Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lace Wigs: Human vs Synthetic

Buying a wig can be a wonderful experience. You can experiment with so many different types of colours and styles. Sticking close to your hair colour you can enhance your natural look. Experimenting with different colours you can try out different looks. No matter which type of look you want to go with you need to first make a very basic choice.
You need to choose between synthetic weaves or human hair weaves. Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibres which look and feel very much like real hair. Human hair wigs, as the name blatantly suggests, is made of real human hair. But before you the best lace front wigs, here are a few things you must know about the two materials.
Price to Pay
Human hair: For a good quality human hair lace front wig you might end up paying above $700. The cost is due to the price of the material as well as the effort it takes to make the wigs.
Synthetic: For a good quality synthetic lace front wig you need to dish out somewhere over $250. The price gap between the two is massive.
Unearth the Source
Human hair: Most human hair used for making wigs come from countries like India and China. These hairs come from temples and unidentified sources. For wigs which have guaranteed sources, the price tag is bound to be exorbitant.
Synthetic: Synthetic hair is manufactured in factories. The fibres produced vary in quality. This quality variation gives the price variation of the different kinds of the synthetic wig.
Design Difference
Human hair: Usually human hair wigs come in different colours but very basic designs. Human hair wigs are straight wigs in singular colours.
Synthetic: Synthetic fibres come in a variety of colours. This means that the synthetic wigs you buy can come in a blend of different colours that human hair wigs cannot. Synthetic fibres can also be pre-styled. So, the design in which the synthetic wig is manufactured is the design that it stays in.
Maintained Tress
Human hair: Just like the hair on our head, human hair wigs tend to get frizzy and hard to maintain. Humidity, water and heat have its effect on the wig. You need to maintain the human hair very work intensive.
Synthetic: shake and go is the motto of synthetic hair. Since the design of the wig is pre-set, all you need to do is run your fingers through it. If you have a longer wig you might have to run a quick comb.
Time to Style
Human hair: For those who have the time to style their hair, human hair wigs are the best. These wigs have fine hair that is straight. You can style it and set it just like you do with your own hair. You can even go to a hair stylist to get the wig set in a new hairdo.
Synthetic: While synthetic wigs are less of a headache, there is very little alteration you can do to them. You cannot run a straightening iron or curler through them. The design you buy is the design you get.

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