Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to Decide What Kind of Automatic Fence Gate is Best for Your Home?

Automatic fence gates not only make your property look beautiful, but it also increases the security of your property or house. By installing these gates you can upgrade the security level at your home and you can control entry and exit of your home. It is a cost-effective method to keep unauthorized cars and bike away from your parking and moreover, it will give aesthetic look to your outdoors. With a number of options available in the market, it is very much important that you are first clear in your mind what kind of automatic fence gate you want.
There are different types of Automatic Fence Gates. Your choice fully depends on where you want to install the gate and how many levels of the ground is there.
Most Common Gates You Will Find Are:
1. Sliding Gates: These are the mostly used gates and suit any kind of geography. When you open a slide gate it breaks from the center as one part moves to left and the other part moves to the right on a track.
2. Swinging Gates: The swinging gates are affixed to the posts or pillars which are on both the side of your entrance. This type of automatic fence gates can swing inwardly or out depending on the ground level and your requirement. If there is a slope on your entrance then gates will swing toward the downward slope. These gates are also available in single or double gates, depending upon the width of your driveway.
There are lots of advantages of automatic fence gates like you don’t have to get down of your car to open or close the gates.
Ways Through Which You Can Open And Close The Gates Like:
1. Swipe Card Access: In a card-based entry you have to just slide your card. You don’t need to remember any kind of security code.
2. Security Pin Access: You set your own password in the keypad. When you need to open the gate just enter the password and the gates will open for you. Only those can access the gate who knows the password. Another advantage of the keypad based access is that you don’t have to carry a card always which has a risk of misplacing the card.
Another thing that you might consider is how your automatic fence gate will get its power. Whether it will be an electric sourced or solar sourced. The solar option is great for saving energy and costs for obvious reasons. But it comes with its own drawbacks like a solar powered gate will not open if the sun is not out in rainy or cloudy days. An electrically powered gate is more reliable. But if there is an electricity power cut in your locality, you won’t be able to access your electric powered gate either.
After considering, all the above-mentioned factors now it’s time to choose the material of the gate. Your choice fully depends on the look of your home or the property and the visual charm you want.
Some Common Materials For Automatic Fence Gates Are:
1. Timber: Wood gates give you more privacy and a visual appeal to your gate. It suits any kind of gates whether it is a traditional or a modern style gate. These gates are made with close wooden planks which don’t allow anyone to see through.
2. Iron: It is a great option and the most common one which you will see in fence gates. The wrought iron doesn’t break down or rust. You don’t have to paint your gate after every two years. But it doesn’t provide that much privacy like a wooden gate. Your property is more visible from outside.
Opting for a qualified company that manufactures and install automatic fence gate will get you a high-quality product. Taking the help off a professional will also benefit you to get the appropriate gate for your property which will suit it best and be convenient for you.


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