Sunday, July 22, 2018

The importance of packing up your kitchen before a move

The kitchen contains the most fragile items you have in your home. From easily bendable and malleable silverware, cookware that can chip, and china as well as other dishes that can shatter on impact. Items in the kitchen present the most tedious and time consuming portion of packing by far, with the bedroom coming in at a close second. You also must consider that most moving companies will be tossing your boxes around without much care.

When should you pack things from the kitchen?
Let’s face it; the kitchen is likely the most used room in the house. Especially if you cook daily, everything in the kitchen gets used right up until moving day. This can create awkward timing for packing the kitchen, as you may be making meals right before, and even on, moving day. If you and your family are able, pack things from the kitchen roughly a week before moving day. Because of the way these items are going to be packed, you will want to spread out the time packing everything. Use only certain kitchen tools and cookware. Only keep as the dishes you need while packing the rest away. You do not want to spend the day before moving day packing everything in the kitchen.

How to pack things from the kitchen
As mentioned previously, nearly everything from the kitchen is fragile. Therefore, all of the “rules” regarding packing fragile things apply: wrap each individual piece, keep some semblance of padding in your boxes, seal the boxes tighter than normal with strong tape, and label the box accordingly. Draw an arrow to point which side of the box should be facing up when you do this as well.

A common question is this: Can I pack food? The answer is yes, so long as the food is not perishable. Packing canned or boxed goods can be done in a small-size moving carton. Packing already opened boxed goods, while possible, is not recommended as you would have to seal the box as you would any other container to prevent things from falling out. It is not worth the effort. Most food items are easily replaceable anyway.

If not packed properly, dishes can be shattered. Keep in mind that when you pack things into a moving truck, all the boxes in that truck will be bouncing around frequently. Because of this, it is extremely important to make sure dishes are packed properly. All dishes must be wrapped individually in wrapping paper. It is possible to wrap whole stacks of plates as long as there is paper in between. Place them on their edges in your box of choice. Do not stack plates flat, ever. Bowls and cups should also be wrapped accordingly, and placed upside down. Cookware should also follow the same protocol.

Appliances should be put in their own box. Like with everything else in the kitchen, place it in a box with a fair bit of paper surrounding it. Then label the box with the name of the appliance. This can also be done with electronics and other such belongings to stay organized.

Packing things in the kitchen during a move can be extremely time consuming. Further, it may not even be necessary. Do you really need those 20 plates you have been using for the last 25 years? Are they really that important? Most things in your kitchen can be replaced when you settle into your new home for cheap, and the things you currently use in your kitchen (especially food) can be donated. Consider this an option for the lazy if you want, but the option is available.

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