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Are you the kind of person who likes to get creative with just about anything? Do you crave creativity so much you could go the extra mile to gratify your cravings? Are you looking to take your imagination into the way you look by trying out some easy, yet amazing, nail art designs? You don’t need to read some textbooks as we bring you some easy nail art design tips for beginners like yourself.
Before we proceed, it’s quite pertinent that you understand that, like the food we consume, not everything is good for the body. You need to be careful so you’ll choose a type of nail polish without toxic substances that may be harmful to your skin.
Now that you’ve acquired for yourself the perfect, non-toxic types of nail polish, we can quickly move on to our central topic of discussion today - easy nail art designs.
  • Polka Dots
Dots are the easiest of all nail art designs. The primary thing is to create a contrast between the color of your dots and the base coat color. Depending on how inventive you are, you can place white dots on a base coat of black, or dot the rainbow colors on a base coat of white. Then the sizes of your dots depend solely on how you like them; big or small, they usually come out cute.
  • Florals
Painting small flowers on a base coat of your choice never fails. To get an outstanding result, create a single contrasting color of different colors for your flowers and begin your design. To perfect your work, give it a glistening look by applying a glossy transparent nail polish which would also protect your work of art.
  • Spirals
Spirals are one of the designs a beginner would like to try on. You necessarily don’t have to look up any spiral design online, just paint. The lines would end up swirly anyway. But note that your color combo goes a long way in how your spirals turn out. Try out a sunshine yellow base with pristine white spirals and dark blue base with candy red spirals. Thank us later.
  • Abstract
You would never know how good you are if you don’t try. There are a few easy-to-do cool shapes nail art ideas you can try your hands on. Using a light color as a base coat would bring out the beauty of painting different shapes on individual nail. Circles, triangles, hearts, and stars amongst others are lovely shapes that would sit pretty on your nail.
  • Sparkles
If you find it hard to paint sparkles, you can just cut out mini stickers of stars or find glow-in-the-dark shape stickers and stick them on a base coat. However, there are many nail paint lacquer available with glitters in them. All you have to do is get yourself a few bottles and enjoy nail art.

Apart from the listed ideas, you can also try some other easy ideas. You can achieve a lot as long as you do things the right way.

Inventive Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

  Jasmine Anderson is guest hosting the next couple of weeks. Her first article is inventive ways to throw parties for adults. I love this topic and it is not discussed enough. Enjoy!

We firmly believe that a great number of grown up people felt a sting of envy when looking at kids’ birthday parties. The kids seem to have it all – the cake, the toys, the fun games, and theme parties while adults seem to have cocktails and brunches. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, if you’ve got an inner child that’s been looking forward to your birthday party or you have a friend who does, we give you a list of ideas you could implement in order to throw a fantastic birthday party for adults.

Beach vibes

It doesn’t matter how old you are, beach is the place where everyone can have a good time. Whether you enjoy playing beach volley, surfing, swimming, or simply sunbathing while sipping cocktails, a beach is the place to be. So, why not organize a beach birthday party for all your friends and ensure that everyone has a good time?! Bring some reliable speakers and play music from your phone, or you can even hire a DJ. Everyone can show up in their bathing suits, beach kaftans, and baggy tees, eat sandwiches, make barbecue, and feel comfortable. If the party lasts for a long time, you can even make a bonfire and bake some marshmallows just like you did when you were little.

Hippie heaven

If you have the means, why not turn your backyard into a hippie heaven and throw a birthday party everyone will talk about for days, or even weeks? You can organize a Kombi Van Hire, serve colorful cocktails in cut out pineapples, play music from the ‘60s, and even ask everyone to show up wearing retro clothes. Set up a photo booth, put pixie lights on trees, arrange lazy bags and soft cushions all over your lawn, and after everyone’s got a few drinks pull out a game of Twister for the ultimate fun.

Picnic time

As we grow older, the responsibilities on our shoulders also increase. We have to take care of our family, cope up with the big pressures of office and also be a part of various social circles. Between all this, we tend to have less and less time to actually sit down and enjoy the company of our family. This birthday, make sure that along with you, all your friends are also able to spend some really good time with their family, by inviting them over for a nice winter picnic party. Put up huge umbrellas in your garden and arrange for a nice picnic basket for every family. Plan nice picnic games which allow families to participate together as one unit, and besides birthday wishes, you would also get a lot of heartfelt wishes for this amazing birthday party idea.

