Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What kind of disaster survivor are you?

"You will find that it is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are heavy" - Author unknown   

    Every time there is a natural disaster I always watch the news people standing amongst the rubble interviewing the survivors. There are always two different kinds of people I see in these situations.

    There are the ones that stand amongst what is remaining of their homes holding one broken possession and just looking devastated. These are the ones that were caught off guard by the storm, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami etc. 


    The other person is the one who already has a shovel at the ready, a friend with a back hoe and is rifling thru the rubble for whatever can be saved. These are the people that make me think "good for them, they are moving on. They are cleaning up their stuff and getting out of there, they learned from the lesson that is actual life"

     You never really see the re-build or how many people move elsewhere or how many simple rebuild on the same spot. I think I would have learned my lesson after one disaster and would moved to a different town. Away from the Ocean where the waves have wiped out your house, the state where the constant quake of your home is normal or not live in a state referred to as part of tornado alley.

    I feel a kinship to the people with the shovel at the ready that immediately start cleaning up. That is what I would like  to think of myself, lately though I think I am the other person. 

I am the person who lives in Tornado Alley and is utterly surprised when said Tornado blows her house over.

    In my attempt to save every good memory that I have or possible special moment I fear that lately I would rebuild the same house in the same spot and learn nothing from my lesson. Since childhood we have been taught this important lesson, be it from church or a bedtime story...

The bible says not to build your house upon the sand it literally states that the wise man is the one who builds his house upon the rock- Matthew 7:24.

There is always the popular story of the 3 little pigs, every child knows this story and the message behind it is only clear once you are old enough to understand: 

Do not build your house with sticks

Do not build your house with straw 
Listen to your wiser older pig brother and build your house from bricks...if possible on the aforementioned ROCK!

   Look, 3 happy pigs with no wolf  (read life and/or natural disaster) that can blow your house over!

I have thankfully never been  part of a natural disaster and my heart aches for those that have and often when I am listening to the stories I am inspired by the community outpouring, the love of neighbors and friends that come to the aid of the people hit the worst. 
    What I have learned is a lesson about myself. I no longer want to be the person who is standing in the rubble completely torn apart and broken hear-ted by the things in my life that I see coming but am devastated when they actually occur. I thought I had people around me that made my house stronger, almost like brick. I don't. What I have discovered is that my house is made of straw or sticks and I keep inviting the wolf in and allowing him attempts to blow it down. Going forward I will start by carefully getting more bricks and building a sturdier support for my family and myself and then I will learn to protect myself from the wolves. 

   I have spent time mistaking straw and sticks for hearth and home but I can't do keep doing it. I can't watch the news forecast a disaster, do nothing to protect myself and then be devastated by the after math. 

   I thought that friendships would be easier the older we got but they aren't. They are just as messy as when we were teenagers. For me friendships are so important and I hold them close to my heart but as I wear my heart on my sleeve it is the first to take the hit. I am feeling so emotionally exhausted lately of these types of things that I have to do something different. I don't want to change the way I feel about my friendships so maybe I change something else. I don't know what yet.

     I did just have a birthday and so now that I am one year older I will also try to learn from my past mistakes and rebuild someplace less windy, less likely to incur a hurricane or fall off into the water from the "big quake".

                                                                     ROCK, its my goal!



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