Monday, October 28, 2013

Minion pumpkin!

Sometimes I stare at it and imagine a little chick pooping out..Peep, peep, peep!                                              -Agnes (Despicable Me) 

This is the first year that we are really getting into Halloween. Every year so far we have skipped it because Abby was usually sleeping and she was really too young. This year we decided that we would have our first full on Holiday. My next door neighbor and very good friend is a stay at home mom and she has recently started doing more and more craft ideas. She loves Pinterest and found some very cute pumpkin ideas. 

She wanted to do this particular pumpkin for her 5 year old daughter who loves Despicable Me. When she surprised her with the pumpkin her daughter asked where the hair was? That is so funny because my friend worked really hard on her pumpkin but she obviously left off the hair. 

Here is the tutorial that she found on Pinterest, I was so impressed by how this pumpkin turned out. I wanted to do a cookie monster pumpkin but my October took a turn and I lost all the time I had to do something creative. There is always next year!

Pumpkin (real or fake)
Canning jar lids
Long screw
Wooden skewer
Hot glue
Yellow outdoor paint or spray paint
Blue outdoor paint or spray paint
White paint, black and brown paint or Sharpie
Black pipe cleaners. 

1. Paint top half pumpkin with yellow paint as shown and allow to dry
2. Paint bottom of pumpkin with blue paint and allow to dry.
3. Once dry, repeat step 1 and 2 (adding a second coat)
4. Take a canning jar lid and pierce a hole in the center as shown
5. Invert the lid so the white part is showing and insert screw through the center
6. Apply hot glue all around silver ring and hot glue lid to it; set aside
7. With a wooden skewer, pierce a hole where you would like the center of the canning lid to be located; in this case, the eye will be in the center of the face 
8. Gently push screw and lid into hole
9. Paint the black straps of the goggles at either side. 
10. With paint or Sharpies, color in the details of the eyes; the screw will be camouflaged by the black paint
11. For the hair, use the skewer to pierce holes at the top of the head and insert the pipe cleaners
12. Add additional details, such as the mouth, overalls etc. 

I will do something creative for the girls and hope my pumpkin comes out as cute as the one my neighbor did. This is her pumpkin..and below that is our just plain old traditional pumpkins for the girls! 

Every time I see this it makes me laugh!

Here are my ordinary but much loved pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

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