Gorgeous gothic

Being Goth isn’t just about loving all things black. It’s about the music, the architecture, the style, and the elegance that surrounds this subculture. If you’re a gothic lover or you’re throwing a Goth-themed party, you should think outside the black box. Yes, all things black are welcome: black lemonade with activated charcoal, black napkins and tablecloths, and little paper bats as décor, but feel free to add a bit of red or purple to the mix. Red velvet cake, red roses, sugar skulls, and plenty of candles will do the trick. Don’t forget to use black invitations decorated with silvery spider webs and blood-red flowers to set the mood.

Masquerade ball

Who says it has to be Halloween for people to pull out their costumes and dress up as someone else? Masquerade balls are mature but still incredibly exciting and fun party ideas for adults. Print out invitations with a nice font, use shiny luxurious paper, and encourage your friends to show up wearing their tuxedos and most elegant gowns. If you want to take the things to the next level, ensure there’s enough room for couples to dance together with their partners. Music and masks are the most important things here, and if you do it right, your guests will feel like they’re in Venice at the carnival.

From time to time it’s good to give yourself the chance to become a child again, and birthday parties are probably the best time to do so. Depending on what you and your friends like, you could always turn your birthday into a carnival, a scavenger hunt, or a costume party and allow everyone to have a great time while celebrating your birthday.

Monday, July 9, 2018

6 Innovative Bathroom Tech Trends

Diana Smith is hosting today and sharing some bathroom ideas with some innovative ideas for decorating. Check out this great article.

The smart home idea is very popular – a few years after being announced, the technology that lives in our walls, refrigerators, ovens, security systems and garage doors has finally arrived and put the ‘smart’ into ‘home’. Bathrooms are no exception here; although the tech innovations here may be less popular than in the rest of the house, there is actually a ton of upgrading potential here. Here are some bathroom tech advancements to prove it.

Bathtub tech
Starting with the very root of the word ‘bathroom’, the standalone tub has been going through quite an increase in popularity as of recently. Bathtubs that sit in the middle of the room are slowly becoming a thing of standard. Of course, there are various styles when it comes to standalone tubs that range from Japanese soaking tubs to air baths. New materials and shapes have given the standalone bathtub a completely different vibe from your typical one.

Shower tech
The era of the simple shower is slowly giving way to sophisticated units with gadgets such as LCD panels that allow you to control the temperature, steam, water flow, chromotherapy and even music, electronically. In fact, even Bluetooth showerheads are a thing nowadays – they enable you to listen up to seven hours of audio, while taking a shower. This means that you no longer have to crank up the music in order to hear it over the water, but rather listen to it through the water.

Sink tech
The faucet is perhaps the most used water source in the typical household – you use it when you wash your hands and your face, when you brush your teeth, when you (or your significant other) shave, etc. Digital faucets are perhaps the greenest solution here – they allow for a reduced tap flow and have digital temperature-control settings, which help conserve water.
The infrared technology has finally made its way into the household bathroom, and the faucets that “read” when the user’s hands are there in order to turn the water flow on/off are no longer to be seen solely in government buildings, cafés and shopping malls.

Bidet tech
These hygienic devices aren’t widely used for some reason, but this is likely to change. A bidet, in itself, is quite convenient and enables the user to feel and be clean for many hours after using it. Alternatively, there is the remote bidet technology that is fitted with a small connection below the rim of the toilet that works pretty much like the standard bidet would. There is a vast array of bidet seats– the higher end ones come with a wider range of features, of course.

Toilet tech
The latest toilet technology is going to make the current, typical toilet seat look like a primitive contraption from the middle ages. Apparently, the new generation of toilets is aiming at making the use of toilet paper, water, and even hands completely obsolete. The latest generation of toilets will come equipped with toilet seat warmers, LED lights and self-cleaning technology.
Waterproof TVs
Installing a waterproof television set in your bathroom is an awesome thing to keep you entertained while you’re doing your business (whatever it might be). Instead of risking dropping your iPad or iPhone in the shower, kick back and relax with your favorite TV programs.

These six innovative tech trends are the pillars of bathroom luxury. From the bathroom and the shower, all the way to the sink, toilet seat, bidet and waterproof television, you are looking at incredibly progressive bathrooms.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to Boost the Selling Price of Your Home with Smart Improvements

Diana Smith is here today on the blog to share some ideas on how to boost your selling price for your home. Check out this great article! 

