Thursday, April 19, 2018

Top 5 Amazing Kitchen Design Tips for A Perfect Home

Daisy Andrews is here on the blog today to share some ideas on amazing kitchen design. Check out this great article.

Nowadays a kitchen has become much more than an eating place; in fact, they are the heart of the home. If you are planning to design your kitchen but wondering how to do, then we have got some tips to help you. The first step towards a proper kitchen design is by deciding whether you wish to upgrade your current kitchen, or you want to start afresh. Look around your kitchen and decide what you want to remove and what you want to keep.

In this article, you will find kitchen design tips that will help you design your kitchen like a professional. Keep these tips in mind when designing your dream kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a place where memories are made!

Kitchen Layout

The first thing you need to think about is the kitchen layout. A good kitchen layout should maximize movement and provide you enough space. There is nothing like an ideal kitchen shape, but it is important to create a work triangle between the fridge, stove and the sink. This will enable you to use the kitchen as a multifunctional space. Triangle is a good concept to maximize functionality and ease of movement. Kitchen design should be open and inviting. It should facilitate both cooking and fun gatherings. Including a kitchen island with seating will help guests and family members to relax and take part in the cooking too. Your kitchen should look amazing, but it should also be practical and ergonomic. The layout should work efficiently and there should be enough bench space and storage space.

Storage Area in Kitchen


Make as much use of space in your kitchen as possible. Make room for storage, for example, put overhead cabinets right up to the roof, create drawers for pots and pans and keep enough storage for appliances so that they do not clutter the countertops. Allocate your cupboard space and organize most commonly used items together so that they are easily reachable. All this can help improve your experience of using a kitchen. The best part of designing a kitchen is that you can design it based on your needs. Try to include hidden drawers, pull out corner solutions etc. as they can all make your kitchen easier to use and will also be a long-term investment for you.

Lighting in Kitchen


Lighting is an important factor to consider as it is not only healthy for your eyes, but it will also add up to the beauty of the kitchen. Kitchen design should have the lights in such a way so that they shine directly on the countertops. You can use a low level of lighting if you are going to eat in the kitchen.

Durable Materials

When it comes to material, choose the ones that need little maintenance. We all are tempted to design our kitchens in white marbles as seen in magazines. Even though they look stunning, but they need a lot of maintenance. Kitchen design should have materials that are durable and long-lasting. Build your home through your own style and creativity. In regard to flooring, choose ones that are lighter and safer. You must use surface counters made of quartz as they are durable and antibacterial.

Kitchen Appliances in a modern Kitchen design

Kitchen Appliances

While designing your new kitchen, make sure you choose built-in appliances like built-in ovens, coffee machines, dishwashers etc., so that they can free up counter space and hide electrical cords. The idea is not to get most expensive ones but choose the ones that are of good brands and who offer extended warranty too.

Follow these simple kitchen design tips and tricks to create a dream kitchen for you and your family!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Millennial Style Guide: How to Look Your Best This Spring

Tracey Clayton is sharing some ideas on how to dress for Spring. Check out these fun ideas on how to shake up your closet.


Fashion is a huge part of millennial lifestyle as it is a great way to show your taste and personality to the world. The need to be recognized for who you are and still feel unique and original are things that characterize the millennial culture. However, that doesn’t mean that millennials don’t follow trends. Actually, keeping up with the trends is a great way to have your own take on the fashion that’s in, but also represents your individuality perfectly. Interested in hearing more about sprucing up your spring wardrobe? Then keep on reading.

If you want a statement color go for pink!

Soft, millennial pink has been very popular recently, but the new trend twist this spring is all about various pink tones and hues. From bright to pastel, you can have as much fun as you want with this gorgeous color. In general, pink has become trendy when it comes to statement pieces such as shoes or coats, but you can incorporate this shade into your outfits however you see fit. After all, it’s all about expressing yourself through your own fashion sense.

Get yourself some sky blue items

Just like pink, sky blue seems to be the new black. Blue, in general, has been very trendy in recent years, but feminine sky blue is really taking over the vibrant trend of this gorgeous color. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock cool neon shades if that’s your thing, but if you’re interested in soft looks, sky blue is the perfect way to go. Together with other pastels, it’s a favorite statement shade among various fashion styles, from modern, edgy and elegant to Victorian-inspired and mori girl styles.

