Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Brief Overview of Colour Photocopiers Rental and Its Benefits

Zac Ferry is here to share an idea on Colour Photocopiers. If you have a small business this article would be of great help to you. Thanks for the advice!

If you are stuck in a dilemma whether you should buy or invest in a colour photocopiers rental, then you will need to have an in-depth knowledge about the difference between these two options. The color photocopiers are more versatile as compared with the mono photocopiers as these can produce colored copies as well as black and white copies too. There are usually four toners used in a color photocopier. These colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This color combination is often referred to as CMYK printing in the industry. You can use these colour photocopiers for various purposes and you can print or copy your documents at cheap price. But these printers are little costly, and you need to bear the maintenance cost of these printers additionally. So, you can save this cost and go for the colour photocopiers rental services. In this case, you just need to buy the ink cartridges to refill your printers and the company will charge fixed monthly fees for using their printers. There is no maintenance and repairing charges needed.

Use Your Mobile or Tablet to Print Through Colour Photocopiers:

Over the past few decades the demand for colored copies has increased dramatically just like the technology of these colour photocopiers has advanced. Now you have more sophisticated devices that can perform a wide variety of tasks that will help you immensely to improve your office workflows. In recent years, there are special and innovative features like mobile and tablet printing are incorporated making the color photocopiers more advanced. You can also have cloud storage and more sophisticated features in these color photocopiers. You can easily connect these printers through your Wi-Fi connection and take the printout from your mobile phone. So, you do not need to transfer the files to your desktop or laptop, and you can easily use your small devices such Smartphone or tablet to complete your official works.

Save Your Cost by Taking Colour Photocopiers on Rent:

All these innovative features have not only benefited in photocopying but have also raised the cost of these machines as well. This has in turn increased the demand of colour photocopiers rental to meet the needs of the businesses. Therefore, now you do not have to purchase these colour multifunctional printers anymore as you can easily lease them. Leasing is considered to be the most cost-effective way as it helps the businesses to spreads the cost over a period of 3 to 5 years. You can pay for the device every month with equal payments and even on a quarterly basis depending on the duration of your lease.

The Benefits of Leasing the Photocopiers:

The different benefits of choosing colour photocopiers rental can be summarized as follows:

  • Avoid obsolescence: When you lease the photocopier, you can avoid obsolescence easily especially if you need a device with high-tech features.
  • Low upfront costs: Leasing will also allow you to obtain printers at a very low upfront costs and it will also help you to preserve business credit.
  • No hassle: When you lease printers, you are saved from the hassles of resale or disposal. Additionally, you also get convenient maintenance plans for which you can pay separately or include in the lease itself.

If you choose a reliable and reputable colour photocopiers rental service, then you can get adequate support from them. You will get much better service and support that will met with your entire office option necessities including printers, digital photocopiers, scanners and other multifunctional gadgets. So now you can easily search these rental services on your locality and you can invest fewer amounts to set up your new office.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Best Home Improvement Projects for the Summer Months

Diana Smith is here today on the blog, she is one of my favorite guest hosts because she always has a great idea on home improvement.

Summer months aren’t only perfect for enjoying your beautiful Sydney home and garden, but also for doing some home improvement. Leaving big home improvement projects for the colder months with bad weather might prove to be problematic, and it might even cause the work to last longer. So, here are some of these projects which are perfect for summer.
If your windows are old and worn-out, they can make your whole home appear unattractive. However, the lack of appeal isn’t your only problem. Single-pane windows can be drafty and, above all, energy inefficient. So, this summer, invest in new, energy-efficient dual-pane windows. Not only will you stop losing heating and air-conditioning energy, but it will cancel the outside noise and make your home look better altogether. And while you’re installing new windows, consider getting roll-on mosquito screens. It will allow you to open your windows wide during the hot summer days and nights, without the annoyance of any flying insects. These are usually installed at the same time as the windows, which means you won’t lose any additional time on them.

