Monday, June 10, 2019

Travertine paver: A Perfect Home Improvement Idea

Travertine pavers are extremely suitable for home interior and also for the home exteriors. Pre-cut travertine can be used around the pools and the patio area, walkways, bathrooms and kitchens. Such stones are slip resistant and they are completely safe for your high traffic areas. You may procure and cut the paver to your desired size and use it. On the layer of cement, mortar and sand, you can install the travertine quite easily. But, the installation of travertine is dependent on the usage of the area.

Why would you Choose Travertine Pavers?

Use travertine pavers around the patio and pool areas to create eye-catching zones. They are freeze-thaw compatible and also stay cool under the feet. Their non-slip surface makes them coefficient of friction. So, we can say that travertine paver offers a safe walking surface or play area for the entire family. The best part about travertine paver is that it may withstand erosion and weathering. So, you won’t notice any kind of surface damage. In fact, the surface tends to improve with age. With the passage of years, you won’t notice any colour fade. Travertine pavers are available in various colors such as grey, caramel, brown, gold, red and ivory. If you want to settle for a natural shade, then go for rust tone. However, the travertine pavers are extremely durable and last for decades.

Things to Know About Travertine Pavers:

  • What is Actually Travertine Paver?
Travertine paver actually forms from minerals and it takes a long period of time. Formed of natural minerals, the paver has natural colours and patterns that look great.
  • Why is Travertine Paver a Popular Choice?
The travertine paver is durable, tough and looks elegant. Such pavers cannot get affected by extreme weather condition and you can choose the brushed pavers for your outdoor locations. Even if it is hot, the travertine mineral stays cool. This is in contrast to other kinds of Australian minerals. Therefore, travertine pavers are best meant for outdoors. It also does not need mortar and cement for setting. Use travertine to create a path through garden or make the border of the swimming pool. Tumbled paver is quite suitable for swimming pool coping when water is salty. Travertine is much better than limestone and sandstone.
  • Mosaic Travertine is Quite Popular
The most sought after and popular kind of travertine paver is definitely the Mosaic travertine. It is elegant and beautiful, and you can find wide range of designs and patterns of this paver. Again, mosaic travertine may be availed in plenty of sizes, shapes, finishes and colours. It has a contemporary look and carries beautiful patterns. It is highly recommended for outdoor spaces. You may have Mosaic travertine in three different patterns to create eye-catching, elegant and beautiful spaces. Apart from your outdoor locations, you can also install such stones on your floor and they are suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Are There any Stylish Options?
If you are eyeing for beauty, style and fashion, you can easily choose gold mesh travertine paver. Travertine and gold can together create amazing and brilliant effect. To lend contemporary ambience to the floor, you may again choose diamond pattern. If you need to create modern mood in an area, go for the diamond pattern. Again, there are designer patterns available in travertine pavers.

To choose suitable travertine paver, consider floor surface, compare the pricing of the brands and the quality offered. Look for a professional and dedicated supplier for the travertine paver. You can search such suppliers of travertine pavers online and choose the best after comparing their quotes.  


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