Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Me

My Name Is Stephanie and I am the mom to two wonderful little girls and 
A wife to my very good looking husband
Here are some things about me that are good, weird and some things I need to change.

I used to be super organized and then realized being a mommy lends to a little disorganization
I like when my house is clean but won't clean if it means not having playtime with my 2 year old
Working on sleep schedules is my obsession.
I love Saturday mornings when there is no hurry to go anywhere and building blocks is a priority
I can't wait for my little girls to watch Disney movies
The smile of my infant makes me heart burst

I watch Footloose every time its on television
I cry at Steel Magnolias no matter how many times I have seen it
The minions on Despicable Me give me the giggles
I still have my cassete tape of Tiffany and if I could I would listen to it, all the time.
I think I am a good dancer and have seen video to prove that I am not
I dance regardless

I am not creative but I like to try and be creative, the result is rarely good
I worry a lot and sometimes my worries are a little outlandish
When my husband tells me my worries are outlandish, I act a little insulted!

I want my daughters to think I am brave and strong and I worry that instead they will see my flaws.

Happily ever after is the last page in a book but I always wonder what happens when the next part comes and vows are spoken, children are born and life really gets crazy.
I know for me that all those things are the best part of life and make me feel
Happily Ever Rushed!

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