Monday, April 16, 2018

Summer Up Your Backyard

Faith McGregor is here to share some fun ideas on how to Summer Up your Backyard! 


There’s nothing more energising than those warm summer rays of sunshine spreading across your body. So, it’s no wonder that we simply can’t wait to spend time outside and relax in our backyards, listening to the cheerful chirp of birds. However, you need to prepare your backyard for the upcoming summer days and create a positive, welcoming atmosphere.

Keep it neat

Trimming, organising and decluttering are essential steps in preparing your backyard for summer. It’s important that you create a beautiful, inspiring yet structured space in order to accentuate your outdoor features. You should remove dead plants and weeds, clear out your tools, trim the bushes and trees and mow the lawn. These are simple steps that will immediately transform your backyard and give it a fresh look.

Add a water feature

A water element has a soothing effect that will transform your backyard into a natural oasis. Depending on your personal taste and how much space you have, you have a range of options. From a small fountain in a corner of your garden to a spacious pond for the wow effect, an enchanting water feature will help you create an ambiance of serenity and tranquillity in your sanctuary.

Get a fire pit

Where there’s water, there’s fire, too, so don’t forget to introduce a fire element, as well. Adding a fire pit to your lounge area will fill it with a cosy vibe. Just imagine gathering around the crackling fire with your friends on a chilly, but pleasant summer night. When it comes to design options, you can go with a simple round fire pit or go big and bold with a mesmerising outdoor fireplace. Just make sure to fit it into the general design of your outdoor space.

Design kids’ play area

Since children are so immersed in the virtual world, you should inspire them to spend more time outside. The best way to achieve this is to provide them with an outdoor play area that they cannot resist. You can add a playful swing, design an adventurous tree house or set up a thrilling zip line right in your backyard. This will keep your little ones engaged and active during the summer.

Set up a lounge area

If you don’t have a lounge area yet, it’s time you designed one! Setting up an outdoor seating space has never been easier. And if you have furniture and materials to repurpose, it will be affordable, too. You can bring the inside out and decorate your space with comfy armchairs and a sofa, a chic coffee table or a stunning area rug for the wow effect. Designing an outdoor kitchen is another great idea, but don’t forget to set up a dining area, too.

Create some shade

Although warm summer rays are energising, the UV radiation can be quite harmful, so make sure to keep your outdoor space shaded. Sun umbrellas are a simple solution, but they will take up some space in your backyard and provide limited shade. For a much better effect, you should browse through high-quality Shade Sails Online and opt for them instead. They are a more practical solution because they don’t take up any space yet provide more shade. Therefore, you’ll be able to cover both your lounge area and kids’ play corner.

Green it up

To give your backyard a summer glow, you should introduce plenty of colourful flowers and greenery. While vertical gardens are a great solution for a small backyard, colourful pots and stones will liven it up. You can also add exotic plant species as the focal point in your backyard. However, make sure to introduce plenty of local plants because they are more drought-resistant.

Install subtle lighting

Lighting is also an important design element for your outdoor space. Not only will it keep it illuminated in the evening, but it will also create an intimate, romantic summer atmosphere. You can place string lights around your lounge area and line your garden path with subtle LED fixtures. Of course, lovely candles are perfect for giving your backyard a warm, cosy glow.
By preparing your backyard for summer, you’ll design a beautiful outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

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