There’s no better time to do some outdoor work on your home than the summer. And since summer months can be very hot and the sun merciless, you might want to think about the ways to protect yourself from it. Whether it’s above your patio, deck or most of your backyard, there are several options you can choose from. For example, you can get custom-fit shade sails in Sydney, which can cover big outdoor areas, while being affordable and easy to maintain. Other options include retractable waterproof awnings, various types of umbrellas, as well as a louvre or a retractable roof. Most of these will protect you not only from the sun, but from other elements as well, including rain and wind. This means that you can turn some of your outdoor space into living space for the summertime, no matter what the weather’s like.

Upgrading your air conditioning
The areas covered in concrete seem to keep growing from one year to the next in all big cities, including Sydney. So, naturally, the summer gets hotter along with it. To protect yourself from the burning heat, you can upgrade your air conditioning system this summer, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home even when the weather outside is too hot to handle. Plus, most new condensers will make a noticeable change on your energy bill, since they’re energy-efficient. Furthermore, if you’ve been told in the past that your property couldn’t be air conditioned, now’s the time to ask for a second opinion. You can now get ductless systems, which can cover properties that the old A/C systems weren’t able to.

Installing or fixing fences and gates
This is another project you don’t want to leave for the autumn or winter months. If your fences are outdated and worn-out, you have two options. The first is to get to work and fix everything you can. Repaint the fence, tighten and loose screws and put some oil on your gates to avoid that annoying squeaking sound every time you open them. Another option is to replace your old fences and gates with new ones, especially if they’re damaged too severely, or installing a fence and gates where they once didn’t exist. It will make your home look more appealing to you, your guests, or even potential buyers if you decide you want to sell.

If you don’t mind doing some gardening and you put some effort into maintaining your lawn and removing weed from your flower pots, your garden can become a beautiful place. Not only will it add to your home’s charm, but the grass, flowers, decorative bushes and trees can help cool you down and make it easier to survive the heat of the summer months. All you need are some garden tools and a little patience.
If you start improving your home today, you’ll get to enjoy it more during the summer months, while getting it prepared for the winter. So, good luck and have fun redecorating!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

What Interior Style Best Suits Your Personality?

 Lana Hawkins is here to share some ideas on how certain styles can best suit your personality! Check out these great tips.

Styling your house doesn’t have to be shaped exclusively based on interior design trends. After all, trends come and go, and it is you who remains stuck in the house for years later. That’s why it is best to decide on the décor that suits your personality. Your unique perspective, emotions, and interpretation, can create a space where you can live comfortably and happily. But how can you be sure which interior design style makes the happiest marriage with your taste? We’ll give you some hints that will help you accomplish the most fortunate choice.

A methodical perfectionist – Minimalist design

Do you value efficiency and organization above all things? In that case, the minimalist style is right for you. This approach is characterized by subdued aesthetics, a form that follows the function, quality materials, hidden storage solutions, color-coding, and clean lines. The typical furniture that inhabits such rooms are the Eames-style pieces.

Efficient, yet chic – Scandinavian design

The owner who designs his or her home in a Scandinavian manner shares some values with the one who decorates minimalistic, but the difference is that Nordic design places coziness above organization. This is a style to choose if you are a moderate “control freak,” but still friendly, social, and interested in different cultures. Scandinavian décor is reflected in clean lines, natural materials, a lot of natural light, a mixture of textures (e.g., fur, matte and metallic finishes), and neutral colors.

Young and bold – Pop art

The pop art design style is usually meant for young individuals who are elegant, fresh, and creative. Unconventional art pieces fall into the very definition of this approach. It is also painted in daring hues which are not for everyone. Every item is carefully selected to witness the history of the homeowner, and it represents a perspective on life which is very much different from what is common for the vast majority.

