Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tips for Winter Home Renovation on Budget

Considering winter is the slowest season when it comes to home renovation, it would be a smart move to start renovating precisely then. This is especially true if you're renovating on a budget, and you want to save up while you're at it. From small interior remodelling projects to garage renovation, house makeover won't make you go bankrupt if you follow a few simple steps.

Set a realistic budget

If you’re on a strict budget, list all the projects you thought about doing and see if it adds up to more or less money than you’ve planned for. If the costs and time for finishing all the projects will make you go into financial overload, check out some of the online DIY projects, and look for those you can do by yourself. Don’t be too optimistic, and pave your road to bankruptcy, but try to set a realistic budget, by reviewing the costs of all the renovation projects and necessities. However, since winter is the slowest season for contractors, you may also be lucky enough to make a good deal and hire one at a much lower price, which won’t overwhelm your budget.

Think about the pipes

If you plan on moving out while your renovation is in progress, don't forget to check the pipes. No matter where you live, if you plan to leave your home empty until all the projects are done, you need to make sure the pipes don't burst due to water freezing inside if the heating system drops. You can call the plumber and have him heat the water line that goes into the house, or you can even have the city shut off your water while you're not home. To make sure your pipes are safe from freezing, you can also keep the cold away from the garage, by keeping the door closed or let as much warmth as possible reach to the pipes by leaving your cabinet doors in the kitchen open.

Focus on the interior

Doing all the renovation indoors is the only option you should consider, due to freezingly low temperatures that are common for winter weather. Install new bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops or put new flooring in your bedroom or living room. Maybe you can even make two smaller rooms out of one big room. If you’ve always wanted an office at your home, and your bedroom is huge, you can divide the room in two, without having to build a wall right away. With Screenflex portable room dividers, you'll easily create the needed partition, and thanks to its noise-reductive features, you’ll have all the silence you need to work in peace. This is particularly convenient if you need a quick solution to making two bedrooms for your children, and you don’t have the money or time to build an entire wall and deal with the rest of the renovation that follows. Room dividers are very easy to use and you’ll set them up in a matter of minutes.

Buy new furniture at lower prices

Not only is winter the slower season for the contractors, but it’s also the season when discounts on furniture will skyrocket. That's precisely the time for you to think about investing in new sofas, couches or maybe a king size bed you've always wanted. If you're remodelling the kitchen, you can also find great deals on appliances, and kitchenware during the holiday season. New home d├ęcor items will spruce up the place, and Christmas discounts can save you up to 50% of what you'd originally pay.

Remodel your garage

Garage renovation is another small project you should consider during winter home renovation. Cover up exposed pipes, add insulation to the walls, or maybe even think about waterproofing garage doors. All of these projects will help you save all of your belongings, during potential weather hazards. Use the winter months to declutter your garage as well, install shelving or similar space-saving equipment for better organization. If your garage is cramped with seasonal equipment such as lawn furniture and other items you don’t use during winter, move them to a portable storage unit to save space and declutter the garage during winter.

Final thoughts

Home renovation can be quite an undertaking, and even more so when you're on a budget. Therefore, make sure you set up a realistic budget and look into the costs and the time that'll take you to make all the projects done. Stick to the interior renovation, invest in new furniture at lower prices, remodel your garage, and don’t forget to check the pipes to make sure they don’t burst due to the cold weather.


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