Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Six Issues To Fix In Your Home Before You Move In

Moving into a new property that you’ve spent years saving up for isn’t always a fun experience. Of course, knowing that you’ve bought your property yourself and you’re finally a homeowner? That’s fun. It’s exhilarating, in fact, because it makes you feel like more of a grown up and ready to take on the world. However, moving is stressful. It’s probably one of the most stressful activities that you can engage in as an adult. You want to be as ready as possible before the moving men arrive but packing up the house that you currently live in isn’t always the issue. Preparing your new house, that’s the new thing on your to-do list. Planning, packing, making lists, viewing houses – all of these things can consume your time and your days for months on end, but where’s the list that tells you how to prepare your new house for you to move in?
Your new home may not be a new build. It may not have even been built in the last ten years. Either way, you will have had inspections and surveys done on your home before you got there, and you’ll know what the existing issues could be – if there are any, of course. Despite the time you’ve taken to pack up and get everything in order with address changes and checking out school districts, you don’t want to think about the challenges that you will have to face in your new property. Some of these challenges may not even register on the radar; why would you need to think about pest and cockroach control when the house has stood vacant for some time? And yet, this is exactly the type of thing that you should be thinking about. Your home has to be perfect for you to move right into and settle down as quickly as possible, and this will mean that you have to put some work into it before you move in.
Person Holding Door Lever and Key

Your house could have issues within it that you mentally made a note of when you went and had a look around. The carpets, for example, may be totally outdated despite the beautifully huge living room you’re about to call your own. Your kitchen cabinets? They’re not yours; you didn’t choose them, and you didn’t install them. Replacing these is not a small job, and it’s not a cheap one, either. You must always weight the cost of every job you want to complete when you move in, and it’s not always the financial cost, it’s the cost for your quality of life while work is being completed and done. Where you can, any building work and replacement carpets and flooring should be done a few days before you move in. You’ll get that lovely new carpet smell along with a home that is perfect and ready for you to live in right away. There are other projects that you need to complete before you move in, and we’ve got six of those for you below:
Paint Work.
There is nothing nice about moving into a house that has been newly painted when it’s all that you can smell. But the one thing that most homes need before a move in is completed is a new look. Being able to give the house a total refresh? That’s invaluable and if you have the money for the paint, then you have to rope in as many friends and family members as you can to help – especially if you have no plans to hire a company to do it for you. Everyone should bring food or chip in for pizza, but the actual painting shouldn’t take too long.
Crown Molding.
It’s not for everyone, but it can really refresh the look of the house if you install it around the whole house. It is still considered to be a luxury item to have in the home, and if you have the cash and the inclination to have crown molding in every room, then why not go for it?
Lock Changing.
Moving into a new property is exciting but security is even more exciting than that. Landlords, maintenance men and even previous tenants could still have copies of the key to the house. While it’s highly unlikely anyone will be letting themselves in, is it really worth the risk? You could get all your locks changed with a local locksmith and spend a little less than you anticipated and all in the name of your security.
Closet Refresh.
Adding storage to the closets before you move in can make it SO much easier to unpack. You’ve already done the flatpacks and hanging the sections to separate your clothes, and all you need now is to unpack everything and get it organised. Get the new furniture that needs home assembly done a few days before you move in; you’ll thank yourself when you’re not trying to assemble furniture while you unpack a whole house.
Outlet Work. Some homes need an upgrade in electrics, from the outlets to the wiring in certain areas of the home. The older the house, the less likely you won’t need wiring help. Adding fans and air conditioning can work wonders, and you can upgrade your lighting to suit you by adding new fixture, fittings and even spotlights.
Storage. Did you know that you can build storage and shelving into your garage? If you plan to have a car in there, you may need to think about storage that goes vertically up the walls instead of taking up floor space. Think about waterproofing your garage, too, so that you don’t end up with a damp space in the spring.

Your new house is going to be – hopefully – your forever home. Working on it while you can is so important, and you need to make it more than just a house with four walls. Make it a home that you can be proud of, so that all your hard work pays off.


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