Traditional and graceful – Classic

Contrary to the popular opinion, the age-defiant design is not something reserved exclusively for the baby boomer generation. Millennials too love this style, especially if they place symmetry, poise, and order on top of their priority list. You will find classic style in many family homes in America, Australia, and Europe. Since it is based on furniture that never goes out of vogue, finding a subdued, elegant chaise lounge in Sydney and other trendy cities, is as simple as it gets. All that remains is pairing it up with traditional high-back armchairs.

Social and trendy – Industrial

If your idea of a perfect Friday night out is sitting with a group of friends in your favorite pub, then industrial style is the interior for you. It takes its cues from industrial spaces, old factories, and transformed lofts. The place is decorated with raw, utilitarian pieces, such as neon lights, exposed pipes, Edison-style light bulbs, wood and metal items, and vintage furniture and accessories. It is ideal for individuals who like to entertain and who keep up with the trends.

A dreamer – Mediterranean

If you are forever dreaming about being at some distant place and enjoying exotic experiences, then Mediterranean style could meet your needs. Regardless of its particular direction (Moroccan, Greek, Southern French, Tuscan, or Spanish), this design method creates lovely, comfortable, rustic, and warm spaces. The key traits of this design are sturdy rustic furniture (e.g., Spanish armoire), raw textures, and down-to-earth color palettes.

Born at the wrong time – Vintage

There are people among us who long for the good old days they never had the chance to live. The music sounded better when played on vinyl. The phone conversations were more interesting when people used landlines. The furniture was more elaborate. If you belong to this group, you mind find the vintage interior style to be the most appropriate for you. Since this is a highly individualized approach, the décor will depend on the era that attracts you the most.

There are plenty other design styles and even more types of personality. We hope that this post has given you some cues about what to pay attention to the most when deciding on how you are going to style your home. Don’t chase the trends blindly; they change much faster than people.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Would You Choose the Best Flooring?

Lauren Bracy is here to share on some important tips for choosing the best flooring. Check out these fun tips! 

Flooring is an important factor to cope with your home improvement needs and you need to consider several factors while you choose your flooring such as lifestyle, amount of traffic, durability, cost, moisture resistant capacity, and stylish design of the floors. You can find different types of floors in the market such as marble, wooden, laminated wooden floors, concrete floors, vinyl tiles and porcelain tiles, and you can also use some natural stones for decorating your floor. The choice is yours but before you make the final decision, you need to consider a few things and here you can find the complete guide on flooring.

#5 things to consider while you choose the flooring

  1. If you want to install the flooring in moisture prone areas such as bathroom or basement then you need to choose durable flooring options. You can choose ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, or you can simply install the concrete flooring on such wet areas. But you can also prevent moisture through proper ventilation and cleaning solutions. So, if you want to add some elegance then you can also use marble in these areas. It is suggested to avoid wooden flooring in bathroom because they will get affected by moisture and water.
  2. You need to choose a floor for your living areas which are wear resistant. Especially when you have children and pets in your home, you need to maintain the floor on a regular basis. Solid hardwood flooring is not scratch resistant, and it is better to avoid such floors for living rooms. You can choose laminated wooden floor, ceramic or porcelain tiles floor, plank vinyl floor, or concrete floor for your living areas. Even you can also install the marble flooring and use carpets to cover the high traffic zones of your floors.
  3. If you have small budget, then you can choose the laminated flooring or tiles flooring. Before you choose the flooring, you need to decide your budget and you must include the installation cost in your budget. For example, ceramic or porcelain tiles are not expensive, but you need to spend more for their installation. In that case, you can also choose the polished concrete flooring because this is an affordable and durable option. But if you want to invest more than you can select the hardwood engineered flooring or premium laminated luxury vinyl flooring.
  4. Those who want to save their installation cost can choose laminated or plank vinyl flooring. They are available in readymade floating boards and you can easily customize these boards to adjust the height and width of the floor. You may not be able to install the ceramic or porcelain tiles by your DIY tools and even you cannot cover your entire floor with floor carpets. These are hectic jobs and it is better to hire trained professionals in this regard.
  5. Always choose the flooring that require less maintenance cost. In this regard, you can select the tiles, sheets, or plank flooring. You can easily clean them with a normal mop. Laminated wooden floor needs special maintenance and you cannot run a wet mop on these wooden floors. Even you can also use the engineered or solid wooden floors for your rooms and you must cover the high traffic zones with carpets. So, you can easily clean the carpets with your vacuum cleaners, and keep your floor clean and tidy.  