Selling a house is never as easy and simple as owners might think at first. It takes a lot of time, patience, and preparation for everything to be in order and for the house to be sold at a fair and reasonable price. Sadly, what old and new owners consider ‘a reasonable price’ isn’t always the same thing. If you want to get a good price for your home, you need to make a few smart improvements that will boost its market value first. In order to help you reach your goal, we give you a list of great home improvements to make your property more valuable.
Wall work
Often, it’s the smallest and simplest things that make a huge difference in the way potential buyers will see your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing they see and it’s important that they like it. Of course, your home should look good on the inside too, but you should also put in some effort so that the outside walls look great. A fresh coat of paint will make your house look more appealing and clean; as a property that’s been well taken care of. You might want to steer clear of bold shades such as bright pink or lime green even if you like them, because they will make your property look eccentric and it might put some of the buyers off.

A lux yard upgrade
If you have a big yard, you can think about different upgrades and improvements. On the other hand, you don’t want to go too far and build a granny flat, a swimming pool, and a garden shed, too. In hot countries such as Australia and California, people need to have a place to cool down, which is why luxurious real estate in Northern Beaches that have big swimming pools can reach a much better price than those without it. Still, when you decide to have a swimming pool, you need to be careful and maintain it regularly so it stays clean and safe in future, too.

Top and bottom
Even though potential buyers may fall in love with your home at first sight, once they come closer and notice it’s not in good condition they’ll lose interest. You have to understand that people who are serious about buying your home will do a thorough inspection to make sure everything’s in order. Call professionals to inspect your roof and foundation and see if there’s anything that should be replaced or repaired. While sometimes you can inspect your roof alone, when it comes to repairs there should definitely be a professional present.

No matter who you ask, they will tell you that bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home, which is why a good bathroom upgrade will help raise the value of your home. Start with small things: a fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain, and a new shower head will do the trick. If you want, you can take it a step further and replace the old tiles, cabinets, as well as change the tub. Since there are so many fixtures and fittings, you might think that everything has to be replaced, but it isn’t really the case. A few smart upgrades will make your bathroom look brand new and comfortable, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The kitchen is often referred to as 'the heart of a home', and it’s one of the rooms where most activities happen. Because you will be cooking there as well as cleaning up afterwards, you should have a functional stove, a good fridge, a dishwasher, and a nice sink. Pretty much everything you decide to invest in the kitchen will pay off later on because people love having modern kitchens. If you want, you can get energy saving appliances, but also try to open the space up a bit more and turn it into a room where you not only prepare the food but entertain your guests, too.
Window treatments
Unless you have really high-end window treatments in your home, you might want to consider removing them completely when you put your house up for sale. Your taste in window treatments might not be something your potential buyers might share, so instead of risking them not liking the look of your window treatments, you can take them down and opt to show your house with uncovered windows instead. This way, your entire house will get more natural light and they will be able to imagine what it will look like with the blinds or curtains of their choice.
At some point in future, you’re probably going to start thinking about selling your home, and when that time comes it’s important that you be prepared. Sometimes your expectations won’t be met, but other times they will be exceeded, especially if you prepare well and plan ahead. Remember that real estate market is competitive and your home should not only be fully functional, but aesthetically attractive as well, so in order to make a lasting impression on potential buyers, you’re going to have to put in some effort.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why to Hire Proficient Locksmith to Carry Out Car Key Cutting?

Zac Ferry is here today to share about Carry out car key Cutting, If this is something you need or are interested in, this is the article for you. Enjoy The read!
Losing and breaking car keys or home keys is a common scenario. It can happen at any point of time. If any such event takes place, you must look for professional locksmith. At times, we are so much preoccupied with other things that we keep the keys somewhere and then forget it there. The car keys may also break at any moment or your house keys may get worn out, in that case, you require the help of a professional locksmith for cheap car key cutting. Breaking the car keys or home keys is hassle prone and requires the services of professional locksmith to sort things out. Replacing the car keys or preparing fresh car key is the only solution you are left with.
Looking for cheap car key cutting service? You may check online for the service providers operating near to your place. Get free price quotes and compare the rates. There is no need to panic, if the car keys break or gets worn out. You can contact locksmith professional to prepare fresh keys. If you think clearly then the situation is not that difficult to handle. Replacing car keys will not cost you a lot of money. You may choose a local locksmith for cheap car key cutting service but make sure he offers high-quality service. Carry out your researches and then choose professional locksmith for the services. A professional locksmith must do his job well. Choose a professional company that offers key replacement service. The company should be trustworthy, reliable and professional. The companies that make duplicate keys can even find out the criminal intention, if any. Take time to find the best locksmith in your area. Finding the best locksmith is worth the effort you put in.

