Monday, July 9, 2018

6 Innovative Bathroom Tech Trends

Diana Smith is hosting today and sharing some bathroom ideas with some innovative ideas for decorating. Check out this great article.

The smart home idea is very popular – a few years after being announced, the technology that lives in our walls, refrigerators, ovens, security systems and garage doors has finally arrived and put the ‘smart’ into ‘home’. Bathrooms are no exception here; although the tech innovations here may be less popular than in the rest of the house, there is actually a ton of upgrading potential here. Here are some bathroom tech advancements to prove it.

Bathtub tech
Starting with the very root of the word ‘bathroom’, the standalone tub has been going through quite an increase in popularity as of recently. Bathtubs that sit in the middle of the room are slowly becoming a thing of standard. Of course, there are various styles when it comes to standalone tubs that range from Japanese soaking tubs to air baths. New materials and shapes have given the standalone bathtub a completely different vibe from your typical one.

Shower tech
The era of the simple shower is slowly giving way to sophisticated units with gadgets such as LCD panels that allow you to control the temperature, steam, water flow, chromotherapy and even music, electronically. In fact, even Bluetooth showerheads are a thing nowadays – they enable you to listen up to seven hours of audio, while taking a shower. This means that you no longer have to crank up the music in order to hear it over the water, but rather listen to it through the water.

Sink tech
The faucet is perhaps the most used water source in the typical household – you use it when you wash your hands and your face, when you brush your teeth, when you (or your significant other) shave, etc. Digital faucets are perhaps the greenest solution here – they allow for a reduced tap flow and have digital temperature-control settings, which help conserve water.
The infrared technology has finally made its way into the household bathroom, and the faucets that “read” when the user’s hands are there in order to turn the water flow on/off are no longer to be seen solely in government buildings, caf├ęs and shopping malls.

Bidet tech
These hygienic devices aren’t widely used for some reason, but this is likely to change. A bidet, in itself, is quite convenient and enables the user to feel and be clean for many hours after using it. Alternatively, there is the remote bidet technology that is fitted with a small connection below the rim of the toilet that works pretty much like the standard bidet would. There is a vast array of bidet seats– the higher end ones come with a wider range of features, of course.

Toilet tech
The latest toilet technology is going to make the current, typical toilet seat look like a primitive contraption from the middle ages. Apparently, the new generation of toilets is aiming at making the use of toilet paper, water, and even hands completely obsolete. The latest generation of toilets will come equipped with toilet seat warmers, LED lights and self-cleaning technology.
Waterproof TVs
Installing a waterproof television set in your bathroom is an awesome thing to keep you entertained while you’re doing your business (whatever it might be). Instead of risking dropping your iPad or iPhone in the shower, kick back and relax with your favorite TV programs.

These six innovative tech trends are the pillars of bathroom luxury. From the bathroom and the shower, all the way to the sink, toilet seat, bidet and waterproof television, you are looking at incredibly progressive bathrooms.

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