Thursday, April 19, 2018

Top 5 Amazing Kitchen Design Tips for A Perfect Home

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Nowadays a kitchen has become much more than an eating place; in fact, they are the heart of the home. If you are planning to design your kitchen but wondering how to do, then we have got some tips to help you. The first step towards a proper kitchen design is by deciding whether you wish to upgrade your current kitchen, or you want to start afresh. Look around your kitchen and decide what you want to remove and what you want to keep.

In this article, you will find kitchen design tips that will help you design your kitchen like a professional. Keep these tips in mind when designing your dream kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a place where memories are made!

Kitchen Layout

The first thing you need to think about is the kitchen layout. A good kitchen layout should maximize movement and provide you enough space. There is nothing like an ideal kitchen shape, but it is important to create a work triangle between the fridge, stove and the sink. This will enable you to use the kitchen as a multifunctional space. Triangle is a good concept to maximize functionality and ease of movement. Kitchen design should be open and inviting. It should facilitate both cooking and fun gatherings. Including a kitchen island with seating will help guests and family members to relax and take part in the cooking too. Your kitchen should look amazing, but it should also be practical and ergonomic. The layout should work efficiently and there should be enough bench space and storage space.

Storage Area in Kitchen


Make as much use of space in your kitchen as possible. Make room for storage, for example, put overhead cabinets right up to the roof, create drawers for pots and pans and keep enough storage for appliances so that they do not clutter the countertops. Allocate your cupboard space and organize most commonly used items together so that they are easily reachable. All this can help improve your experience of using a kitchen. The best part of designing a kitchen is that you can design it based on your needs. Try to include hidden drawers, pull out corner solutions etc. as they can all make your kitchen easier to use and will also be a long-term investment for you.

Lighting in Kitchen


Lighting is an important factor to consider as it is not only healthy for your eyes, but it will also add up to the beauty of the kitchen. Kitchen design should have the lights in such a way so that they shine directly on the countertops. You can use a low level of lighting if you are going to eat in the kitchen.

Durable Materials

When it comes to material, choose the ones that need little maintenance. We all are tempted to design our kitchens in white marbles as seen in magazines. Even though they look stunning, but they need a lot of maintenance. Kitchen design should have materials that are durable and long-lasting. Build your home through your own style and creativity. In regard to flooring, choose ones that are lighter and safer. You must use surface counters made of quartz as they are durable and antibacterial.

Kitchen Appliances in a modern Kitchen design

Kitchen Appliances

While designing your new kitchen, make sure you choose built-in appliances like built-in ovens, coffee machines, dishwashers etc., so that they can free up counter space and hide electrical cords. The idea is not to get most expensive ones but choose the ones that are of good brands and who offer extended warranty too.

Follow these simple kitchen design tips and tricks to create a dream kitchen for you and your family!

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