Location of your home is another vital factor to choosing the floor because if you live in high traffic areas and if the entry point of your house is covered with snow, rain water, or mud, then you must choose durable floors. In that case, you can rely on the hardwood, slate, or tiles flooring.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Verve Rise Mugs

  We all know that having a mug that keeps a drink cold or hot is possibly the best invention. My husband is all about the hot stuff and I am ALL about the cold. My quest in life is to have a cold drink that stays cold. Our work vending machine is very unreliable so I like to bring my own drink.

The Verve Rise Mug is just what you need for a hot or cold drink. The only thing I found super challenging was the lid. It twists both ways so its good no matter what way you choose.

    The Verve thermos represents the pinnacle of hydration technology. Not only does this groundbreaking thermos keep your hot and cold beverages temperature stabilized, but it features one of the most innovative lid designs you've ever seen! To take a quick sip, simply push the tiny lever on the lid, twist, and take a drink. When you the let go, the twist-seal technology automatically closes and creates a leak-proof seal. This can be done all with one hand! Now, if you're more of a gulper than sipper, twist the top of the lid until you feel the built-in valve click. This will keep the drinking spout open. Once done, twist the lid back to it's original closed position. This thermos also contains an added lock for worry free storage that keeps your liquid completely secure and free from leaks!

So in the end, while I would choose the mug for the convenience of the cold vs. hot drink. The Verve Rise mug doesn't fit under the Keurig so you have to pour into it and that can be a little dicey. Other than that its a great mug. You can order it on Manna Hydration.

**I was given this product at no charge, all opinions are my own**

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Moving into Your First Home – Tips and Tricks

 Diana Smith is here to share some fine ideas on moving into your First Home - check out these fun tips and tricks! 

Moving into your very first apartment is a huge step. It’s equal parts exciting and scary. This first foray into true independence can be overwhelming, and you might be terrified of missing something important or making a mistake. However, there’s no need to let fear or problems overshadow the joy of having your own place for the first time. Here are a few things you should pay attention to if you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Don’t go overboard with purchases
Although you’re probably incredibly excited, and want to buy everything for your new home, down to the smallest details, it’s usually best to hold off on everything but the bare necessities. Once you’ve lived at your new home for a while, you will get a better feel for the space, its good and bad sides, and the vibe you want to achieve. By buying items over time, your apartment will truly start to reflect your tastes and your personality. With small apartments in particular, it’s crucial that you don’t overwhelm the space.

Plan out your budget
Before you set out on this adventure, you should sit down and take a long, hard look at your finances. Whether you are renting or buying, it’s a major expense. Non-Australian residents normally opt to rent because they are not eligible for grants or Stamp Duty exemptions. In Brisbane, for instance, a whopping third of the population rents. Once you’ve got the rent sorted, it’s time to decorate your new apartment. It’s easy to get carried away amid all the excitement. Instead of splurging on cute home accessories, take care of the basics first. Does the apartment need a fresh coat of paint perhaps? What about the lights and bathroom fixtures? An experienced electrician in Brisbane could help you check out the lights and electrical installations and make sure everything is safe and in working order.

Let your loved ones help you
Since getting your own place feels a lot like a huge declaration of independence, you might feel tempted to do it all on your own. However, it’s always good to let others help. Your parents or more experienced friends could give you invaluable advice when it comes to choosing your place, furnishing it, and coping with the responsibilities of living on your own. It’s always wise to take someone along when you’re going on viewings or have another pair of eyes look over your lease or contract. Friends can save you money by helping you move or even by doing some minor repairs.