What Model of Car You Are Using?
Before taking any service from professional locksmith for key replacement, tell him about the brand and model of car you are using. The model of car you are using will impact the cost of key replacement. Get to know the kind of keys required for starting the car. What amount of money you can spend on the services must also be estimated. If you cannot afford to pay hefty amounts, you may look for cheap services. There are various kinds of keys for cars such as high security keys, transponder keys or even laser cut keys. Knowing the type of car keys required will make your task easier. It is difficult to make keys for newer models. You should not settle for dealership as that can prove to be expensive. In place of that, you can get duplicate copy of the keys from local locksmith as that is cheaper. Look for quality services offered at cheaper rates. Taking services of a local locksmith can help a lot.
Local Locksmith for Car Key Replacement
A proficient locksmith can offer key replacement service in a quick manner. It is not uncommon to approach locksmith for car key replacement service. Planning can help to save on the effort and time as well. It is better to make extra set of keys to safeguard yourself from emergency situations. In case, you accidentally drop the keys somewhere and need to access the property, call a professional locksmith for key replacement, immediately. Always have the contact details of the locksmith in your speed dial.

Professional Locksmith for Key Copying Service
Everyone should keep a set of duplicates keys for their house or cars. Most locksmiths offer such services at discounted rates. Key creation and key copying are important services offered by professional locksmiths.
So, the importance of services of professional locksmith is quite important. Car key cutting is one of the main services offered by a locksmith.

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Cute Kids Boutique and a Giveaway

   As a mom of two fancy little girls, I am always looking for some new cute and original clothing. Sometimes  it can be hard to find them just the right kind of thing. 
We have so many activities and sometimes you just want your kid to stand out.

 One day I tripped across a site called Picket Fence and realized that they have a little bit of everything.  I loved just browsing thru the selection of things that you don't see everywhere. Some really unique designs that were trendy and cute.

I ordered the McKenna Dresses and my daughters can't wait for them to arrive! My girly girls love a little fancy in their dresses and I am thinking these might be perfect for the first day of school! Nothing like a fancy dress to boost your confidence.

I know I am not the only momma out there looking for some cute stuff for themselves or their kids so I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. I am giving away to one lucky winner a $50 Gift card code to shop at Picket Fence. 

Comment below- what would you buy if you were the winner or what would you like to see them add to the shop? Styles, colors, brands etc. 
Don't forget after the comments there are extra entries. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway *Happily Ever Rushed received items for free in order to publish this post. However,  all opinions are 100% her own. This post is not sponsored by Picket Fence

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Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Social Life and Improve Mental Health

Tracey Clayton is  hosting today about a great topic on how to improve life for Seniors.


Aging can be a challenging process, one that often leads to various health issues, which includes mental health. Memory loss, depression and dementia are just some of the common problems for the elderly, especially those who are disconnected from their social circle. Staying in touch with one’s family and friends can actually make things better, but fighting depression and mental decline doesn’t stop there. Fortunately, there are some ways for seniors to keep their minds sharp and healthy as they age.

Be on the move

Keeping fit and staying physically active can improve your health at any point in life, but especially so in older age. Physical exercise can improve circulation, which can consequently lower the risk of heart disease, hypertension or even stroke. Working out can boost your vitality, self-esteem and mood, leaving you optimistic and joyful. It also helps you sleep well, which is necessary for keeping a clear mind and renew your energy. If possible, opt for hiking with a group, since walking in nature and on uneven terrain can strengthen your immune system, improve your balance and allow you to stay social, which is very beneficial for your mental health. Other activities that are both physical and social include dancing classes or various exercise groups you can join, so talk to your GP and ask what the best type of exercise for you is.

Prevent mental disease

Just like physical activity helps maintain good physical health, mental activity does the same for your brain and mental health. Some of the biggest concerns regarding seniors’ mental health are the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s, both of which can disrupt your life, as well as the lives of those around you. In order to lower the risk of these diseases, you need to keep your brain active through various activities, including reading, solving puzzles, or playing logic games. Also, age shouldn’t stop you from learning new things, so take a language course or go to decoupage classes to improve your brain’s cognitive function. However, if you notice symptoms like memory loss, difficulty in communication and finding words, confusion, disorientation or loss of motor function, see your doctor and seek the best dementia care program you can find. It should include around-the-clock clinical support, with good staff to resident ratio and a place where there’s a lot of light and opportunities to spend time outdoors, as well as people you can socialize with.

