Thursday, July 25, 2019

How Spirituality Can Bring Families Together

Having spiritual beliefs carries a number of benefits, including physical and emotional ones. However, it has also been shown that encouraging a sense of spirituality in the household can bring families closer together. When a family has a set of core beliefs that unite them, it can allow them to connect with one another on a much deeper level. If you wish to achieve the same sense of unity within your own family, there are numerous resources that can help you, from the uplifting articles in The Way International to a meeting with a pastor at your church. Read on for some of the major ways in which your family can benefit from spirituality.

Helps Your Children Become Better People

If you introduce your spiritual beliefs into the household, it means that your children will also be exposed to them. Raising your children to believe in God is a lifelong gift that can benefit their lives in a number of ways. Not only does it give them something to hold onto in times of need, but it also gives them a moral compass that can prove to be valuable in every area of their lives. Children who have a belief in God are much less likely to engage in problematic behavior or cause trouble in their school and home lives. By passing your Christian beliefs on to your children, you are raising them to be better citizens.

Creates a Deeper Connection

Spiritual beliefs also allow families to enjoy a deeper connection with each other. When you and your loved ones are united by the same beliefs, there is a higher sense of power that brings each of you together. This gives you something meaningful in common that you can bond over no matter what challenges or conflicts you run into. A family that is held together by firm spiritual beliefs can also resolve their differences with more ease, as their convictions are more valuable to them than whatever is trying to get in the way of their peace.

Encourages Gratitude

Among all the noise and chaos of the world today, it can be difficult to slow down and be grateful for everything you’ve been blessed with. Families who have a core system of beliefs to bring them together have a reason to practice gratitude in their everyday lives. When people remember what they’re grateful for, they are more likely to place more value on their relationships and actively practice kindness. Reflecting on your current and past blessings also gives you the opportunity to find a moment of peace in your busy day and achieve a sense of mindfulness. When the entire family is a part of this, the positive effects are magnified.
Developing and nurturing your own spiritual beliefs enables you to share them with your family members and pass them down to your children. When your family has a deeper sense of unity and peace due to the effects of spirituality, all of you can thrive and find more meaning in each day.

Too Busy For Your Creative Passion? Three Tips To Help You Make Time For Interior Design 100%

If you love decorating your home but never get around to completing—or even starting—the tasks you have lined up, don’t despair! Whether you want to transform your kitchen or jazz up your patio, these tips will help you make space in your life for home décor projects without upsetting your usual routine. 

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Enjoy Stage One

While it can be extremely frustrating when you can’t sink your teeth into a project, part of this frustration comes from the mindset that your project only begins once you get your materials out and start doing practical things, like stripping furniture or painting a wall. What really helps is reminding yourself that each project—and the larger project of your home—begins at the creative stage.

While you may not have time to start applying wallpaper, you might find twenty minutes during your commute or tea break to page through interior design magazines or scrolling through Pinterest. Getting inspiration from other interior design fanatics will fill your own well of creativity. Once you have the inspiration side covered, spend time brushing up on practical tips and getting your DIY skills up to scratch. When finally you do have time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you’ll be glad that you took your time absorbing inspiration and expanding your knowledge, rather than rushing ahead with the idea you started out with.

Make Your Mood Board

Mood Boarding is a fun and relaxing stage of interior design that does not have to be achieved in solid blocks of time. A few minutes each evening, or a spare morning at the weekend, will be enough to get your thoughts in order before you start your project. While the inspiration stage should be a wide-reaching and creative as possible, it’s wise to narrow your ideas down before you get started. Singling out styles and colours that work together promotes harmony within your house.

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Shop Smart

Once you have a strong sense of the aesthetic you’re going for, it’s time to start shopping for the items you need. Whether it’s fabrics, paints, furniture or decals, it’s natural to want to explore all the options to find the perfect choice to suit your vision. But who has the time to hunt around in every design store in town? At best, you might snatch ten minutes in the paint store before it’s time to do the school run, or a quarter hour in the furniture shop with your measuring tape out. When it comes to shopping for your dream décor, the internet is your best friend. Shop Discount Direct or find online versions of your favourite stores. Do your browsing while you’re having your pedi done or waiting for a dentist appointment. Bonus points if your favourite store delivers and assembles, leaving you more time to do the creative projects that will make the final look. 

Whether you’re busy with a career or a house full of kids—or both!—your decorating projects can quickly slip to the bottom of the to-do-list. These tips will help you make the most of your downtime and get those projects done. 

Make the Best Choices for You & Your Family with NutraVantage for Moms, By Moms

A dietitian-guided wellness & weight loss program for mothers!

Edwards Health Care Services is excited to announce a new program designed specifically for mothers, 
by mothers – NutraVantage For Moms, By Moms.