Plan out your move
When it comes to the move itself, it helps to be as organized as possible. Sort all of your stuff into logical groups and label your boxes. Remember to get plenty of boxes before the day of the move because sometimes they are difficult to come by.This will make unpacking much simpler. Moves generally take quite a lot of time, so take that into account. If you’re hiring movers, take a day off and do it on a weekday. Movers are not as busy on weekdays, so that will take a lot of pressure off you to be fast. Once you arrive at your apartment, put the furniture and larger items in their place first – that will make unpacking the boxes much easier. Moving can be exhausting, but it’s best to get it over and done with the same day. A multi-day is definitely something you should avoid if possible.
Even though you might be stressed out about your budget and the move itself, you should at least try to relax and have fun. And don’t forget to celebrate your new beginning!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Advantages and Problems of Having Expert Backyard Granny Flats

Zac Ferry is here to share some different backyard Granny Flats.  Check out these great tips.

Expert backyard granny flats are the flats that are made in order to accommodate those who wish to live together a little distance away from their family. They were mainly made to provide accommodation to the elderly people of the family but now have become a part of many houses and used for various purposes.

Expert Can Be Used for Various Purpose That Are Listed Below:

  1. The original purpose of this small accommodation was to provide a private space of living for the older people of the house.
  2. Nowadays, it is also a good way to earn extra money by giving it on rent to the people who wish to have a small home in the particular area where this house is situated.
  3. It is also used by parents in order to provide their children with an accommodation to live which is very near to them.

The Types of Granny Flats
The expert backyard granny flats come in many shapes and sizes and can be broadly divided into two categories.

  1. An independent house that has all the facilities required by a person and a person living there would not have to rely on anyone else for any facility for taking care of them.
  2. The second category is a bit different. It is needed by the tenants of this house to rely on the main house or maybe outside. This is mainly due to the fact that the kitchen only contains minimal necessities and a full-fledged food cannot be made in it.

Problems That Are Faced While Adding A Granny Flat to The Property
A few difficulties that people can face when trying to add new experts are listed below.

  1. Law: There are certain laws that restrict the construction of a small house on a property. It can either be due to the Municipal Corporation or the rights of neighbors.
  2. The construction of the house itself can be very expensive. This is mainly because a house needs to be made from scratch and afterwards, utilities need to be added into the house to make it livable. This point has to be taken care off very carefully to safeguard oneself from any financial crisis.
  3. Another problem that can be faced, but only in the case of prefabricated homes is that they might not be allowed in the community.

How Do the Expert Backyard Granny Homes Benefit Us?
There are many advantages of these homes such as,

  1. These homes provides extra space for the elderly people where they can live together near their family and visit them whenever they wish to.
  2. As the person is living close to a family and a bigger house, the protection that one gets is a lot more. The security would never be an issue for someone who lives there.
  3. The tenants of each house can help other one in daily tasks such as lawn maintenance, childcare and many others. They can even share the amenities that they have.
  4. If the elders of the family are living in this house, then they can have a more social life as they are living close to their grandchildren. Older people need to have proper social contact to live happily and that is exactly what an expert backyard granny flat provides.
  5. Caring for elderly people is an issue and it helps deal with such a family issue.

Obviously, there are a few problems too that should be kept in mind while thinking about making a backyard granny flat. An arrangement should be made in the beginning about the money to ensure that there are no fights over monetary issues. Also, the people moving in might have to do compromising amendments to make it fit inside the house. But, even if these problems arise, a chance of living near family cannot be passed because of it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Top 7 Decor Tips for a Perfect Bathroom Selfie

Faith McGregor is here to share some ideas on the Perfect Bathroom Suite. Check out these fun ideas! 

