Saturday, August 4, 2018

Give the Entrance of Your Home the Wow Factor!

 Tracey Clayton is here on the blog to guest host on spicing up the Entrance of your home. Check out these great tips! 

In interior design, there are certain “focus” areas that get all the attention and those areas are usually the main rooms of the house. But there are other areas that are arguably even more demanding in terms of style and decor than the aforementioned ones, but they rarely get their place in the spotlight.
Areas like the entrance of your home also play a huge role in presenting your home in the best possible light, so instead of making the most common mistake of neglecting it, pay special attention to this area when decorating your home. Listed below are some useful tips and fun ideas for turning your boring old entrance into a perfect prelude to the rest of your home’s design.

Paint it light...

Since the entrance of your home is usually the area with no windows or any source of natural light, you can paint the walls in a nice, light shade to make it appear brighter. Off-whites, grays and light earthy tones are the best options because they are good at creating an illusion of roominess. To add a bit of contrast, you can paint your mirror frame, coat hanger and key table in a darker hue to make them stand out. This way, apart from being practical, they can double as decorative pieces because there usually is not much room for numerous decorative items in the entryway.

...or go dark

Yes, painting your entry walls in a bold dark shade can make it appear even smaller than it actually is, but that’s where other decoration elements come to play. For example, you can choose a deep burgundy red for your walls and then break it up by creating a gallery wall with golden picture and mirror frames. You can also make your door work as a part of the design by replacing them with interesting entrance doors. Here, you can, for example, go with timber and glass doors that let just the right amount of light in, thus additionally illuminating your dark entryway.

Pay attention to flooring

Since the entryway is such a high traffic area, you’ll need to find a resilient and durable flooring solution. Hardwood floors are a very popular choice but if it doesn’t go well with the rest of the design, you can always go for tiles as well. Just make sure you go with textured tiles to prevent any slips and falls when the floor gets wet from the rain or snow.

Layer the lighting

The biggest problem is that people usually don’t think of an entryway as another room of the house. So, more often than not, you will find only a single overhead lighting fixture in the majority of entryways. However, this fixture neither provides enough light nor does it do anything for the design. Therefore, create multiple layers of lighting in your entrance, and boost its design to the max. Apart from the overhead lighting fixture, add a few task lights to emphasize certain parts of your decor and finally add a few accent lighting fixtures to tie the entire design together.

Liven it up

No matter the style you choose for your entryway, don’t forget to fill is with greenery. There are a lot of plants that can thrive in such areas but if you feel like a live plant will only be a burden, fear not! Fake plants nowadays are looking more realistic than ever, and the only maintenance they require is a good dusting from time to time. So, take your pick and add some greenery to your entryway for a lush, lively atmosphere.

Make a personal statement

As already mentioned, your entry should act as a sneak peek of the rest of your home’s design. It will be the first part of the house your guests will see once they enter your home, which makes it the perfect area for making a personal statement. The means through which you’ll make that statement can be literally anything, as long as they mean something to you. Here you can think in terms of (again) a gallery wall with your family photos, a display of various souvenirs or travel memorabilia or, if you like stripes, this can be a perfect place to create that striped wall you’ve always wanted.
As you can see, making your entrance truly pop is not as difficult as some people might think The trick is to treat it as any other room of the house when decorating it and you are guaranteed you’ll be left with an amazing design that truly makes a statement.
About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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