Saturday, April 28, 2018

5 Tips for a Yard Cleanup

Diana Smith is here on the blog today to get everyone ready for some yard cleanup. Check out these great tips!

Cleaning up a yard can be a daunting and a boring project. However, it’s something that needs to be done every once in a while, especially in spring before the season starts. Keeping the yard clean makes it easier to grow and maintain plants.
It’s best to come up with a plan before you get to work and to separate the tasks based on how difficult and time-consuming they are. That way, you can tackle the hardest ones first and have the time to unwind later on.

The tools
The first thing to do is prepare the tools needed for cleaning up the yard thoroughly. The most important part of this is having the equipment that will keep you safe from injuries during the process. Start with investing in a good pair of safety gloves that allow you to move your fingers. They are a bit pricier than you might think, but they are worth the money.
Make sure your gardening tools aren’t rusty and take the time to keep them sharpened and ready to be used. This is an additional day of work before you can actually get down to business. Sydney has a lot of specialized stores for this kind of equipment and it can be worth your while to check them out.

Preparing the garden
Spring is a great time to prepare the garden for planting. Start with using the rake to remove branches and other waste and keeping the garden clean. Remove dried annual plants and take out the weeds. Remember that the Australian climate can be dry and temperatures can rise pretty fast.
Then, it’s time to deal with fertilizing the yard. It can be done naturally if you have your own compost or if you’re able to buy some locally. There are other more aggressive options as well, but they depend on what kind of plants you plan to grow.

Use professional help when you need to
Backyards are usually the hardest part to clean because they often contain a patio or even a grill and a pool. That means that there is a lot of rubbish if you do any construction or repairs on these larger features.
Sometimes, it’s best to hire professionals for rubbish removal in Sydney in order to make sure this is done quickly and with the least harm to the environment possible.
Mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn is one of those things that nobody actually loves doing, at least after a while. It’s a job that’s never finished, but needs to be done. If you notice that the grass needs to be mowed more often than you’re used to, it might be because you’re cutting it too short.
The goal should be to remove one-third of the grass with each mowing. Depending on the temperature and the humidity, you should probably be mowing the lawn a bit more often during spring and summer.

Trees and shrubs
If you’ve done things right, the trees and shrubs should have survived the winter; your job is to reinvigorate them during the early spring and nature will do the rest. Start with removing dry and dead tree branches using shears or saws in case the branches are too big.

It’s also important to remove the deadhead flowers and allow the blooming perennials to remain fresh and vivid-looking as long as possible.

A yard cleanup doesn’t have to be that boring. If you get prepared in advance and know what needs to be done, you can keep the yard clean with only a few hours of work each week.

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