It’s all in the flow

Flowy dresses and tunics are making a comeback. Thanks to that, there are plenty of clothing pieces in the market for spring that allow you the breezy and light feel and wear, yet look truly gorgeous and fashionable. The best thing about these is that you can dress quickly and still make a fashion statement. Not to mention the design choices available. Moreover, you can enjoy this trend regardless of your body shape. This is especially evident with the rise of kaftan popularity, and intricate plus size kaftans that sit flatteringly on the body can assist you in making a difference with your unique fashion style this spring.

Go thrifting!

If you enjoy treating yourself with designer pieces from time to time, you should definitely do you, and enjoy yourself. However, the truth is that millennial fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. With the huge accent on personalized style, you can find amazing deals and interesting pieces in thrift stores. What’s more, the whole thrifting experience is fun and entertaining. If you like to pair different styles and mix and match various designs, this is a place to be. Not to mention that thrifting will save you a ton of money yet still allow you to look perfectly trendy and original this spring.

In the end, it’s all about you

You’re the main character of your own story. In your life, it’s all about you. Therefore, never feel pressured into blindly following the trends, especially when those trends revolve around fashion. Just like makeup and hairstyles, fashion is a way to express yourself and be creative in a more obvious yet very personal way. If you don’t like something that’s popular at the moment, don’t feel like you have to accept it no matter what. After all, being a part of a millennial culture is truly amazing precisely because of the freedom to add your own touch to whatever’s currently trending.

In order to look your best this spring, embrace the waking nature and happiness that comes with it. Smile a lot, spend time outside and get together with friends. The more you allow yourself to enjoy this wonderful season, the more inspiration and creativity you’ll have when it comes to your fashionable self.
About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home d├ęcor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Monday, April 16, 2018

Summer Up Your Backyard

Faith McGregor is here to share some fun ideas on how to Summer Up your Backyard! 


There’s nothing more energising than those warm summer rays of sunshine spreading across your body. So, it’s no wonder that we simply can’t wait to spend time outside and relax in our backyards, listening to the cheerful chirp of birds. However, you need to prepare your backyard for the upcoming summer days and create a positive, welcoming atmosphere.

Keep it neat

Trimming, organising and decluttering are essential steps in preparing your backyard for summer. It’s important that you create a beautiful, inspiring yet structured space in order to accentuate your outdoor features. You should remove dead plants and weeds, clear out your tools, trim the bushes and trees and mow the lawn. These are simple steps that will immediately transform your backyard and give it a fresh look.

Add a water feature

A water element has a soothing effect that will transform your backyard into a natural oasis. Depending on your personal taste and how much space you have, you have a range of options. From a small fountain in a corner of your garden to a spacious pond for the wow effect, an enchanting water feature will help you create an ambiance of serenity and tranquillity in your sanctuary.

Get a fire pit

Where there’s water, there’s fire, too, so don’t forget to introduce a fire element, as well. Adding a fire pit to your lounge area will fill it with a cosy vibe. Just imagine gathering around the crackling fire with your friends on a chilly, but pleasant summer night. When it comes to design options, you can go with a simple round fire pit or go big and bold with a mesmerising outdoor fireplace. Just make sure to fit it into the general design of your outdoor space.

Design kids’ play area

Since children are so immersed in the virtual world, you should inspire them to spend more time outside. The best way to achieve this is to provide them with an outdoor play area that they cannot resist. You can add a playful swing, design an adventurous tree house or set up a thrilling zip line right in your backyard. This will keep your little ones engaged and active during the summer.

Set up a lounge area

If you don’t have a lounge area yet, it’s time you designed one! Setting up an outdoor seating space has never been easier. And if you have furniture and materials to repurpose, it will be affordable, too. You can bring the inside out and decorate your space with comfy armchairs and a sofa, a chic coffee table or a stunning area rug for the wow effect. Designing an outdoor kitchen is another great idea, but don’t forget to set up a dining area, too.

