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9 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

If there's one room that could reflect the beauty of the whole house, it's the bathroom. It also says a lot about the people living in it. You have to agree, it's pretty hard to live in a house with a dirty bathroom.

It's out of your control how guests judge your own bathroom, but you can control how it looks so they can't say anything bad about it. This might be high time your bathroom gets some upgrades.

9 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Making a bathroom look pretty seems ironic since that's where you do all your dirty business, if you know what we mean. However, that can also be the motivation to make it the most beautiful a bathroom can be. These updates and upgrades are nothing short of a transformation for your bathroom, and it doesn't leave a gaping hole in your wallet too!

1. Install a Rain Shower Head

A shower is a shower and it's pretty as long as it works. If that's how you think, maybe you haven't tried a rain shower head. It's not just for the appearance; a rain shower head actually changes the experience of taking a shower.

No more weird angles from regular shower heads that make it hard to point to where you want. A rain shower head pours down the water from right on top of you. It's also provides a better sight.

2. Upgrade Your Storage Options

We'd like to think wooden crates and woven baskets were all invented for the bathroom. It gives the perfect rustic aesthetic that goes along with the typical tropical theme of bathrooms. If not, decorative boxes that can be bought or DIY-ed can be edited to fit your own theme.

These universal containers can be used to store anything ranging from toilet paper to towels. If your closet is stuffed to the brink, consider bringing some of you clothing into your bathroom storage. For example, storing undergarments in the bathroom makes sense, as it is often when you are putting them on and off.

3. Replace or Reglaze Fixtures

We've started with a rain shower head, but it's not the only fixture in the bathroom that can be upgraded. In the one room that you can't decorate with furniture, fixtures are your next bet. No one likes to touch an old-looking, rusty faucet, so make sure every metal in your bathroom is shiny, either by replacing or having them reglazed over.

4. Put Up a Heated Towel Bar

There's something about hotel bathrooms that make them so much better than your own at home. It's a luxury experience that seems unattainable, but a heated towel bar changes the game.

A heated towel bar is one that warms up your towel when it's hung, so it feels like a soft, cozy hug when you wrap it around your body after a shower. Sometimes it's not about the looks but the feel you get whenever you use the bathroom.

5. Decorate with Art and Plants

It might be impossible and weird to put in furniture inside a bathroom but not the wall and floor décor that graces other rooms in your house. Two of such things are the artworks and plants that you hang and put around the whole house.

A beautiful display on the wall on top of the toilet gives your bathroom some personality and shows your interests too. Meanwhile, indoor plants that can survive the dark and humid air of bathrooms give it life.

6. Get a New Cover for the Window

It's acceptable to leave bathroom windows bare and without a cover, but wouldn't it be so much better to incorporate some pretty blinds or curtains, if only just for decorative purposes? Faux wooden blinds would go well with the baskets and bins you put towels in without deteriorating from the humidity. However if you have a different them, curtains can be used to match your bathroom's color palette better.

7. Mount a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is not only useful, it can also be a beautiful addition to a bland and straightforward room like the bathroom. This can be one of the accents that takes the initial attention, especially if it also holds the mirror that people look into first thing.

8. Repurpose a Nightstand for Vanity

A vanity is probably the only kind of furniture that can belong in the bathroom. Some people repurpose vintage ones for the authentic rustic or boho feel. You can also reuse a nightstand or small wardrobe cabinet. Either way, this is another good storage for hair tools, makeup, or clothes to double your bathroom as a walk-in closet or makeup room as well.

9. Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door

If before you'd only see frameless glass shower doors in hotels and nice condominiums, now it's starting to become more common even in home bathrooms. Since it's glass, its appearance can be universally matched with any kind of décor or color theme.

A glass door also doesn't require a ledge to keep the water off the rest of the bathroom floor. For the cleaning junkies and aging members of your household, this is heaven-sent.

It doesn't take much to upgrade your bathroom, as these tips would show. These are things you might already have lying around that can be used to revamp it. Some are new inventions from recent technology trends that updates the whole experience and not just the look of it. For a room that you use everyday and that guests can judge your whole house from, the bathroom is the one room that you might want to keep looking after.

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