Friday, August 24, 2018

Ode To The Overlooked Garden

Outdoor space is a benefit in any home. Most of us put this top of our priority list, and for a good reason. If you have kids, the chance to get them outside is crucial. Even if not, you can likely think of nothing better than sitting in a sun lounger with a good book and a cocktail.

Sadly, gardens in built-up areas have one significant downside - neighbors often overlook them on all sides. When viewing the property, you might not have seen this as a problem. But, over the years, it could soon lead to severe neglect of your outside space. After all, it’s never nice to think the neighbors know your business. Rather stay indoors where they can’t see you, right?

But, doing that means you can’t enjoy the yard you searched so hard for. Aside from being a colossal waste, this can soon result in homeowner dissatisfaction. If it goes on too long, cabin fever could even set in.

All is not lost, though. Before you put your house on the market for greener pastures, consider these ways to make the most of your overlooked garden.

Set decent boundaries

Decent boundaries are essential for any garden, especially an overlooked one. With fences, you can at least obstruct the view. Many avoid this through fears of unsightly high fences. In truth, though, even a modest fence can hide a lot. This doesn’t need to be an eyesore, either. By selecting your fence carefully, it can be an addition rather than a hindrance. You could even turn to companies like Atlanta Post Caps and invest in decorative caps to take care of appearance issues. If you really can’t get your head around a fence, consider a hedge boundary which keeps things private in a more natural manner.

Make the most of blind spots

Even overlooked gardens have blind spots. And, by designing your main outdoor areas with these in mind, you can make the most of your yard without worry. The best way to approach this is to consider corners wherever possible. If you have a sloped garden, it’s also worth considering visibility of lower areas. It may take a little deliberation, but this is an effort worth making. By setting up sun loungers in those spots, you could bathe topless and still not have a care in the world.

Give the neighbors something to look at

Knowing your neighbors can see could also be fantastic motivation to get your gardening gloves on. We all love the chance to impress, don’t we? Instead of hiding away and letting your outside space fall into disrepair, do the opposite. Plant color explosions of flowers, and keep your lawn so pristine they wonder how you manage it. You can’t stop people from seeing certain parts of your yard. But, you can make sure you give them something impressive to look at. You may even find that you don’t mind people looking in so much when you have something to show off.

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