Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Secret Life of a Happy Mom (And How to get it)

When you’re the mom of young children, it’s safe to say that life changes. It can be tough. Whether you have one little one, or a couple, you’ll know just how hard it can be to stay sane. Sure, you love your children, and you wouldn’t change your position for the world, but sometimes you’ll wish that you were happier. Or at least felt it more of the time. But, the best news is, even with needy or cranky kids, you can be. It’s actually easy to feel like you’re on track, to be positive, to feel less stressed out and to actually sleep well! Yes, you can be that happy mom that you want to be. And it’s not actually much of a secret after all.

1. Be Present

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re actually living in the moment. Do you find that a lot of the time, you’re in your head? Are you always worrying about the next chore or job to do, or planning the next meal or day or activity? Then you’re not being present in the moment in your life or with your children right now. And you’re not only causing yourself unnecessary stress, but you’re missing it! So don’t worry about what needs doing next, just enjoy (and focus on) the moment you’re in, you’ll find that it instantly calms you down.

2. Set Boundaries

Next, you absolutely have to understand that you need to discipline your children. If you let them get away with everything, your job will be harder. Sure, if feels tough at first, but it’s for their best interest. You need to say no more, stand your ground, and practice follow through techniques. This is just the basics of raising well-rounded and well mannered children that understand life! Teaching boundaries is just so important for their growth.

3. Make It Fun

And remember - you want to be happy, right? So make being with your children fun! Just enjoy your time with them. Act like you’re friends! Go out for fun days, play at home, and just enjoy them while they’re young before they grow up!

4. Use Go-To Gadgets

But don’t feel like you have to be supermom. You really don’t. Instead, turn to gadgets and hacks, like this year's best baby products or advice from other moms. And milk it. If there’s an easier way of doing things, or an option that makes your life easier, then definitely go for it! Take the pressure of yourself and just be okay with doing the best by your children, no matter what that looks like.

5. Be Grateful

Now, this last point sounds super cheesy. Especially after your child has just had their third breakdown of the hour, you’re still in your pajamas, and it’s only Monday (hurry home hubby), but you do need to be grateful. One day, you will look back on these days and laugh - miss them even. So be grateful. Be grateful for your beautiful, sometimes crazy kids, and remember how lucky you are. When you can smile about the situation you’re in and just enjoy it, you’ll realize how much happier you feel overall.

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