Create some shade

Although warm summer rays are energising, the UV radiation can be quite harmful, so make sure to keep your outdoor space shaded. Sun umbrellas are a simple solution, but they will take up some space in your backyard and provide limited shade. For a much better effect, you should browse through high-quality Shade Sails Online and opt for them instead. They are a more practical solution because they don’t take up any space yet provide more shade. Therefore, you’ll be able to cover both your lounge area and kids’ play corner.

Green it up

To give your backyard a summer glow, you should introduce plenty of colourful flowers and greenery. While vertical gardens are a great solution for a small backyard, colourful pots and stones will liven it up. You can also add exotic plant species as the focal point in your backyard. However, make sure to introduce plenty of local plants because they are more drought-resistant.

Install subtle lighting

Lighting is also an important design element for your outdoor space. Not only will it keep it illuminated in the evening, but it will also create an intimate, romantic summer atmosphere. You can place string lights around your lounge area and line your garden path with subtle LED fixtures. Of course, lovely candles are perfect for giving your backyard a warm, cosy glow.
By preparing your backyard for summer, you’ll design a beautiful outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Best Way to Child-Proof Your Kitchen

Diana Smith is here today to talk about the best way to Child Proof your kitchen. Once kids are mobile they can bump those little heads or smash those little fingers. Check out these great tips! 

Your most basic instinct, as a parent, is to protect your child from any dangers they might find themselves in. And while there are some environments that you just can’t control, your home is something that you can modify in any way you want. And one of the most dangerous rooms in the house is the kitchen: sharp knives, boiling water and hot stoves all present a potential risk. However, worrying won’t get you anywhere! Here are some practical ways you can childproof your kitchen and make sure that your children are safe in their own home.

Control the environment
The most common injury that can happen in the kitchen is tiny fingers getting slammed in a drawer, cabinet door or sliding compartment, or running into a corner of a table or kitchen island. But you can control all of these things. Start by installing breakers on all of the rails of drawers and sliding doors, to prevent any slamming. Then, you want to get corner guards and place them on all sharp edges, to prevent injuries. This is especially important when your child is just reaching the height of the table and countertops, because they are not used to avoiding them while running around.

Get them acquainted with the room
What is forbidden is enticing to children, and if you only tell them that they aren’t allowed to touch something, you won’t be doing them a favor. For example, explain to them why they can’t play with knives, but when they are old enough, let them try to cut something simple under your supervision. The same goes for appliances. The fully integrated Electrolux dishwasher is a great choice for an appliance they can learn to use while they are still quite small. If you have appliances that use heat, try to get ones that have an automatic switch and turn off when they come into contact with skin, or if there are any irregularities. Let your children spend time with you while you’re in the kitchen and observe how you use everything there. It will help them realize what they need to be careful around and how they should behave in the kitchen. Your fear of them being in the kitchen will actually endanger them even more if you don’t learn to get over it.

Teach good habits
Being safe is all about the way you act in a space. The first rule that your kids should learn is that they should never run in the kitchen. There could be wet tiles they can slip on, pots with hot liquids that could topple over and sharp objects all around. Then, they need to learn to recognize sharp objects and avoid them. Further, they should never sneak up on someone in the kitchen, and they should always announce their presence. Put all of the things they aren’t supposed to use in one cabinet (preferably out of their reach), tell them what’s in there and why they shouldn’t touch it. If they persist, you can lock the cabinet. As far as your habits go, make sure you are never carrying a baby while handling something hot, because their skin is a lot more sensitive than yours. All of these rules will help your kids stay safe in the kitchen.

If your child shows interest in spending time in the kitchen, cooking or just helping you, make sure you don’t push them away. Whenever you decide they are ready, teach them how to handle themselves in the kitchen and prepare some basic meals. Even the little ones can help by arranging condiments on sandwiches or rolling out a pie crust.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Why Do We Have Blocked Drains and What to Do About It?

Alyssa Moylan has some ideas on how to get rid of those stubborn blocked drains and what you can do about it. Great tips!

