Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Beauty Hacks: how to look stunning without makeup

Jasmine is here to guest post on how to keep makeup off your face but still look beautiful. Thanks for the tips Jasmine! 

No makeup - this is most surely every girls’ deepest desire! Many people reckon that it is almost impossible to look flawless without any form of makeup, but that is actually not true. Even though some women might feel naked and uncomfortable without makeup, they all strive for a perfect care, so here are some methods to beautify your look without it.

Proper moisturizing

Unless you already have immaculate skin, it is hard to maintain a clean and beautiful complexion without putting a little bit of illuminating color tint to enliven your tan. However, there are some hints that you can do the alter your skin without using makeup. Try cleaning your face and using variety of natural soaps to moisturize your skin. Regular all day continuous hydration will definitely give you long-lasting results, and you will no longer need to use expensive and heavy foundations and face powders.

Vitamin nourishment

Nurturing your skin and face is something that should be done constantly. For smooth and defined facial features you don't need to use foundation and blushes to hide any flaws or imperfections. What you need is to go once a month to a beauty parlor to have you face rejuvenated or, even better, buy some creams that are rich in vitamin A or retinol. Proper skin care is the essential element to achieving that stunning look, so don't pay attention to its price and make sure that you purchase high-quality creams. What is more, product that contain this vitamin are proven to tighten your skin, prevent the creation of wrinkles and enhance your skin tone and complexion.

Intensify your eyes

You must have had mornings where you wake up, prepare for work and just cannot imagine not putting an eyeliner, mascara or some eyeshadow. Nowadays, you can look absolutely dazzling without putting any of those things, and the key is to get fake eyelashes. Oh, so you might be wondering where can I get an eyelash extension near me? Are they too heavy? Will they look natural? Don’t be frightened, the eyelash extension require little maintenance and they are quite durable. They are applied one by one on your lashes, they require little aftercare and there are no infections. Perfect, right?! Also, having them you will save time when getting ready, and you will look drop-dead gorgeous.

Foster your lips

Excess and immense coloring of the lips is not really beautiful. It is okay if you are going to a certain celebration, party or a night out, but for daily makeup, lipsticks are not necessary at all. High pigment shades and matte lipsticks can actually, believe it or not, damage your lips. Have you heard of lip scrub? A perfect way to foster and nurture your dry lips is to apply some lush lip scrub, which is like a spa treatment. They come in a range of colors and flavors, mix of oils and moisturizers. Not only will they give your lips a natural look without using any makeup, but your lips will be smoother and fabulous. A more budget-friendly option is a lip balm. They will keep your lips nourished and hydrated for hours and they come in various colors, from nude to cherry red. With a little shine from a lip balm, your lips won't miss pervasive makeup.

Food factor
Even though you have a slimming body and no problems with body weight, if you have been eating crisps, pizzas, and burritos from time to time, perhaps your skin has felt its negative effect. Fast food influences badly on your skin, so do hormones and stress but if you want to get that sensational look without makeup, you should watch what you eat. It is a proven fact that certain foods contribute to having beautifying factor such as pineapple, pears, cabbage, coconut oil, and lemons, for example. The main effect is that they detoxify and cleanse your skin, next, they repair and protect your skin since they are rich in fiber and different minerals. Finally, that is the best beauty hack which is also extremely healthy.

Whether you decide to put a face mask, moisturizer, or a lip balm, following these tips you will be guaranteed to have impeccable results without using any makeup. Just don't forget that you will look even more natural and beautiful if you eat healthily, exercise regularly and put a smile on your face.

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