Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Top 7 Decor Tips for a Perfect Bathroom Selfie

Faith McGregor is here to share some ideas on the Perfect Bathroom Suite. Check out these fun ideas! 

If you find it hard to keep up with new selfie trends and techniques, you don’t have to! Nailing a good bathroom selfie is all you need to attract attention on Instagram or dazzle everyone with your new Facebook profile picture. However, a good bathroom selfie is a mix of the way you look and the way your bathroom looks. So, here are a few design tips that will make your bathroom a perfect selfie backdrop.

Pick the right colors

If you want your selfies to have a great background, you must pick the right color scheme for your bathroom. If you have a tiny bathroom, opt for neutral colors and glossy finishes that will add depth to your photos and create the illusion of extra space. However, accompanying that neutral palette with a few bright accent color pieces will add interest and break the monotony. If you really want to be trendy, check out Pantone’s latest Color of the Year and try to insert it into your color palette. These popular colors will not only add liveliness to the space (Pantone’s Ultra Violet is very vibrant and fun) but also make your bathroom super modern and chic!

Boost lighting

No matter how good you and your bathroom look in your selfie, there will be no one to notice it unless you boost your lighting. Quality LEDs will help you illuminate the space with bright and white lighting that will make all your photos look great. Try to position your fixtures in a way that will eliminate shadows and glare that can ruin your snaps. Your safest bets are mirror sconces and vanity strip lights. These will illuminate your face directly and bring all your best features into the light. Plus, LEDs are super energy-efficient, so you can spend hours searching for that perfect selfie without wasting money on electricity.

Add interesting prints

In order to add some interest to the space, you must boost prints! In the past few years, tropical motifs and floral/jungle prints have been ruling Instagram, so try to find a few of these pieces and place them in your bathroom. Cute pineapple accessories, flamingo wall decor or fern shower curtain will definitely look amazing and give your selfies a trendy little detail in the background.

Tile it up

Bold and interesting tiles have been quite trendy for some time, so give your boring tiles a little update. Retiling is an easy DIY project you can take on, and once you’re finished, you can celebrate with an amazing selfie! Black and white unique patterns are where it’s at, but interesting mosaic creations and accent tiles are also a great bathroom selfie backdrop.

Embrace industrial and minimalist style

The industrial and minimalist styles are two of the most prominent and Instagram-famous design styles, so it’s not a surprise that more and more people are rushing to implement them in their bathrooms. One easy way to boost minimalism is to invest in sleek and elegant bathroom vanities. Simple yet stylish floating vanities are perfect for interesting selfies, especially when combined with large mirrors and a few metallic décor elements. If industrial design is more your cup of tea, go with exposed bricks and steel pipes which will bring that unique New York aesthetic into your bathroom. Metro tiles are also a great way to boost the industrial feel and add a bit of simplicity to the space. But, no matter what style you like more, try to add your personal touch. This is what will make your selfies stand out from the sea of other boring bathroom selfies!

Go vintage

As you probably know, Instagram is full of cute, vintage photos and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, it might be a perfect time to catch this vintage bug and introduce a few antique and old-fashioned elements to your bathroom. Reclaimed tiles, antique medicine cabinets and elegant apothecary jars will create a magical and relaxing atmosphere and enrich your selfies with amazing details. Additionally, if your fixtures have seen better days, replace them with black matte or brass models. Even investing in a large, antique showerhead can add interest to your photos! All of these vintage elements will work together to create a cohesive and picture-perfect bathroom!

Chill out zone

In case you’ve been blessed with a large bathroom, don’t hesitate to dedicate one corner to relaxation. Add a chic chaise longue or a comfy armchair to the space and you’ll get some pretty unique bathroom selfies. Cozy seating will completely transform the vibe of the space and add glamour and luxury to your bathroom that will spark everyone’s interest and envy. Finish off your relaxing corner with a soft rug or even a fireplace to boost warmth and create a perfect backdrop for your winter bathroom selfies!

Once you transform your bathroom into a photo heaven, you’ll get selfies you only dreamed about! Your Instagram profile will simply explode! So, strike a pose and snap-snap-snap!

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