A blocked drain is a matter of big inconvenience. There are variety of things that can cause your drains to get blocked. Grease and fats are one of the most common causes of forming clogged drains. Any fatty substances which are washed down the sink will stick to the interior of the pipes. Hair can also pose a large amount of problem for plumbing drainage. Over time this can worsen the condition by preventing the liquid from passing through it altogether. Even though the soap is designed to use with water, it can create a buildup in the pipes that creates drainage issues.
A blocked drain can be a big inconvenience to any home owner or building manager. Once there are blocked drains in the premises, the water in the sink and showers drain slowly. The water in the toilet may come up when flushed and there may be an overflow in the gully. You may also get a foul smell coming from the drains since the water is held up and does not flow continuously.
Some of The Reasons for Blocked Drains:
1. Foreign Items:
You can experience blocked drains due to foreign items like hair, soap, jewelry and sanitary items. Blocked drains are often caused by fat, oil and grease that go down our drains rather than in the rubbish. Often fat, oil and grease go down the plug hole as a hot liquid. As it cools, it solidifies and can catch on tree roots and rough surfaces in our pipes, gradually causing blockages. Usually “flushable” wipes, hairs and roots are pulled by the plumbers to clean the blockage of the drains.    
2. Greenery:
During autumn, leaves fall off the trees and can easily accumulate in the pipes resulting in blocked drains. A lot of time blocked drains and pipes are simply the result of tree roots clogging drains and damaging your plumbing. The old way was to dig up and replace existing pipes and drains.  
3. Grease:
The grease accumulates over time and as a result you will experience blocked drain. Hot fatty substances like ghee when washed over and goes down into the pipe, gets solidified and stick to the pipe. This will become a cause of blockage of the drain.  
4. Vents:
Insufficient air forms the vents will result in the accumulation of the waste water, and therefore a blockage will occur.
5. Slopes:
The slope of the drain pipe also affects the pipe, thus waste flow in the pipe cause the blockage of the drainage system.
Blocked drains can cause flooding and creates unpleasant odors, so it is best to tackle them as soon as you realize a clog. There are also tools which can be helpful for you to clear the blocked drains like the home-made drain cleaner. But, it is necessary to take precautions before trying to clear the blocked drain by yourself.   
Slow drains are a sign that a clog will occur in the future. You should use a drain treatment once in a month as a preventative machine. If a slow drain is not treated on time, then you will wind up with a completely blocked drain that may cause a lot of problems in your life and can become a headache for you. So it is good to use drain treatment once in a month to prevent blocked drain.

To avoid all these circumstances, you have to clean drains at least twice a month by yourself. But once the drain gets blocked, plumbers have to cut out and replace sections of drains that gets completely solidified with food and grease, else they will pull “flushable” wipes, hair, and roots out of the drain.  

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How can you Enhance the Interiors and Exteriors of your house with Barn Sheds?

Melissa Hamler is here to share some ways to Enhance your interior and exterior by using barn doors. I love barn doors and think it adds the perfect element to your home! 

Everyone Wants A Perfect Looking House with The Best Interiors as Well As Exteriors. Don’t You Wish the Same? You need not wait anymore when it is about the interiors of your house; your decisions would be surely perfect as you just need to stand on your choice. Have you ever thought about the best material to be used while building up your house or any of the commercial buildings? Your house must be the best place and different kinds of products and materials can be used in the construction of your house, but you need to choose the best material. Now you can install the barn sheds with some other kinds of sheds, steel garages, and numerous different other kinds of materials to create some space in your house. Now you can install these barn sheds in your property and you can use these sheds for multiple purposes, such as you can store your gardening tools under this shed, you can stock grains and vegetables during winter and you can also use the same sheds for conducting small parties.

Why Using the Barn Sheds?

Having a perfect interior in your house will surely boost your confidence level, and thus, you can welcome your guests in a much better way than usual, and it is the biggest reason that you can simply choose the Barn Sheds for your home. You can also get numerous customized options as well. There is no place like home where you can spend your valuable time with your family and get utmost relaxation during weekend. So, making your room soundproof, and shutting out the unwanted cacophony, makes your lone time more lucrative and it is another reason that you must choose the Barn Sheds as your very first priority.

  • Not only your home but you can also use such high-quality barn sheds for your offices and the other commercial complexes as well. Such barns sheds, garages, and cabin are the most essential parts of every office and you need to design these things within your commercial property.  
  • Now you can also use the same barn sheds for your commercial purposes and you can use these sheds as your office cabin. Else you can just design their interior with some basic furniture and use it as your guest room.
  • Most of the houses situated in countryside areas are having these barn sheds because they need to store their grains, foods and vegetables along with their gardening and harvesting tools under these sheds.