If you find it hard to keep up with new selfie trends and techniques, you don’t have to! Nailing a good bathroom selfie is all you need to attract attention on Instagram or dazzle everyone with your new Facebook profile picture. However, a good bathroom selfie is a mix of the way you look and the way your bathroom looks. So, here are a few design tips that will make your bathroom a perfect selfie backdrop.

Pick the right colors

If you want your selfies to have a great background, you must pick the right color scheme for your bathroom. If you have a tiny bathroom, opt for neutral colors and glossy finishes that will add depth to your photos and create the illusion of extra space. However, accompanying that neutral palette with a few bright accent color pieces will add interest and break the monotony. If you really want to be trendy, check out Pantone’s latest Color of the Year and try to insert it into your color palette. These popular colors will not only add liveliness to the space (Pantone’s Ultra Violet is very vibrant and fun) but also make your bathroom super modern and chic!

Boost lighting

No matter how good you and your bathroom look in your selfie, there will be no one to notice it unless you boost your lighting. Quality LEDs will help you illuminate the space with bright and white lighting that will make all your photos look great. Try to position your fixtures in a way that will eliminate shadows and glare that can ruin your snaps. Your safest bets are mirror sconces and vanity strip lights. These will illuminate your face directly and bring all your best features into the light. Plus, LEDs are super energy-efficient, so you can spend hours searching for that perfect selfie without wasting money on electricity.

Add interesting prints

In order to add some interest to the space, you must boost prints! In the past few years, tropical motifs and floral/jungle prints have been ruling Instagram, so try to find a few of these pieces and place them in your bathroom. Cute pineapple accessories, flamingo wall decor or fern shower curtain will definitely look amazing and give your selfies a trendy little detail in the background.

Tile it up

Bold and interesting tiles have been quite trendy for some time, so give your boring tiles a little update. Retiling is an easy DIY project you can take on, and once you’re finished, you can celebrate with an amazing selfie! Black and white unique patterns are where it’s at, but interesting mosaic creations and accent tiles are also a great bathroom selfie backdrop.

Embrace industrial and minimalist style

The industrial and minimalist styles are two of the most prominent and Instagram-famous design styles, so it’s not a surprise that more and more people are rushing to implement them in their bathrooms. One easy way to boost minimalism is to invest in sleek and elegant bathroom vanities. Simple yet stylish floating vanities are perfect for interesting selfies, especially when combined with large mirrors and a few metallic décor elements. If industrial design is more your cup of tea, go with exposed bricks and steel pipes which will bring that unique New York aesthetic into your bathroom. Metro tiles are also a great way to boost the industrial feel and add a bit of simplicity to the space. But, no matter what style you like more, try to add your personal touch. This is what will make your selfies stand out from the sea of other boring bathroom selfies!

Go vintage

As you probably know, Instagram is full of cute, vintage photos and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, it might be a perfect time to catch this vintage bug and introduce a few antique and old-fashioned elements to your bathroom. Reclaimed tiles, antique medicine cabinets and elegant apothecary jars will create a magical and relaxing atmosphere and enrich your selfies with amazing details. Additionally, if your fixtures have seen better days, replace them with black matte or brass models. Even investing in a large, antique showerhead can add interest to your photos! All of these vintage elements will work together to create a cohesive and picture-perfect bathroom!

Chill out zone

In case you’ve been blessed with a large bathroom, don’t hesitate to dedicate one corner to relaxation. Add a chic chaise longue or a comfy armchair to the space and you’ll get some pretty unique bathroom selfies. Cozy seating will completely transform the vibe of the space and add glamour and luxury to your bathroom that will spark everyone’s interest and envy. Finish off your relaxing corner with a soft rug or even a fireplace to boost warmth and create a perfect backdrop for your winter bathroom selfies!

Once you transform your bathroom into a photo heaven, you’ll get selfies you only dreamed about! Your Instagram profile will simply explode! So, strike a pose and snap-snap-snap!