Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Potty training- My Epic Fail!

                  There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one. – Sue Atkins

My name is Stephanie and I feel like an epic mommy-failure at potty training. I tried potty training my 2 year old when I was on maternity leave. Every book and google I searched advised against potty training with a new baby. I waited 6 weeks and gave it a try. I thought by 6 weeks the baby is no longer "new". I had minor success and then found myself wrestling my child onto the Minnie Mouse potty.  After just one tear filled potty wrestling session with both of us crying. I realized the books were correct and I put a diaper on my daughter. I resolved to try again.

Winter was here, the "new" baby was 6 months old and my daughter was trapped inside due to the weather. What a perfect time to start potty training..

1 week and 20 pairs of wet underwear, socks and pants later and I HATE potty training. I thought one good week home with mommy and daddy would equal potty success. 

It didn't, It doesn't, it sucks.

I am doing everything possible that I have ever read.
1. Make sure Child knows where potty is located.  

Middle of family room, so child can watch Little Mermaid and sit on potty - CHECK

2. Reminding child to frequently sit on potty- 

Only discuss things regarding potty- Even when child has gone to bed- discuss only potty related matters with husband- CHECK

3. Use real underwear and not training pants- buy something they would like.

Purchase 10 pairs of Minnie Mouse undies and hope they hold up after being washed 4 times in 2 days - CHECK

4. Be positive, patient and reward child for using potty. 

After twenty minutes of potty sitting and mermaid watching and no pee-pee in potty. Watch child walk away and then pee her freshly washed undies, socks and pants - Remain positive about potty training while wiping up pee on kitchen floor- AGAIN- CHECK

5. When child fills potty with her toys and then shuts lid- sending you a silent message on her thoughts about the potty- Refer back to # 4.

Remember to check potty for misc items before next Mermaid viewing- CHECK

6. When child goes to grandma's and has her first potty success - Call her and make a huge deal. Then cry with equal amounts of guilt because you missed it, sadness because you lost your patience that morning over the potty -AGAIN. And Relief that your mom is willing to help with the potty training.             


This post is dedicated to my wonderfully smart, stubborn and beautiful daughter. You are the very best thing in my life and you walking around in the Minnie undies is adorable. I am sorry for not being more patient and for laughing when you filled the potty with your toys, even though it sent the wrong message. You laughed with me and for that I love you every second of every minute of every day!

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