Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tis the season to be...

The Holidays seem to be coming quicker than a freight train..I was ahead of the game before Halloween but I have since fallen prey to the disorganization of the season. The girls are sick, my house is a mess, I missed my hair appointment due to the above mentioned illness and I am just behind.  I had such grand plans for myself, I was going to be one of those moms that everyone looked at and said.."How does she do it all?""

My original plan for the season:

"I will not be behind this year, I won't find myself shopping on Christmas eve"

                (Note to self, start checking sales ads)

"I will not be putting up our Christmas lights in blizzard like conditions". 

                (Note to self, remind husband to put up lights)

"I will not be mentally scrambling to find the perfect gift for mom, dad, husband and children"

             (Note to self, start some lists. Be a good listener to any subtle hints)

"I will make something exciting for Thanksgiving a fun desert or new side dish"

         (Note to self, start trolling for new recipes)

Reality Check: 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the kids are sick so we are staying home, I didn't have time to plan any thing so our dinner will be courtesy of Honey Baked Ham and Bob Evans! 

Black Friday is the next day- I have 2 things on the list and neither is a Black Friday item nor on sale anywhere. I also have no idea what to get for my mom, my dad or my husband.

The lights aren't up and we are supposed to be getting a big dump of snow tonight and the weekend looks like a weather mess.

I guess I could try again with a new plan or just scrap it and stay in my pajamas tomorrow with the girls enjoying our store bought, last minute dinner..

Note to self, tomorrow will be the very best day because I will be home with my family, hunkered in and snuggled up and trying to recover from all sorts of things! 

For a million reasons, tomorrow I will be extra Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and may your holiday be filled with extra blessings!

(Please don't forget to enter the awesome Tutu giveaway in my previous post)


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