Whether you’re expecting, just gave birth, or already have several young children at home, our Registered Dietitians are here to help educate and help you with a wide range of topics. No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, our RDs are here to help you understand the best foods to eat while pregnant, how to cope with baby’s sleepless nights, advise on navigating the baby blues, and even plan a nutrition strategy for your growing family. EHCS also offers FREE access to a lactation counselor who will teach you how to feed your baby navigate and any nursing issues!


We understand no mom is the same! Between different needs and busy lifestyles, it’s hard to take time for self-care, which is why our RDs meet you where you are and customize a plan that meets your exact needs! Our Dietitians’ expertise includes, but is not limited to:
·         Gestational diabetes
·         Exercise and nutrition while pregnant
·         Quitting smoking while pregnant
·         Morning sickness/pregnancy symptoms
·         Baby’s feeding schedule
·         Meal planning for you & your family
·         Baby blues
·         Mastitis/lactation issues
·         Preparing for baby’s arrival

And much more!

Talk to one of our Licensed, Registered Dietitians and see if this is the right fit for you by scheduling your FREE, one-time consultation call today!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Start Rolling: Adding Versatility to Your Home

Flexibility is important in life – especially in the spaces you use most. Whether you move around a lot, crave change often, or simply like to rearrange your furniture, one thing may stop you from doing so: immobility.
Not to worry – there’s a trick that’s simpler than you may imagine. Adding plate casters to your current items (or finding new ones with this feature) drastically increases the ease of moving them and offers wonderful stability, too.

What Are Casters?

Casters are a type of mounted wheel that can be affixed to a number of objects and allow for easy rolling and steering. If you start looking around, you will surely notice some – they’re everywhere from small shopping carts in your local grocery store to moving heavy equipment around in factories.

Plate Casters

Plate casters are mounted to items with a metal plate, rather than with a stem. The plate may be bolted on or even welded to the object, in some cases. This affords more security and guarantees the caster won’t detach from the things you want to move. The plate also helps distribute the weight of the items more evenly.

Around the Home

Casters make your living space more functional as they offer a way to make many common items more mobile, and this increases efficiency. You may have hesitated to move around your big desk or heavy tables before, but when they are on plate casters, it’s so much easier; there’s not so much as a second thought. Casters can be added to benches, beverage carts, laundry bins, shelving units, even patio furniture. The casters give you accuracy when guiding your items to their new location, plus they give you the ability to move items around corners and over different floor types with more ease.


Casters come in a vast array of materials, styles, and sizes, so there are certainly casters to match your decor. The versatility they add to your life is worth investigating the various types. Casters are also a hot trend for industrial and farmhouse designs, as they would have been used originally in these settings.
Don’t let lack of mobility stop you anymore – there are so many ways that casters can add value to your spaces. Inside or outside, from heavy hutch to patio set, you can have the freedom to move nearly anything around with the simple addition of plate casters. So, get rolling!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Feel Refreshed And Replenished With A Shower Pump

There is nothing worse than getting in the shower and having to wash yourself with what seems like a mere drizzle of water. You never fully feel warm because the coverage of water is not substantial enough. What’s more is that it seems to take a lifetime to actually wash your hair. Unfortunately this is a daily occurrence for a lot of people. If this applies to you then it means that you have low water pressure. But contrary to popular belief, you can actually do something about it. There is a really easy way to have the full and powerful shower you desire. All you need to do is purchase a shower pump. There are several different shower pumps available on the internet and in stores today. These provide a lot more benefits to them than meets the eye.

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into a point mentioned in the introduction; getting washed. After all, this is the main purpose of having a shower. However, when you have low water pressure it seems almost impossible to feel fully clean. This is especially the case if you have thick hair. You begin washing your hair, it takes ages because the water is merely trickling, and then before you know it you have ran out of hot water – nightmare! Nobody wants to rock the shampoo look. And, what about if you work in a messy job e.g. a builder or a mechanic? You will never feel fully clean without a powerful shower.

Aside from this, it is also important to consider the fact that having a shower is a lot more than merely getting washed. It is a chance to wind down when you come home after a day’s work. You come out of there feeling relaxed and replenished. It’s an energising experience. When the water splashes against your skin you feel rejuvenated. Your muscles relax and your body feels loose. This is so important for your well-being, especially for those who play sports and lead an active lifestyle. Not only are you washing away the dirt from your skin, but you are also washing away any stress you are encountering as well. There is no denying that a power shower can be a therapeutic experience. 

A lot of people deter from purchasing a shower pump because they believe the installation process will be too complex. However, a plumber won’t charge a lot for something like this. And then if you do it yourself there is always the risk that something could go wrong and then you will have more expenses on your hands. However, shower pumps are generally very easy to install. 

If you want to feel refreshed, replenished, and reenergised, then you need to purchase and install a shower pump. Once you experience a shower with a pump installed you will be wondering what you were ever doing without one!