Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ideas for Eclectic Bathroom Design

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Bathrooms are rarely the places where one showcases the sense of style. It appears interior designers in big cities such as Sydney are looking at this “stylistic void” as a point of opportunity to refine our aesthetic idea of bathrooms. The especially popular design choice is the one of “boutique” bathrooms that boldly showcase outrageous aesthetic combos that try to walk the line between kitsch and eclecticism. If such concepts excite you, here are some nifty ideas for eclectic bathroom design.

The basics
Now, you might be asking yourself what “eclectic” actually means. It is primarily an adjective that determines the type of interior spaces that combine disparate styles from different time periods to create a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing contrast. Still, this also means one can easily venture into the realm of bad taste. It has become a truly popular trend in Sydney as it gives people a chance to keep the interiors stylish while at the same time keeping them affordable. The same goes for bathroom eclectic design.

Keep the bathroom affordable
Creating an eclectic bathroom gives you a lot of breathing space for stylistic shortcuts. In other words, considering the very nature of eclectic design, you can get away with a lot of things, including cutting corners. It allows you to do this without looking cheap, at least not intentionally so. This is why it is important to seek professional advice as well as a helping hand from experts for quality bathroom renovations in Sydney. Since they are familiar with the market and trends, they’ll tell you in which fields it is legitimate to keep matters affordable whilst offering you impeccable service.

Look for unique tiles
Eclectic style has its set of dos and don’ts, but when it comes to bathrooms it is a whole different matter. Utility comes before anything else, so even if you are insistent on creating an eclectic bathroom, style is not a priority. There is, however, a place where you can begin your search for the perfect eclectic tone-setter – unique tiles. The best possible bet is to invest in high-quality ceramic tiles that are covered with various patterns. Now, before you go wild and turn your bathroom into a kaleidoscope of colorful nightmares, keep in mind that it has to be consistent. To achieve consistency, create a tile patch and try to replicate the pattern throughout. Keep the colors in contrast to one another and don’t blend nuances.

Mix and mismatch
Now, when it comes to the very essence of eclectic design – mixing vintage and modern – you can go truly wild. The important elements such as the tub/shower, sink and mirror, toilet and cupboard, they can be interesting pieces from different periods that reflect your preferences. Still, try not to mix more than two periods, plus – maybe one element that comes from a third one to “break” the rule. Vintage tubs with copper piping and baroque mirrors are an especially popular choice, but you might just be in the mood to go against the grain and do something different. Challenge yourself to create a bathroom that is unlike any other in all of Sydney.

Use wallpaper
Of course, bathrooms are not covered with tiles by rule; you can mix this material with some wallpaper surfaces to add more vibrancy to the proceedings. Still, with this option open for application, you should know that regular wallpapers won’t do due to incessant humidity in the bathroom. In order to avoid mold and rundown appearance, purchase a special, durable type of wallpaper that can withstand high moisture. Vinyl wallpaper is the most ubiquitous choice, and it is usually applied to bathroom walls with a strong industrial adhesive.  

If you are truly bent on renovating or reinstalling your bathroom from scratch, going for a distinct and stylistically unique combination of elements might be a good choice to freshen things up. With some truly inventive eclectic bathroom design ideas, you’ll be able to assemble a truly vibrant and interesting set of elements that might appear chaotic at first. Still, once you assemble them according to your tastes, you’ll have an eclectic bathroom on your hands that truly communicates your aesthetic values.

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