Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gerber for toddlers!

- My child is my biggest food critic!

   I love to cook, I love trying new things and when my first daughter was born and able to move into solid foods I really enjoyed making her baby food. Abby would eat everything and smile.
   Fast forward to year 2 and she is no longer my biggest fan. Instead I feel like I am on an episode of chopped and I never make it to the second round.
   Each night when it is time for dinner I start to panic thinking of something different I could make. Sometimes I hit a home run but it seems like lately I have been striking out. I was using the Gerber meal plan products her first year but I wanted to get away from the boxed items. I was hoping she would eat what we eat and that worked for a little, but now more often than not..she snubs my dinner! 

Here are some things that Abby has loved and gets very excited when she knows this is what she is getting.

GRADUATES®  Breakfast Buddies®   Hot Cereal with Real Fruit & Yogurt - Bananas & Cream

A dinner favorite
GERBER® GRADUATES®  LIL’ MEALS™ Spaghetti Rings in Meat SauceGRADUATES®  Lil’ Entrees® – Creamy Chicken Stew with Vegetables with Green Beans & Carrots

A new snack idea that I wasn't sure she would like but she ended up loving!
GRADUATES®  2+™ Dippers Biscuits with Real Fruit & Yogurt Dip – Mixed Berry: naturally flavored with other natural flavors

My only problem and I am not sure if other people have noticed, but you have to chew the turkey/chicken in these meals for a long time and Abby doesn't like that. Most times she spits it out.
For now until I can test some recipes out and find something she loves, I am taking the pressure off of myself and going GERBER!
The meals do come with vegetables and seemed pretty balanced but if Abby could eat just veggies all day, she would. At least when she doesn't like the main thing I am fixing I know she will eat all the peas, corn and carrots we can give her.
The pressure to find new dinner ideas is too much right now and frankly I would rather have her eat dinner then feel like she is going to bed hungry!
If you have any fun kid recipe ideas for toddler's please send them my way. I need to research soon because Gerber meals can be pricey and with our other precious bundle I don't want to bust the budget!

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