Monday, July 30, 2018

Eight Top Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Mary Mathis is here guest hosting today to share some ideas on storage solutions for small homes. Check out these great ideas!

These days the square footage for homes is soaring high. The only solution to adjusting in a small space is the smart storage solutions for your home. These solutions will work like magic and hide-away all the unwanted stuff. No wizardry is needed to do these changes. But, yes you will require the help of a furniture technician or a handyman to do certain changes and rearrangements in  your existing furniture.

Given below are 8 smart storage solutions that can easily be adapted in your homes and small spaces. They are:

Storage Ideas

Shelf Partition


If you live in a studio apartment then you would actually know the meaning of space crunch. Life in studio apartment can be a mess but if you find cool and inventive ways to save space for storage then your life becomes easy. You can stack crates or even buy open shelf wardrobes for neat storage solutions.

Wall-Mounted Seats
You can always install a floating bench or seats along one side of the wall. These can be kept flat when not in use. This type of seating will not clutter your floor space. It will look innovative and will blend in perfectly with your surroundings. You can use plywood according to your budget.   

Hanging Bike Rack
Have a bike and do not know where to store? Well, the best way to store your bike when not in use is to hang it on the wall. Yes! You heard it right bikes can be hung on the wall with the help of a rack. You can easily get these racks online. Some of them are fancy and come with a pulley system. While the others are more basic with vinyl coating C-hooks attached on the joist.  

Raised Platform
If you have a tall ceiling then you can also think about adding raised platform to the room. This platform will come off as great help because you will be able to store all kinds of things up there without anyone noticing it. You can use it for storing extra beds, luggage, winter coats etc.

Floor Cabinets


Floor cabinets are a popular addition to any living room and offer great help as a storage solution. Wall cabinets and floor cabinets are different. But offer same functionality. You can easily store in linen, table cloths, bed covers and sheets, crockery and so much more.

Fold-Down Desk
People have busy lives these days and most of us bring our work home too! Work desk is a mandatory addition to any house for proper scheduling of your work files, laptop/PC etc. but if you own a small room then installing a desk can seem like a dream! Well not any more, you can always affix a table on one side of the wall so that it can be folded down when not in use. It will save space and make more room for movement.  

Peg Board Wall
Peg board walls are quite an in thing these days. They look extraordinary in ant part of the home. You can rearrange the shelves as and how you want it. The peg board and shelves provide in extra adjustable storage and add cheer too.  

Banquet Seating
This is storage cum dining solution for your home. You can build a bench in any corner of your kitchen. This can be a legitimate dining area if you make a set of cushioned stools along with it. When you create the bench opening from the top you will actually maximize the storage area on the wall.   

In the end, if you wish to keep your house neat and clean it is best to opt for storage solutions and smart furniture these days.


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