Sunday, November 12, 2017

Things To Do To Maintain Timber Flooring Without Putting Many Efforts

Zac Ferry is sending us his tips on maintaining your Timber Flooring. It looks pretty once installed but how do you keep that look? Check out these great tips.
Everything, which comes to life, has a date to die, whether they are living things or non-living. What we can do is just prolong their departure by taking good care of the things. We all know that timber floor sanding & polishing service adds several years of life to the timber floor. It helps in keeping the floor in clean and well-maintained condition. However, the next task is on your shoulders, which include taking care of these floors.
Most of the home or office owners have a lifestyle and professional duties where they cannot take care of the floors the way it should be done. So, every now and then, they need professional hands to keep the things going smoothly because changing the whole flooring can be a real pain. These professional offers up to the par timber floor polishing service, which helps in keeping the floor in place for few more years. However, you cannot call them every hour of the week to maintain the floor. Hence, some of your efforts are also required.
Here are some pointers, which can help you to maintain as well as manage the floor till the next visit of the professionals. In the end, you can say that you also have some hand in keeping the floor for longer years.
  • There should be no place for dirt or dust to make home on your floor. Else, it will put scratches on the floor and will take the look away. Try to use Electrostatic mops, as they are good with removing even the smallest particles from the floor.
  • Make it a routine to mop the floor twice a week from the Electrostatic mops or microfibre mop, as they do not let the particles to scratch the floor while sweeping. Make sure to turn sides when one is full of dirt. Else, this time you have to pay big bucks for getting the timber floor sanding & polishing service.
  • Vacuum cleaners are a good option to sweep the area and keep it clean. However, always remember to change the settings to flooring when you are making the sweep.
  • Those deaths on the feet high-heeled shoes or boots with studs can place dents on the timber if they come in direct contact. So, when you are walking in the floor make sure you are wearing something comfortable for both you and floor. You can cover the area where you roam wearing those kinds with rugs or carpets to save the floor.
  • Doormats are kind of preventive measures, as they gather dirt or grit outside the home and keeps the floor safe. Thus, make sure you put a quality doormat on your entrance door.
  • Use your mind and lift the furniture when you want to move them, dragging them on the floor can bring scratches, which will be quite hard to remove and will increase your timber floor sanding & polishing service costing.
  • Put the rug in the area where kids play with the toys, as they are too little to understand the consequences of their innocent actions.

  • Sun light helps in fading the colour of the timber. So better, keep the shades on or do not allow the direct sunlight to fall on the floor.
  • Do not ignore the water spills on the floor, as you might know water and wood never go hand in hand. Hence, act fast when there is any spill in your presence.
  • If you come face to face to the floor, where there is gap or unevenness then don’t think twice and call the professional timber floor sanding & polishing service to solve the problem head first.



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