Thursday, December 26, 2013

Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen- A Review

        How can Christmas already be over? We prepared and shopped and crafted and baked and in a blink, it was gone. This was my husband and mine first year having to assemble toys. Our daughter is now 2 1/2 years old so it was really the first year that she was excited for what was under the wrapping paper. The only issue: as soon as she saw what was in the package she wanted it assembled that moment.  We were in a flurry of paper, bows and instructions.

You know what we found to be kind of difficult and annoying this year? There were no words with the instructions. NO WORDS. It was just pictures and I guess what the manufacturers felt was common sense. So, maybe this isn't a huge deal because we did get everything assembled words. 

We put together a huge STEP 2 kitchen and the only word on those directions was. SNAP. I will say that Step 2 has it down, those directions didn't need words but everyone else could have used some helpful hints. My husband and I had hand cramps from all the assembly we did for two days.

I have to say, our favorite gift for our daughter was the STEP 2 Kitchen. It has working buttons for the oven, microwave and the fridge. The stove makes a boiling and/or sizzling noise and it included the dishes. 

The Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen

Best things about the kitchen:
Plenty of cubby space
working stove top
buttons for each appliance
includes a phone
easy assembly
modern look that can match most homes
includes some dishes and food

Not so great things about the kitchen:
We were missing pieces
The microwave door was very hard to open

That was all, nothing else. We LOVED the kitchen and to be honest it is nicer than our kitchen at home. She loved it and on Christmas day we "boiled" plenty of snacks! I know this kitchen will grow with us and our 6 month old will be soon cooking with her sister.

We received some great gifts this year and I plan to review them all. Stay tuned and I hope everyone is getting some rest...Christmas was amazing but exhausting.

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