Saturday, May 19, 2018

Moving into Your First Home – Tips and Tricks

 Diana Smith is here to share some fine ideas on moving into your First Home - check out these fun tips and tricks! 

Moving into your very first apartment is a huge step. It’s equal parts exciting and scary. This first foray into true independence can be overwhelming, and you might be terrified of missing something important or making a mistake. However, there’s no need to let fear or problems overshadow the joy of having your own place for the first time. Here are a few things you should pay attention to if you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Don’t go overboard with purchases
Although you’re probably incredibly excited, and want to buy everything for your new home, down to the smallest details, it’s usually best to hold off on everything but the bare necessities. Once you’ve lived at your new home for a while, you will get a better feel for the space, its good and bad sides, and the vibe you want to achieve. By buying items over time, your apartment will truly start to reflect your tastes and your personality. With small apartments in particular, it’s crucial that you don’t overwhelm the space.

Plan out your budget
Before you set out on this adventure, you should sit down and take a long, hard look at your finances. Whether you are renting or buying, it’s a major expense. Non-Australian residents normally opt to rent because they are not eligible for grants or Stamp Duty exemptions. In Brisbane, for instance, a whopping third of the population rents. Once you’ve got the rent sorted, it’s time to decorate your new apartment. It’s easy to get carried away amid all the excitement. Instead of splurging on cute home accessories, take care of the basics first. Does the apartment need a fresh coat of paint perhaps? What about the lights and bathroom fixtures? An experienced electrician in Brisbane could help you check out the lights and electrical installations and make sure everything is safe and in working order.

Let your loved ones help you
Since getting your own place feels a lot like a huge declaration of independence, you might feel tempted to do it all on your own. However, it’s always good to let others help. Your parents or more experienced friends could give you invaluable advice when it comes to choosing your place, furnishing it, and coping with the responsibilities of living on your own. It’s always wise to take someone along when you’re going on viewings or have another pair of eyes look over your lease or contract. Friends can save you money by helping you move or even by doing some minor repairs.

Plan out your move
When it comes to the move itself, it helps to be as organized as possible. Sort all of your stuff into logical groups and label your boxes. Remember to get plenty of boxes before the day of the move because sometimes they are difficult to come by.This will make unpacking much simpler. Moves generally take quite a lot of time, so take that into account. If you’re hiring movers, take a day off and do it on a weekday. Movers are not as busy on weekdays, so that will take a lot of pressure off you to be fast. Once you arrive at your apartment, put the furniture and larger items in their place first – that will make unpacking the boxes much easier. Moving can be exhausting, but it’s best to get it over and done with the same day. A multi-day is definitely something you should avoid if possible.
Even though you might be stressed out about your budget and the move itself, you should at least try to relax and have fun. And don’t forget to celebrate your new beginning!

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