Monday, September 3, 2018

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

In Honor of Labor Day Jasmine Anderson is here to discuss some fun ways to Spice up your next Corporate Event. Check out these fun party ideas!

Your next corporate event doesn’t have to be a traditional, tedious, stand-alone event where everybody will be just chatting about their duties and responsibilities. The times have come when you can get totally immersed in creating an event that would both be entertaining and memorable. Here are some of the ways you can alter your next formal event to a more relaxed one and truly excite everybody.

1. Galvanize the food and drink station

Avoid ordering dull catering products that serve classical dishes found on every corner, and go bold. Your colleagues will be in for a surprise if you place a unique food and drink stall. Placing interactive and customized champagne, cocktail and coffee bar will definitely spruce up the atmosphere, and adding a live stir-fry station will be an even greater fun boost. And if you are feeling even more creative, you can place a special dessert table with various cupcakes, donuts, and macaroons.

2. Go bold with decoration

In order to enhance the event, even more, put some dazzling lighting. Consider using marquee lights, neon lights or place beautiful paper lanterns that come in different colors. And if you wish to incorporate your brand name in the event, try using vinyl stickers that could be placed on unconventional places like stairs, ceilings or floors. They will surely give personality to your brand.

3. Unconventional live acts

Think outside the box and go one step further when organizing your next corporate event. When it comes to music, for instance, try hiring an authentic cover band that will enliven the ambiance. And if you want to amaze the attendees even more, you can get professional break dancers and get everybody engaged. And what about a corporate magician? A magician that strolls around your guests, making funny faces, doing cool sketches and tricks will make your event more interactive and entertaining.

4. Put up a show

If you are up for something even more fantastic and gripping, then a perfect way to amaze your guests is to hire fire performers. Fire eaters, fire dancers, fire whips and more, will undoubtedly get everybody’s heart pounding with their genuine and electrifying performance. Just make sure that you get a special permit or approval from the venue.

5. Skills and crafts

Another quite entertaining way to spice your event is to give the guests a chance to learn something new. You would be surprised at what a hit a caricaturist would be at your corporate event. Caricaturist can use a wireless tablet to draw on, and then project his work on a large screen for everybody to see and have a laugh. Or get the guests engaged into drawing, a graffiti artist can be hired to teach them the basics, and then they could make their own artwork which could be distributed among the guests.

6. Impersonators

There is no better way to entertain your guests then giving them a thrill of seeing their favorite celebrity, a colleague (or superior) in person. Depending on the theme, these actors won't let you disappointed because they will be mingling with the crowd, chatting and making funny jokes that would certainly enliven the event.

7. Seize the moment

Aussies have discovered how to bring a corporate event to an even higher level by hiring photo booths for their business events rather then opting for a classical photographer. Corporate photo booth Sydney studio offers you a chance to capture the moment of your event with any photo booth designs, props, backdrops, or GIFs you desire. Not only will you be able to take funny pictures, but you can incorporate your company logo in the pics and have it placed and shared on social media. You can even have them run a contest to make it more lively.

Choosing any of these inspirational ideas will absolutely spice up your next corporate event, so just go with it and have fun!

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and an incurable daydreamer. She loves makeup, lavender lemonade and her two cats.

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