Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bathroom: A Much-Needed Makeover

Oliva Wilson is sharing on how to make over your bathroom. It is a space where you spend time doing important things. Check out this great article.
The bathroom is one of the most important corners in your house. It is a place where one spends most of his time apart from the bedroom. Well, to be credited as an important room, spending on bathroom fixtures apart from the necessary is not a popular concept in some countries. In ancient Rome, people used public bathrooms. The structure had a long row of stones placed like benches that were cut at regular intervals. Today we are well past this ancient practice and have more than one bathroom in a house. Modern compact houses consist of one large multipurpose room attached to a bathroom.

Bathroom makeover

Old constructions had the bathroom separated in two different rooms; one room for taking a shower and a separate room for the toilet. In this space constraint times, the modern architecture has combined the two rooms into one. A small bathroom makeover is needed to fit the necessities while giving enough space for furnishing. Gone are the days when a tap was the only fixture in the bathroom. The market offers budget-friendly solutions that turn the bathroom into a mini storage section for toiletries and provides a relaxing spa-like feel with the help of a large mirror and even a bathtub.

Here are some generic ideas for your bathroom makeover:

  • Go for single color for the floor and wall tiles. Following a theme will make it easier. A mix of two or three colors will be enough for your bathroom makeover. Basic colors like white, black or grey are a good color combination.
  • The shower curtains or any other upholstery in the bathroom can be matching or contrasting. While following a theme, the fabric can be of different patterns but one shade, giving more variety to the look.
  • The lighting in the room should be a mix of dim near the tub or shower but near bright mirror. There can be more than one light bulb or small chandelier depending on the size of the room. A perfect tone of the lights can make a dramatic difference to the bathroom.
  • Add cupboards, chairs, indoor plants or shelves to the bathroom to make it convenient and classy at the same time.

Bathroom makeover
Most of us would be interested to find about giving a modern makeover to our small bathrooms. As bathrooms are generally of a smaller size but none the less a small bathroom can be transformed with fewer expenses:

  • Replace your bathtub with an extra-large shower space. Cleaning a shower space takes less time and effort
  • Fix the shelves and cupboard on the wall to create more storage space.
  • Hanging lights are a good option taking less space and providing lighter.
  • Make complete use of the sink console for your bathroom makeover. With top as a sink, the lower part of the console can be used for storage.
Apart from fixtures here are some DIY d├ęcor suggestions for your bathroom:

  • Hang a wide wall painting or frame on the colored walls.
  • Place an indoor plant near the sink or potpourri on the console
  • Wrap fairy lights around an empty wine bottle and use as a hanging lamp.
  • Fancy mirror frames can add the extra chic look to the bathroom while making it look bigger.
  • Use ceramic containers for storing hand wash and shampoos.
  • Old chinaware or glassware can be used as soap holders.
  • Old wooden stools can be used as stands to keep the toiletries
With these few handy suggestions start decorating and designing the look of your bathroom that appeals to you. After all, you want it to be the most comfortable and relaxing place.

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