhaust fan or kitchen chimney is a prime requirement. There should be proper space for keeping the oven, sink, and all the kitchen cabinets for storage, designed in the layout of the kitchen.

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Fit Out Construction for Office

Primary aspects of fit out construction of an official space

  • The total layout of an office should have comfortable sitting arrangements for all the employees, where their workstations will be placed, as per the capacity of the building.

  • The electrical service of an office should include the wiring for all the electrical devices needed for official works; like the computers, printers, and fax machine, as well as the servers for continuous supply of internet connection.

  • Consider the heating or cooling arrangements as a basic factor of fit out construction, by which the air conditioning system and centrally heating system need to be installed, to ensure the comfort of the workers.   

  • Large companies design separate spaces for their IT department and working areas of outsource people, who provide additional support on various functions of the office, which should be included in the layout of the interior design of the total office area.

  • There should be arrangements for fighting any incident of fire breakout, like keeping several fire extinguishers all over the office. There should also be an emergency exit point that can be used if necessary.

  • There need to be enough arrangements for the security of the office, including special alarm for burglars and fire alarm, as well as CCTV on important positions.

All these interior arrangements make any official or domestic building comfortable for the occupants and prove the credibility of the architect.

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