Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

As a writer, a mom, a woman and a natural born researcher. There are a a few places I would put on my list for "best places to live" .  My town is Streetsboro, Ohio.  It has some of my favorite features and must haves for living.

Small Town Feel - This doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't consider a big city, I just prefer a small town feel. A sense of community and neighborhoods that work to a family centered experience.

Safety- If I was going to move somewhere I would make sure that the area had low crime, easy traffic patterns and a responsive Police and Fire Department. You always have to remain vigil and as a parent this part will never be more important but I would put most of my research into a safer environment.

Easy Access- Preferably if don't work in the city you live, you would have easy access to the highway and toll roads. If you don't work locally, check this out before working. Here in the Northeast we have to consider drive time especially in the winter. Having a quick route to quick travel is a must.

Up and coming neighborhoods- This can be seen from different views but since this is mine. I find this to be important. Higher priced houses equal more money for community improvement and the school systems. If school district is one of your top choices make sure you choose based on the median base income in your city.  Also, remember if they are building, they will come. Meaning more families, more business and more community development.

Restaurants and Activities - This doesn't need much explanation. Having local eateries and places to take your kids for entertainment are pretty important. Great Restaurants, sports and family activities can be key in choosing your community. Ohio has some beautiful cities and neighborhoods.  We have amazing access to some beautiful parks for hiking, fishing and exploring. One of our favorite places to eat locally is Lager and Vine? Have you been? We have never had a bad meal and we love that it is within walking distance to downtown.

What area is your favorite family place to visit? What do you look for when you are choosing "your" place to live?

Disclosure: this is a paid post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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