Friday, April 11, 2014

My EPIC Pinterest fails

                                               My Epic Pinterest Fail

    I had stumbled across a site that was dedicated to recipes from Pinterest that people had tried and failed. I laughed so hard at some of these pictures because I have totally made these mistakes. See below my hard work that made me puzzled..

I found these beautiful and unique cupcakes from one of my favorite sites. when I saw them I knew I wanted to make these immediately..I also wanted to bake with my toddler for the first time and this looked easy enough! See the picture below and the recipe from Chef In training.

Rice Krispie Treat Frosting from ...This frosting is AMAZING! If you love Rice Krispie Treats, you'll LOVE this!

Now see my pathetic attempt at this cupcake and frosting- It looks like melted wax..I could barely convince my family to try them- The taste was great but not sure what happened to the frosting..

I tried and tried to get this frosting to look nice and stand up but to no avail..these cupcakes were a MESS.

I didn't let this get me down, I tried again with what looked like an easy but yummy recipe.

                                         White Fudgy bars

White Chocolate Brownies - INCREDIBLE!  #whitechocolate #blondies #brownierecipe

Here is what I ended up making- The sad part is this had like 3 steps and 5 ingredients and I came out with White fudge jerky- they were so chewy and disgusting..This was really disappointing. Also, when I tried to cut them out of the pan I bent a knife.. GOOD GRIEF. 

I am not a baker, I say it over and over. I still waste time on trying because that day my little helper had fun. It was the first time baking with my daughter and even if we NEVER make anything edible I will keep trying because when sister got her first taste of Marshmallow she was a big fan.. I may have bombed these two delicious and easy recipes but this face was totally worth it!


  1. UGH. I hate it when I mess up recipes!!! I've had plenty of pinterest fails!

  2. Your white fudge jerky looks yummy! I'm working on an Olav piñata for my daughter's Frozen themed birthday this weekend and I'm fairly certain it will end up on a Pinterest Fails meme.
    I'm still making the rounds from the InstaFriday linkup, and I followed you on facebook.
    Have a great week.

  3. You're definitely not alone! I consider myself an avid baker, and I still have Pinterest fails. My family will usually eat failed desserts, but the worst is when I have to throw out dinner! :(

  4. Oh my god I just died looking at this. I cried on Easter because my cheese cake didn't set right insisted we get all the ingredients again yesterday and made a second cheesecake lol.

    But tears were shed and if we hadn't had company I would have had a meltdown.

  5. I'm glad that it's not just me that thinks "that looks NOTHING like it does in the picture!" when I make something! It usually tastes fine though - whoever said that "the first bite is with the eye" hasn't seen MY food! :oD

  6. Aw, yeah I don't even attempt Pinterest recipes they're just for me to look at.

  7. I could make a whole blog with all my Pinterest fails.

  8. Lol!! Im not a baker either!! I tried to make gummi bear cookies and failed miserably!! It happens!! The least we can do is laugh it off ;)