Friday, December 6, 2013

And the winner is...

                 Congratulations to Crystal G-                                   Winner of the Tutu Giveaway!

Thank you for everyone who participated in My very first giveaway! I hope to work with many other talented individuals for giveaways. Thank you as well to Dress up Designs for offering up her wonderful tutu's.

Happily Ever Rushed is currently working with Jumping Jax Designs for a fresh look. I am very excited to be working with Jumping Jax Designs and can't wait to debut our fresh new face! 

Anyone out there that is looking for blogger help should check out JumpingJaxdesigns at 

I know that when I started in the blogger world, I immediately overwhelmed with how much there is to learn and when I had trouble with blogger there was no help by the actual Blogger team. This is when I found and she was kind enough to send me over to Becca at Jumping Jax. This is why I was so excited to join the community of bloggers. I needed help and I was contacted quickly and given a fantastic resource. Thank you to both Jeni at The Blog Maven, Stephanie at and to Becca at Jumping Jax. I have only just begun and already am so impressed by the outreach and kindness.

Stay tuned if you are a reader and thank you for reading so far...

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