Friday, October 18, 2013

Baby Einstein baby bouncer.

I was just thinking about all of the baby products that we have used and will be lucky enough to use again. This was by far one of our favorite toys for our daughter. I was just looking up the directions to see what age you can start using the bouncer and it says  4 month and up.  I was so excited because Hayden is officially 4 months and can hold her head up well, so its time to break out the Baby Einstein baby bouncer.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

This is Abby in the bouncer at 7 months old, once she got the hang of it she loved all the features.

                                Both my husband and I were happy with this product because:

          It was very easy to assemble
       The part where the batteries go is easy to access
       The seat cushion pops off for easy laundering
                                               It has a base wide enough to handle rigorous bouncing                                                             It has a volume button on the sounds.                                                                                                 You can have it lay flat for storage
The seat spins very easily and doesn't have anything that would pinch little fingers.

When Abby outgrew this we were kind of sad because we loved watching her bounce, spin and play.  There is a mirror on there and we would laugh because she would talk to herself in the mirror and her baby babble was adorable.

I feel like I was just pregnant and waiting on Hayden and now its almost her turn in the bouncer!

We also can't wait to see how Abby reacts to the bouncer because even though we know she probably doesn't remember, she gets just as excited about the new baby equipment. She also gets a little (read, a lot) territorial about things for Hayden. When we brought the bumbo seat out she was was mad every time we put the baby into the seat. Its very interesting and requires my husband and I to have more than a few
"sharing is good" conversations with our two year old.

I have started to construct my Christmas list for the girls and I am pretty excited this year to have both girls for Christmas. I know Hayden won't know anything really but whatever Abby gets this year, Hayden can use next year. 

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