Thursday, August 2, 2018

Home Safety: ChildProof Your Home Room By Room

Leila Dorari is here to guest post today and share some great ideas for childproofing your home. Check out these great idea!


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Did you know that your own house can be hiding the number of potential hazards? According to the devastating statistics, approximately 30.000 kids visit a hospital every year after being injured in the home accident. For the sake of your little ones, check out these creative ways to childproof your home.

Eliminate the hazards in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most dangerous place for kids. Although the installation of safety gates on the kitchen door would be the best solution, some kitchen arrangements don’t allow this option. If so, make sure you take other measures.
For instance, prevent your kids from turning the stove on by placing the knob covers or stove guards. Stove guard is something like a stove shield so it’ll keep your child’s hands away from the burners, too.
Lock the cabinet with cleaning detergents in order to prevent potential poisoning. Also, make sure you put plates, cutlery, and small kitchen appliances out of your child’s access. Don’t forget that toddlers are able to reach even the counter!

Eliminate the hazards in the living room

Even though your living room may look like a safe environment, it still hides numerous child safety issues. Children like to climb, which means that they can easily tip over the heavy furniture and hurt themselves. Therefore, use anchors and brackets to secure bookshelves and make sure you keep the books and heavier ornaments on bottom shelves.
The TV stand is great for climbing, too. Which is why it would be safer to mount it to the wall. Don’t neglect remote controls either! As kids like putting tiny things into their mouth, they can easily swallow batteries and cause a serious health problem. So, you’d better keep remote controls on the unreachable place.
Sharp edges of the furniture can be very dangerous for children learning to walk. Especially a coffee table. Instead of watching whether your kid is going to cut their forehead or not, childproof the sharp edges with the bumpers. If your coffee table has a glass top, it would be clever to either replace it or remove it. Likewise, get rid of any glass ornament your child can knock over and cut to the broken pieces– vases, photo frames, mirrors, etc.

Eliminate the hazards in the nursery room

When your child learn how to sit up, remember to adjust the height of a mattress in the crib. In case you have a crib with a drop side, consider replacing it with a fixed-side crib. The United States banned selling of a drop-side crib because the CPSC claimed that a child can suffocate if it gets trapped when the drop side breaks.
Even though we cannot live without windows, they can pose a great danger to your child. Which is why it’s necessary to install a window guard. For the same reason, don’t put any piece of furniture near the window and never leave your child alone in the room where the window is open.
You also have to be careful with window blinds. It’s possible for kids to get caught in a looped cord, which can have fatal consequences. So, cut the loop and protect your little ones. Basically, just opt for the most practical window furnishings Australia offers, and adjust it to your home safety if needed.

Eliminate other possible hazards

  • Install safety gates at both stairs ends regardless of how many stairs you have.
  • Prevent any electrical accident by placing plastic safety covers on the sockets.
  • Take a fire safety measure and install smoke detectors.
  • Don’t let your kids walk right into the glass door! Consider attaching window decals to it.
  • Keep tiny and dangerous objects locked away – coins, needles, knives, scissors, lighters, etc.
At the end

As you can see, your home can be hiding many potential dangers. Since we cannot supervise our children every second of their day, make sure you try to childproof your home as much as you can.

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