Be surrounded by people

Staying in touch with your closest relatives and friends can have many benefits for your mental health. You can even use the latest technology to communicate with your loved ones, as well as to reconnect with some old friends from university, work or even childhood. Call on your family, friends and neighbors, invite them over for a cup of coffee, or organize a game night. Do your best to meet some new people, and not only those who are your age, but also younger people, to give you a fresh perspective on life. Volunteer, join clubs or visit different community events to be surrounded by people of similar interests to yours. Staying social can improve your mental capacity and state, which means that even the simplest activities, like having lunch with your family or going to the cinema with your friends can be beneficial for your brain.

Try new things

Trying new things can improve your intellectual and emotional function, so don’t run from new experiences, since they may be perceived as a workout for your mind. This is why you should consider traveling to new places, taking up a new hobby or two, or even just trying a new dish once a week. Signing up for a senior trip will allow you to explore new and interesting places, while meeting new people and possibly extending your circle of friends. Even changing your daily route to the grocery shop can help you maintain good mental health, which means that changing your scenery completely and learning about a new culture will definitely be beneficial, and not to mention fun. A healthy diet can add a lot to your mental health, so visit new restaurants with your friends from time to time and try some new and nutritious meals and desserts to stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive functioning. Also, relaxing and joyful activities, such as doing art projects, gardening, or even taking care of a pet can keep depression at bay, as well as challenge your brain and let you exercise it into being stronger and healthier.
Even though aging can be difficult, if you accept it as a natural process and decide to enjoy it, you can remain active and in good physical and mental shape well into your golden years.

About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top 5 Renovations Projects to do Over the Summer

Lana Hawkins has some really great ideas on renovations you can make over the summer! Thanks for the great ideas Lana.


We can’t wait for the summer to begin since we’ll finally have a few days off and enough time to travel to an exotic destination. However, aside from enjoying ourselves, we should use this opportunity to renovate our home as well, especially since most projects are best done during this part of the year. In order to help you organize your schedule properly and have enough time both for home improvement work and a fun trip, we’ve singled out our top 5 renovation projects that you can easily get completed this summer. Let’s take a look!

Improve your storage space

Having extra storage space is always useful, so don’t hesitate to dedicate a few days of your summer vacation to it and try out some DIY options. For instance, building a few shelves in your bathroom represents an efficient use of vertical space and can provide you with enough room to keep your clean towels, cosmetic products and even bathroom accessories. Additionally, your bedroom is another place which can easily get overcrowded if you don’t come up with a smart storage solution. We particularly like the idea of installing a few drawers underneath the bed and hanging several hooks on the door where you can keep the clothes you’ve already worn.

Paint the exterior

Painting the home’s exterior is a serious job and it requires sunny weather. Therefore, it’s safest to do it in the summer. However, before you start off, make sure to repair all the damaged surfaces and patch up the holes in your facade. Once you’re done with this, you just need to choose your favourite nuance and get down to work. We would advise you to play it safe and opt for a more neutral base. This is especially important if you are thinking about selling your home in the near future. After all, not everybody has the same taste and knows how to appreciate bolder choices. Of course, painting your door in a more vibrant shade is a nice way to break the monotony and add a breath of fresh air to your home design.

Upgrade your windows

New windows will add that much-needed aesthetic appeal to your property and allow even more sunshine to get in. Not only is natural light much healthier for your body and mind, but it will help you reduce your electricity bills as well. Furthermore, double-pane and triple-pane windows have been shown to be extremely energy-efficient and can earn you up to 35% in savings on your heating bills. On top of that, you can choose among different sizes, styles and patterns of these windows and opt for the ones which will match the rest of your home design. Finally, don’t forget to install high-quality shutters which will offer more privacy in your house and protect you from the nasty summer heat.

Update your kitchen

If you like cooking and tend to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you should definitely think about updating it this summer. For example, you can repaint your cabinets, place sconces above your open shelves and build some extra storage space. Additionally, you can also introduce nice kitchen accessories like potted flowers or vintage vases that will add that finishing touch and make your kitchen look as if it was on the cover page of a world-famous home improvement magazine.

Redesign your patio

Last but not least, there is nothing more fun than spending those long hot summer evenings with your family on your beautifully-designed patio. You can construct an exquisite dining area here, as well as a small reading nook where you’ll have a chance to relax while enjoying your favourite book. On top of that, you can go a step further and buy a fancy hot tub that will turn your average-looking patio into a real outdoor spa. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Finally, remember to bring out some cosy bean bags and armchairs so that you have enough space to accommodate all your friends when they come over.

As you can see, some projects are definitely worth doing and this summer is the perfect time for that. You just need to invest a bit of your time and money and we guarantee you that you’ll enjoy your rejuvenated living space. Lastly, feel free to experiment with existing ideas and come up with something innovative as well. After all, adding a personal touch is what matters the most.