Create Some Extra Space in Your House with The Barn Sheds

You can choose the professional service providers for this purpose as they will surely help you create some additional space in your house. Not only thus but such barn sheds can also eliminate the expensive reconstruction of the eroded slops being there with its effective working process. These barn sheds can also provide an inlet drainage protection to your house along with perfect storm water management. If you have irritated with the unwanted sounds being produced through your house or office doors, then you can use the specially made doors, ceilings, and the walls for your barn sheds. Special components which are used in the auditoriums and movie theatres to make them soundproof can be used for reduction of noise of your barn sheds.

To design these barn sheds on your property, you can search some designers or builders online and they will make your barn sheds with some durable materials. Apart from that, you can also customize these sheds according to your needs and you can also shift these sheds from one location to another.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Diana Smith is here to brighten up your backyard for Springtime. If you are on a budget, do not worry. There are plenty of ways to keep your garden beautiful without spending too much! 

Designing and organizing your interior may be a challenging process, but it still allows you plenty of creativity when on a budget. Landscaping, on the other hand, requires a bit more planning and thought. Luckily, nothing’s impossible, and you can spice up the look of your backyard perfectly even when you have a limited budget. This is a great way to create a true green oasis in your own home where you’ll be able to relax and unwind after a long day, and even entertain guests. Not to mention that a nice backyard is key to boosting your home’s resale value. So, what cost-effective options are in store for you? Take a look.
Create a patio space in your backyard
A nice seating area is essential for a well-designed and relaxing backyard. However, if you don’t have even a trace of patio currently, you may be under the impression that the investment is going to be too costly. That doesn’t have to be the case if you opt for a concrete patio. Actually, you can make the molds and pour concrete on your own easily. To make things more interesting, you can get inexpensive concrete paint or rugs to elevate the whole look. All that’s left is to add furniture. You don’t need a whole room outside. A proper seating arrangement and a table are more than enough. If you don’t already have furniture that you could use for your patio, take a look at flea markets and thrift stores. You may be surprised at the great deals you can find.

Lights and interesting details
It may easily seem that decorating your backyard can cost a fortune, but with just a little bit of creativity on your part, that doesn’t have to be the case. What approach you’ll take when decorating depends solely on your taste and preference. For example, lighting is a huge deal when it comes to landscaping and truthfully, it can be a bit expensive. This is where you can make the most out of string fairy lights meant for the outdoor use. These are budget-friendly and almost always on sale after the holidays. Choose string lights in one color for the best effect.

In case you have a fence, you can add a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the paint color, this can really change the whole look of your backyard. If you have a garden or flower beds in your backyard, create little notes and signs describing the plants, add decorative stones and pots, etc. Those of you who are blessed with the shade of a big tree in your backyard can also try out affordable tree swing DIY.

An extravagant yet cost-effective touch
You probably don’t think that adding a custom outdoor spa pool is within your budget, but it actually can be! And what better feature to add a luxurious feel to your backyard than a pool? The whole point is that you can hire professionals that will carefully consider the size of your backyard, your taste in design as well as your budget in order to come up with the best possible solution for you personally. That way you can get the luxury you deserve without going over your budget.

Aside from the spa pool, you can also think about fire pits. This is something that you can install yourself, and there are various options readily available in stores for as little as $50. A fire pit can add a warm and homey feel to your backyard as well as act as the perfect gathering spot for when you have your friends and family over.

Tend to your garden
One of the most striking aspects of a nicely designed backyard, aside from the patio, is undoubtedly a beautiful garden. You don’t have to take up gardening as a hobby in case you’re not that interested in tending to plants. There are plenty of low-maintenance outdoor plants and flowers that can beautify your backyard all year round. Just make sure to choose the plant colors carefully so that they match your aesthetics. A great way to elevate the look even more is to add a garden path. There are lots of DIY projects for garden paths and you can utilize the most practical, budget-friendly and interesting one you can find.

Before taking up any landscaping project, it’s important that you set your budget and focus your attention on ideas that you really like and want to incorporate into your own backyard. That way, you’ll find it a lot easier to stay within the established budget and the whole landscaping process will be more effective.