Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tips For Revitalizing Your Old Mattress

If you are not getting quality sleep, this could be the early signs that your mattress is living past its prime. It is also an indicator that you need a new mattress.
However, this might have caught you by surprise. A time that you’re not ready to commit to a new investment. The good news is that your bad mattress should not compromise the quality of sleep you get.
You can make some changes that will inject a new life into your mattress. In this article, I will address the question; How to revitalize an old mattress?
So if you’ve been looking for answers to this question you have bounced on the right post.
Consider a mattress topper
The truth of the matter is that your body requires restful night rest for proper functioning. Believe me, there is nothing as disappointing than keeping awake all the night because your mattress can no longer make you comfortable.
This is the very reason why a mattress topper is an important consideration. By adding a mattress topper on your bed, it can enhance your overall satisfaction in the following ways;
Pressure point relief: you already know that when a mattress gets old it loses its support and sags. As a result, sleeping on it leaves your body unsupported. Because of this, your spine is misaligned from its natural curve and this causes back pains.
The good thing with a mattress topper is that it is thick enough to offer added support to the sagging areas of your mattress. Consequently, your entire bed provides you adequate support while keeping you in the right posture. This gives your already bad mattress a new lease of life.
Enhancing mattress comfort: when mattresses age up, the usual comfort declines and it becomes overly firm. One special thing with a mattress topper is that it softens to the body shape giving you a good hug. This keeps you buoyant while supporting all your pressure points. As a result, you are able to sleep comfortably as if you’re sleeping on a new mattress.
Extending the life of your mattress: a mattress topper stays atop of the mattress this means it adds a barrier against your body and the underlying mattress. As a result, there will be no direct contact between your body and the mattress.
This is an advantage because it reduces friction, which makes the mattress to wear and tear down. This makes your mattress stay a little longer so that you can prepare to buy a new mattress.
Other possible solutions are;
Rotating the mattress regularly
No matter its type, any mattress will benefit from regular rotation. Although many manufacturers will say it is not necessary, mattress rotation promotes even wear. This can make it last a little longer.
Vacuum it
This is something that is often underestimated. So many people think it is not important but get it from me, vacuuming can affect the hygiene of your mattress. As mattresses ages up, dust mites gather on it and can cause you some allergic reactions. However, vacuuming it regularly can make your mattress serve you a little longer.
Put pillows beneath the sagging areas
Generally, when mattress age up, they make a depression in the middle of it. Therefore, you can pick some fiber-filled pillows and place them in the specific place. This will create an even surface that is comfortable to sleep on. Besides, it improves support to the saggy areas making them more comfortable.
TAKEAWAY TIP: if you want to avoid common mattress problems like sagging, you should care for your mattress right from the time of unboxing.  Cover the mattress with a waterproof protector, avoid jumping or sitting on the edge, flip it regularly and avoid direct sunlight.

Bottom line

Your mattress is an important investment and therefore you should care for it. Above we have given you some tips you need to bring life to your already old mattress.

However, as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than care’ it is important to take care of your mattress right from the start. This way it can give you many years of quality sleep. So it is up to you to choose what to do with your old mattress to make it feel new.

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