Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BRCA gene testing - My follow up to the guest post.

     My guest hostess Bria wrote such a wonderful piece on the BRCA and her experience with the situation. I had to share the one of the many reasons that I asked her to host. The very first time I heard her story I thought she was so brave for getting the test done and her resolve to plan for either result inspired me further. It wasn't until I had my second and last child that my OBGYN mentioned to me about the testing. He said that with my mother being a breast cancer survivor would make me a candidate for the testing. He was very thurough in his explanation of the tests and what decisions I would face if they were positive.

 I was afraid, apprehensive and worried about getting the test but I knew I had a support from Bria and she really made me feel at peace. The day I decided to get the test was the day I stopped debating with myself about what I would do if I was positive. It was the day I talked it over with my husband and he gave me his full support. I was thinking just about me and what I would do. I was fine with gambling and waiting to see what the future held but that was dumb.

The test can tell you if you carry the BRCA gene and if you would be more or less likely to get breast and or Ovarian cancer. If I did the test now there were options that would literally save my life. The options would have been a very hard road but in the end it could keep me here longer. My family. My daughter. My husband. These are the things that gave me the peace to get tested.

I was negative for the BRCA gene, I am relieved. I wanted my sisters to get tested as well and feel that it is an important key to women's health. The decision  had to be mine and the decision will have to be their own.

Thank you to my friend Bria for the post and for the faith.

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