Monday, September 3, 2018

Give Your Home Décor A Natural Touch

Does your home décor feel too synthetic? Whilst some people love the urban feel of shiny plastics and glossy paints, others can find this all too cold and artificial. If you’re looking for a more natural decor scheme, here are a few features that will help to keep the inside of your home more connected to the great outdoors.

Add some houseplants

Plants are a great way of physically introducing nature into your home. On top of livening up a room, they can have all kinds of other benefits such as keeping the air cleaner and even improving your mood. In fact, certain plants can have certain benefits when placed in certain rooms. The likes of lavender and jasmine are great bedroom plants as they release scents that help produce sleep hormones. Tropical plants such as aloe vera and snake plants meanwhile thrive in the humid conditions of a bathroom whilst helping to dehumidify the air. Meanwhile, there are various food-producing plants that are perfect for the kitchen, helping to supply you with fresh organic ingredients to use in your cooking.

Use natural materials

You can also give your home a more natural feel by sticking to natural material choices. This could involve opting for wooden bedroom furniture instead of metal bedroom furniture or cotton upholstery instead of nylon or polyester. You can even use natural stone in your home for tiling and countertops rather than using plastic or vinyl.

Use earthy colours

Glossy whites and bright reds and blues will take away from a home’s natural feel. Try to opting for gentler earthy tones such as browns, greys and oranges when painting walls or furniture. You can even let the natural tones of a material shine through – exposed wood and stone can give off a beautiful rustic look.

Embrace natural scents

Make sure that your home smells natural too. This could involve doing away with chemical cleaning products and air fresheners and opting for more organic cleaning agents and scents. You could buy and oil diffuser and some essential oils or you could simply rely on plants to bring a natural aroma to your home. You can even boil natural ingredients in a pan such as orange peels, lavender and pine needles to give your home a more natural smell.

Let in more sunlight

Relying too much on electric lighting will also give your home an artificial feel. Find ways to let more natural light into your home. Open your curtains during the day and use mirrors and reflective surfaces to help maximise this light. You could even consider adding in extra windows – a skylight could be a great feature for allowing natural sunlight to pour in. You may even be able to get rid of obstructions such as plants outside a window.

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