Monday, August 27, 2018

How to Create Your Own Video Game Room

Diana Smith is here today on the blog to share about Creating your own video game. Check out these fun tips!
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is one of those proverbs that hit the nail right on the head – humans are complex beings that need to unwind from time to time. We all pick our own poison, but one of the harmless and the most entertaining one is definitely a gaming hobby. Now imagine a scenario where you are coming back from a long day at work and, after a refreshing shower, you head straight into your entertainment corner, a part of the household that is completely dedicated and retooled to fulfill your unquenchable desire to quest and grind. If you have a luxury of dedicating an entire room to this activity, here’s how to create your own video game room.

Lighting makes it or breaks it
If you are looking around your household, trying to discern what the best nook for creating your ultimate video gaming paradise is, turn to lighting as the factor that makes it or breaks it. Try to retain as much control of the lighting options as possible. If you are within financial means to install the lighting grid that works on a remote and which is modular when it comes to intensity, you are in for a treat. The intensity of light means a lot for the functionality of the game room – you do not want it to be stronger than the glare from the monitor and you don’t want it to be faint enough so you cannot discern the buttons on the keyboard or the controller.

Immersion is the key
The primary function of a video-game room is to create a sense of absolute immersion. For this reason, you will need to find the best gaming monitor, top-notch furniture and a cutting edge surround sound system. These are the bare bones elements needed for a game room. Still, if you live in a household with other family members that do not share your passion, loud sound effects might be a step too far. In order to retain the sense of immersion without having to turn the volume down, you should also consider “backup” elements such as high quality headphones.
Eliminate the window factor
It has also been mentioned that lighting makes or breaks the game room, but the lack of lighting is equally as important. The absence of windows in the game room will also definitely help when it comes to adding immersion – this is why so many people create the windowless game room in the cellar. If the room has windows, either add curtains or install blinds so you wouldn’t be distracted by anything within your view but what happens on the screen.

Soundproof it
Of course, if you find headphones to be too awkward, not to mention the fact that most available models practically have “pillows” that will heat your head up, you should probably invest in soundproofing. In fact, as soon as you decide to dedicate a room in your household to entertainment, you should see about updating your light grid and sound insulation immediately in order to kill two flies with one blow.
This can be done in many ways but the most painless one is to simply add another layer of insulation sound panels on the existing walls and cover them with a thin layer of stylized panels that can serve as an aesthetic “reinvention” of sorts. It makes much more sense than tearing down walls – which can easily turn the entire project into a bona fide nightmare.

Ottomans are a “game room must-have”
Apart from a comfy armchair and maybe a couch, you should purchase at least one ottoman for your game room, preferably two. The fact of the matter is that they are simply too convenient – they can double as tables for your snacks and drinks and serve as additional seating items or simply rest places for your feet. For these reasons, they have become the obligatory part of the “game room” furnishing.

Game rooms and the prominent gaming culture are the hallmarks of modern age. It is such an interesting phenomenon because, as far as most people are concerned, for as long as civilization exists, an “evening of games” was a kids’ fare. However, once you look beneath the surface, you will actually realize that adults have also always played – a variety of sports and competitive games have been deemed “adult” since forever. This is why an accomplished adult should feel every right to create a video-game room, should they desire so.

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