Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Vignettes: Telling Your Home's Story 100%

A vignette tells a story. This is true not just of the literary style, but also the décor technique. In this case, a vignette is a collection of carefully curated and organized objects and accessories that tell the story of your style. If you’re aiming for a specific tone or theme in a room, it can really hit the nail on the head, supporting the rest of the room, and it can serve as an excellent focal point if you’re lacking one. Here are a few tips on getting your vignettes right.

Choose the right space
One of the advantages of the vignette is that it is able to create a focal point where there is none or, more commonly, to establish a “dominant” focal point in a room with more than one. Some of the best spaces for your vignette include the entrance of the home, end tables, and nightstands. You want to avoid adding vignettes to already dominant architectural features like the windowsill or the fireplace since this can downplay the value of the vignette, making it look like more of an accessory rather than its own display. You want to make sure that the space for your vignette gets as much exposure as possible and that there are no clear obstacles to admiring it from most spots in the room.
Choose the right objects
First of all, consider the most practical objects in the space that you need to keep and edit out the rest. For instance, if you’re choosing a nightstand, you may very well need a lamp and an alarm clock. As for the rest, it’s good to start with an anchor object. Unique and homemade accessories from places like Gifted Home Décor can be the perfect place to start. Find one object that best establishes the tone or theme or the room and group around it. You can have contrasting colors and styles, but you want to limit it to two contrasting themes at most, so it doesn’t look messy. Odd numbers like three and five tend to work better to the eye, so avoid decorating the vignette in evens.
Choose the right framing
Your vignette needs to be presented, not simply left lying and waiting to be discovered. Lighting plays a huge role in this. Accent lighting, as shown at Decorating Den, brings a little more attention to the spot and helps frame the objects in a warmer glow that makes it look all the more welcoming. Consider making good use of the wall behind the objects, as well. A mirror in a matching style to the objects can help maximize their impact by reflecting their silhouette. Wall art is always a good choice, too, and should do what the anchor object does in best representing the theme directly.

Vignettes can be an important step in creating an eye-catching space that reinforces and defines the spirit of a room. If your rooms are looking a little empty, get started finding the objects that can more emphatically get the message across.

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